The Meaning of the Phases of the Moon

Meaning of the Phases of the Moon | California Psychics

That Moon Mystique

Ah, the moon. That glowing pearl-like orb that controls our oceans, can make people behave out of character, and if legends are right, turn people into otherworldly creatures. The moon is ever-changing and yet, we only get to see one side of this heavenly body, so there is an air of perpetual mystery to her.

The moon is traditionally a feminine symbol that represents the rhythm of time. The various phases of the moon symbolize both immortality and eternity, as well as birth, death, reincarnation, and wisdom.

The Moon Phases

There are eight phases that the moon moves through, and each one brings its own energy to the table.

  • The New Moon: This is the start of the new lunar cycle and the moon appears to be missing from the night’s sky. Otherwise known as the dark moon.
  • The Waxing Moon: The moon is a crescent during this phase, with the right side illuminated.
  • The First Quarter: The right half of the moon is visible and illuminated.
  • The Waxing Gibbous Moon: Roughly three-quarters of the moon is visible.
  • The Full Moon: The moon is fully illuminated.
  • The Waning Gibbous Moon: The moon now starts to grow dark once again. Three-quarters of the left side of the moon is visible.
  • The Third Quarter Moon: The left half of the moon is visible in the night’s sky.
  • The Waning Moon: The moon shows as a left-sided crescent and is the last phase before becoming the dark moon again.

The Meanings of the Moon Phases

  • New Moon: New Beginnings
  • The Waxing Moon: Set Intentions
  • The First Quarter: Take Action
  • The Waxing Gibbous Moon: Manifest Dreams
  • Full Moon: Realization of Desires
  • Waning Gibbous Moon: Reflect on the Process
  • The Third Quarter Moon: Let Go
  • The Waning Moon: Rest

Triple Moon Symbol Meaning

The Triple Moon symbol is very common, especially for those who are Wiccan or follow other Pagan beliefs. It represents the waxing, the full, and the waning moon. Sometimes known as the Triple Goddess or maiden, mother, and crone, it symbolizes that everything has a beginning, middle, and end. You have undoubtedly seen this symbol before in your everyday life, and it looks like this: )O(.

  • The Maiden represents the waxing moon, beginnings, youthfulness, and optimism for what the future will bring.
  • The Mother, represented by the Full Moon and stands for fulfillment, stability, fertility, and nurturing protection.
  • Finally, the Crone who represents wisdom, restfulness, maturity, and endings, is symbolized by the waning moon.

Together the three symbolize the cycle of birth, life, death, and ultimately rebirth.

Moon Phase Rituals

New Moon Ritual

You will need stones that are affiliated with the New Moon such as peacock ore, obsidian, smokey quartz, kunzite, and/or clear quartz. Placing the stones before you, sit in a darkened room. You may not be able to see things clearly, but this is not the time to look outside yourself, it is the time to go within.

  1. Take a deep, cleansing breath and envision yourself filling up with the energy of both the moon and of the stones you selected. Think of what plans and dreams you might wish to put into motion.
  2. If you wish to do shadow work, consider meditating on the goddesses affiliated with this phase: Hathor, Maeve, Lilith, Ereshkigal, and/or Kali. Seek their guidance to help you make the difficult decisions of what to keep and what to cut free from yourself.
  3. When you are done, place the stones either outside or on a windowsill so that they can recharge under the New Moon. Place them in a dark-colored pouch before the sun rises for safekeeping.

Waxing Moon Ritual

  1. You will need a piece of paper or parchment and a pen with green ink. Place a lit candle to your right side, symbolizing the illuminated right side of the moon.
  2. This is the time to plant the seeds for your future. Now is the time to ask yourself what you wish to see manifest in your life. Is it a job that charges you up rather than draining you out? Or maybe a healthy and happy relationship? Perhaps you are looking for a better balance in your life in general? Whatever it is, write it down on the paper or parchment. Use green ink, as it is associated with growth and prosperity.
  3. Once you have written out your goals/desires, spend some time really focusing your energy and directing it into what you have written. Take at least 15 minutes to set your intentions. When you are done, extinguish the candle and place the paper someplace that you can see daily. From now until the Full Moon, spend several minutes a day resetting your intention through meditation or mantra work. You will use this paper during your Full Moon ritual.

Full Moon Ritual

You will need a lighter, the paper from the waxing moon ritual, a burning bowl, earplugs or headphones, and a way to play music.

  1. Sit or lay down outside under the moon. Normally I would recommend no technology be used during rituals, but I find that music is a wonderful way to open ourselves up to the full blessings of the moon. Think about how far you have come in attaining your goals, what has worked for you, and what you may need to rework so that you can continue to manifest your dreams.
  2. Now take the paper that you wrote on in the waxing moon ritual and burn it, releasing those desires into the Universe.
  3. Stay outside for as long as feels right. When you are done, thank the moon for her blessings.

Waning Moon Ritual

You will need a piece of paper or parchment, a candle, a burning bowl, and a black ink pen.

  1. Place a lit candle to your left side, symbolizing the illuminated left side of the moon.
  2. Consider aspects of yourself that are outdated or no longer serve your higher self and imagine throwing those things into the trash. You are getting ready to start anew and to move into the New Moon’s bailiwick. Write these things on the paper and after meditating on what you want to change or remove, burn the paper.
  3. Close the ritual with an Elemental Balancing Exercise.

Embrace Your Internal Life

There are so many possible ways to honor the moon and internalize her gifts. You can always include drawing, painting, or singing into your rituals, to make them personal and meaningful to you. The moon is a symbol of the internal, the mysterious, and the things we will always seek to understand about ourselves and the world. Don’t be afraid to embrace your own internal mystery as you commune with the moon.

Interested in creating a visual reminder for your moon rituals? Watch this video to make your very own moon wall decor, to help you follow the phases of the moon.

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