Five of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

Five of Coins Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

Five of Coins Keywords

Financial loss, strife, setbacks, worry, poverty, fear, and insecurity.

Coins Suit Meaning

Coins are most associated with the outer realities of life like work, employment, wealth, and material possessions. Coins represent Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Earth signs are often known for being ambitious, hard-working, security-driven, and focused on the bottom line. Depending on the deck, this suit could be called Coins, Disks, Pentacles, and Aces, to name a few.

General Meaning for the Five of Coins

The Five of Coins in a reading may indicate a time of financial strife or loss. Like fives in other suits, the Five of Coins indicates a time of conflict. This card is one of material misfortune, often caused by attention to possessions over spiritual development – such as greed leading to loss. While this can lead to feelings of inadequacy, it can also lend you a new perspective, so don’t lose hope.

Five of Coins in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

In the past position, the Five of Coins may indicate growing up poor or a lack of material possessions. If this is the case than spiritually, this can make you into a person who is grateful for even the smallest of material blessings, which is a good thing. The Five of Coins in the past position can also tell of a time when you had to miss out on trips or situations. Ask yourself if this was something out of your control or a self-imposed block due to your past beliefs around money and materialism.

Five of Coins in the Present/Today Meaning

In the current position, the Five of Coins could mean that life is tough and doesn’t feel like it’s improving. This can either be a new feeling or one you’re familiar with due to your past experience. As this card is a place where the material meets the spiritual, in the present position, it may be telling you to share your burden with someone who may be able to help. In other words, there’s no need to suffer in silence; look for people to reach out to. Don’t let your pride or shame block others from lending a hand. Sometimes just being able to speak about your situation is enough to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Five of Coins in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

The Five of Coins in the future position may forewarn of a future struggle. It will help you pay attention, adjust, and hopefully avoid difficulties. In the future position, the Five of Coins is helping you to point out what may happen if you don’t change your current attitude or situation, such as overspending. It’s telling you to take advantage of this glimpse into the future and change course before it’s too late. If things are going well, you may be tempted to be greedy and continue your current path, but know that nothing lasts forever.

Love and Relationships Meaning for the Five of Coins


If the Five of Coins appears in a love reading, it can point to a time when finding love can be challenging. All of your options may have dried up, and you see little hope for change in the future. If you are single, you may feel depressed or isolated by this situation. Your limited funds may be preventing you from going out and socializing but try to be more hopeful.


If you are in an established relationship, the Five of Coins could indicate that money problems are causing upset in your love life. If you or your partner are feeling trapped or hurt, talking out your problems and showing compassion will go a long way in healing this situation. Put less emphasis on the material side of life and get reacquainted with the emotional side of this connection.

Career Meaning for the Five of Coins

When the Five of Coins shows up in a work reading, you may have experienced, or are about to experience a loss, perhaps through job loss or loss of income you have counted on to pay the bills, or maintain a certain lifestyle. It might not be the best time to look for a new job, but if you seek assistance from friends, you won’t be bereft for long.

Financial Meaning for the Five of Coins

This may not be the best time to start a new financial venture, but it is a good time to ask others for assistance. Asking favors or even limiting your lifestyle may be humbling, but that is part of the spiritual connection to money. If you can adjust your expectations, then your situation will quickly change for the better.

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