Signs You Might Have Psychic Abilities

Signs You Might Have Psychic Abilities | California Psychics

When Psychic Abilities Blossom

Have you ever wondered if you have psychic abilities? You do, you know. Everyone does. Have you sometimes known who was calling you before you even looked at the ringing phone? Have you sensed a loved one needed you when they were far away? Have you dreamed a thing would happen and then it did? These are all signs you might have psychic abilities.

To help these gifts of Spirit grow, validate them. Meditate. Ask Spirit for the gift of discernment, and to bring you the right teachers. It’s important to not dismiss or ignore intuitive feelings, or explain them away as mere coincidences, nor imagine that they somehow mean you’ve gone crazy. You are entering the mystic plane, above the collective consciousness. Once you’re there, you’ll never want to go back into what felt like a black box of oblivion.

Signs of Psychic Abilities

These gifts, which are really blessings, are given to protect us from danger and draw us closer to both Spirit and one another. Some people fear intuitive knowing. They’re afraid they won’t be able to handle what they learn. They don’t realize they’ll be given what they need to deal with the coming events they sense, or perhaps be given the power to change them. Fear nothing, for there is nothing to be afraid of. Here are signs that you have psychic abilities:

  • The times you knew something was going to happen and it did.
  • You are very sensitive. Negativity affects you deeply. You are empathic. You can literally feel people’s pain.
  • You get a sense you should not go into a certain place, only to later find out something awful occurred there soon after.
  • You’ve had light bulbs blow out or recording devices near you stop on their own when you were very angry.
  • You experience telepathy with friends and loved ones. You finish each other’s sentences. You make mutual decisions with each other through eye contact instead of words.
  • You saw imaginary friends or guardian angels (usually the same thing) or had a visitation from someone who crossed over.
  • You often just “know” something without learning about it in the usual way.
  • You find it difficult to be in crowds because the energy is overwhelming.
  • You’ve handled an object and suddenly knew things about its owner. (This is called psychometry.)
  • You see colors around people. (These colors are their auras.)
  • You’ve had an immediate sense of the atmosphere in a room with or without people in it, knowing if it was calm and happy, or nervous and stressed.
  • You’ve thought about someone from your past that you haven’t heard from in years, and suddenly they reached out to you.
  • You’ve felt bad around a person, as though you were being crushed down and inwardly you began criticizing yourself, feeling you were less than them. (That’s how you know that person has bad intentions toward you.) The reverse is also true. Have you felt like a flower blossoming in the sun around someone, feeling good, free to laugh and just be yourself? That means that person has good intentions toward you.
  • You have a strong bond with animals. You are naturally drawn to them and they are drawn to you. Animals survive using their intuition, and they know you have a heart filled with lovingkindness. They sense this wonderfully positive energy and seek you out.
  • You’ve always been drawn to the paranormal and feel the need to explore it. It is an element you often feel most comfortable in.
  • You have natural wisdom with people, even strangers, and they seek you out for comfort and advice. You’ve been called an old soul. You sometimes feel led to do something loving and kind for someone only to find out later that it was just what they needed.

Don’t Be Afraid

The sooner we accept our psychic gifts and trust them, and the more we can use them to bring greater love, light, and healing to ourselves and others, the better.

It seems there are always nay-sayers, doubters, and skeptics. While a little skepticism is healthy, automatic disbelief in anything one can’t see is not. These negative people don’t even have faith and trust in themselves, let alone anything from the Divine. I believe the day will come when people who don’t use their intuition will be considered odd, weird, and eccentric.

Have any or all of these signs listed above occurred to you? Then that means you, my friend, have psychic abilities.

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5 thoughts on “Signs You Might Have Psychic Abilities

  1. Blair

    Hello , my name is Blair … I’m struggling with the fact that I have 70 % of the signs and don’t kno if it’s reality or imagination I need some sense of it all if ya have time get in touch. Much appreciation.

  2. Dianna

    I had a bad experience when I was about 8 years old, sleeping woke up to use the rest room and as I left my room I seen this short old looking person with horns and real hairy. I ran back to my room covered my head then un covered then was in my window. years later in my early teens seen it again in my bedroom window I always have felt like that person was trying

  3. Andrea

    I have most definitely experienced many odd situations, it really at first made me think I was going crazy but now 6 years later since the first experience it’s not that I’m crazy. Shew…. Anyhow it was quite an experience learning this. So I have had many times where I I knew something was going to happen and it did, and weird I randomly say something like for instance like we’re going Pluto today or something weird and later on I read an email of horoscope deal and it said Jupiter in yada yada pluto idk it just was odd and weird to me so I have many experiences. I’m still learning to open up my abilities and havig to get used to the fact that I’m not a nut. With that being said i mean like i just learned why I get way I do when I’m around alot of people, why times I get weird it’s hard to explain but I close up shut down around certain people, I’m open with certain people, and so on. I struggle with being in crowds real bad since I was very young I can remember. And few other really weird things that came to mind like I think I was 10 or so and out of nowhere i ask my cousin Amy is that dog there a begal and I had no clue it was begal it just was in my study file cabinet lol already appearantly. So I’m not sure if my comment was to long or even what I was to comment about I just know it said to comment about experience and I finally got the cahunnas to open up and comment so thanks. Thankful to have come across your site!


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