Red Responds: Why Do They Die?

Dee from San Diego asks:

Many of the men that I’ve dated have died. I’m confused, why were they put into my life? I’m just in my early forties.

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Dee,

Looking at you and who you are at a soul level tells me that many of the men that have passed on were actually more in need of you than you were in need of them. While it may not seem fair, and is certainly likely to make you question yourself or your purpose, please understand and accept that it’s not you. I’m not telling you that to make you feel better (even though I hope it does), I’m telling you that because it’s being presented to me as a truth.

You’re a kind, sensitive, and spiritual energy. Just being you has attracted people (primarily men) to you that are searching souls. While their stay on this plane may be shorter than average, they seem to be intuitively drawn to you. Many of these souls had things they needed to learn or experience, and you gave them what they needed, regardless of how the relationship was developing. Because of the time these men spent with you, no matter how long or short that time was, you impacted their lives and their outlook. Some went on to find happiness with other women, others did not. However, each of them had a better understanding of compassion, values, and a truer sense of belonging because of crossing paths with you. While you may not have loved them all, you did somehow open them to love. In your own way, you’re a healer. It’s a very special kind of gift, even if you wonder from time to time if you’re cursed.

When you ask why these men were put into your life, that question is likely to make you feel very imbalanced, and is a bold illustration of how unfair life can often seem. The real impact is not that they were put into your life, but that you embraced the opportunity to be in their lives.

Not every love or lover that you have had has come to you for healing; there are those whom you’ve embraced that had something to offer you. Some are still here, others are not. What is most impressive about you, and your silent gifts, is that there is a scattering of souls who are still walking the earth because of having known you. That’s pretty impressive.

Don’t be afraid to love because of the potential of loss. Just be you, and continue to love with every fiber of your being. Death is an unavoidable part of life. While you will grow old, you will not grow old alone. When your time comes (and it’s a long ways away), your husband will be holding your hand. He’s a love that is true, devoted to you, and is also one of the souls that you will save.

Brightest Blessings,


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3 thoughts on “Red Responds: Why Do They Die?

  1. janet

    Dee ahould not be so depressed. May be her friends do not die. Some are afraid of their wifes and they disappear. Dee is lucky. She soon find another friends. she should enjoy each and every one of them and not involve emotionally with any. They are there to enjoy. We should enjoy men as most of them just enjoy us and move on. I wish her to be in my circle. My family is very broadminded. I can go out with friends of my husband. Dee cheer up. You are attractive and shall find many other men. Dee let us meet. I am forty and we shall enoy life

  2. indigodanceindigodance

    I was quite taken with Reds answer with this question. Many have died around me, mostly women, some men, but I too wonder why my life is so lonley of company.

    I seem to draw people to me when they are about to hit their worst nightmare, its like I am meant to hold their hand. Once their issue has passed they fade away out of my life or die – then I am alone again.

    I feel very sad being so lonely as I would love a nice kind man/soul to share my journey, but when I look back at those I helped, even though my own sadness can overwhelm me at times, I know they drew some comfort from knowing me.

    What intreages me, is I dont go looking for people, they all seem to find me. Their lives come into my life, not the other way round. I am still me doing the same old thing. I dont even work in a holistic environment (just boring admin in government).

    Kinda nice in someways, just wish at times someone would be there for me as well.


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