Free Will and Divination

First of all, let me state that I really do believe in psychic phenomena! For those who are still skeptical, read The Conscious Universe – The Scientific Proof of Psychic Phenomena. I also would like to add that I am not necessarily claiming that psychic abilities come from a higher power! All I’m saying is that these abilities exist, and that certain individuals are better than others in using them or tuning into them. Most people are “psychic,” but social surroundings, upbringing, teachings and exposure and encouragement sure have a lot to do with how well one is tuned into one’s ability.

Secondly, pretty much anything can be used as a divination tool! One of the books I can recommend here is The Book of Ordinary Oracles, by Lon Milo DuQuette, whom I respect a great deal for his knowledge, sense of humor and experience. The tool, in my opinion, puts the querent at ease. It tends to freak people out a bit when a complete stranger sits down, stares intensively at you and starts telling you about your past and deepest, darkest secrets. If said “visions” are attached to nice, little pictures on a pretty card deck, it makes it a lot more easy and plausible for the querent.

No matter how good a reader may be, though, no matter how many years of experience or how strong their ability may be, it is impossible to predict the future with 100% accuracy! Sometimes it can even happen that the exact opposite of what one predicts comes true.

“Well, if you guys are so good in predicting, then how come the stuff doesn’t always come true, and how come the opposite happened?” Well, let me first say that it very rarely happens that the exact opposite comes true of what a good reader predicts! But the fact remains that the future is somewhat like a blurry reflection in a lake with lots of ripples; it shifts and changes all the time, based on the decisions we make and who we are being every single day. The slightest shift in one’s way of being or path will change any future outcomes. Think of it as the “butterfly effect,” or how Doc explained to Marty in Back to the Future how the slightest interaction would change everything.

The reason that a good reader tends to be effective is that most people do not vary so much in their behavioral patterns and ways of being. By seeing the past, one can generally tell where the path is leading towards. In some cases, the power of suggestion also factors in. For example, I am very empathic and tend to be able to read a person’s “energy” and intentions pretty well. It isn’t something I necessarily do on a conscious level, and therefore I often see a person’s potential or aspirations. While it isn’t the norm, it has happened that I influenced a positive outcome in a reading, because I was able to “read” from their highest aspirations and greatest good, which they may have been open to at the specific time I read for them.

People often assume that using “free will” is a cop out. I always shake my head and ask how anyone can say that. Doesn’t it happen quite frequently that we change the plan in mid-course? So let’s say I read for someone and they’re asking me if they are going to meet someone soon. What happens for me is that I literally start seeing like a movie camera that started rolling. With that movie, I also get emotions that are associated with the whole situation. It is literally as if I temporarily stepped outside of myself and am seeing through the lens of a silent observer.

Let’s say that in this particular situation I see the querent at a gathering, like a party of some sort. I look down at my Tarot spread and see the three of cups. I then see how the party plays out and whom he/she may meet there and where this may lead. It is, to some degree, like watching a movie in fast motion. I share this observation with the person I’m reading for, and they may say “oh yeah, I was invited for a party by a friend.” Fast forward to the weekend, and for whatever reason he/she no longer wants to attend, because they may no longer feel like it. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the chances of them meeting someone now are slim to none.

There are so many things that play into everyday life that there is no way one can always predict 100% of the time what will happen. Even though most of us may be fairly predictable, we still are, and remain, volatile creatures; driven by moods, emotions and sudden ideas. None of us are 100% predictable (although I would say that I am about 90% of the time!). I feel that it’s not only unreasonable, but also unfair to expect that someone else will always have the answer for us, even though we will always remain the master of our own destiny.

Free will does drive the outcome for me, because I get to choose how I act and react to situations; I also get to choose where my road may lead me to, at least when it comes to personal relationships and career. When a reading from a gifted psychic foretells great things for me, I feel as if a veil is lifted. If a psychic tells me that my recent struggles are over, I leap into “YAY! I get to move on,” and align my actions, thoughts and emotions to make it happen.

Why would I then read with a psychic to begin with? Because I, too, get confused, and sometimes don’t know which way to turn. Or I’m way too stuck in my own emotions and head. and therefore don’t see the forest through all the trees. Plus, I am really not all that neutral when it comes to my own stuff, especially not when I’m emotionally vested.

Before I conclude this post about free will and divination, let me give you one major piece of advice! No legitimate and genuine psychic will ever tell you about things like there being a curse on you and then asking you to pay for spell-breaking candles, or other kinds of props! If a “psychic” asks you to buy props of any kind, run! If they claim they can only help you get the love of your life if you do a certain thing (of course, for a large sum of money), etc., also run!

It’s always good to be a skeptic but that doesn’t mean one has to be close-minded and cynical either!

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9 thoughts on “Free Will and Divination

  1. fetch777


  2. Carmen Hexe

    Hey Miss Krystal!

    Well, they don’t ever approach me 😉 It has always been like that. My friends jokingly refer to it as “the look.” When I walk down Venice Beach or any other places where the scammers hang out I am the only one they don’t approach. It’s always the same. They open their mouth to invite me over for a reading, then their eyes meet mine and they look away and avoid.

    There is a reason my mom’s nickname to me was “kleine Hexe” (little witch). I once read a book on Runic Palmistri. It showed me that I have the “crow’s foot” in both palms. Apparently, I need to be careful with my spoken word, because I make things happen with it, muh haha ha. >:-)

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I should also add…..that is why I feel clients are much safer, especially nowadays, calling a psychic service such as CP…..because the psychics checked out thoroughly before being hired……and consistently monitored for quality and ethics.
    I say this with 45 years experience in this field…..that CP is the best psychic service available in the country today, with the highest standards.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Carmen,

    Well, I’m sorry you lost that $$$$ in a scam years ago……but your story about what the police officer said to you was funny. LOL!

    I’ve had many calls, in the past 12 months asking about alledged curses , as the economy is bad and scama are on the rise.
    Have you noticed, Carmen, that in 99% of these cases the supposed curse is ALWAYS on the MATERNAL side of the family passed down ?????…..NEVER from the fathers’ paternal side of the family……LOL LOL !
    I’m just saying….LOL…..those scam artists have used the same ” bait & hook ” line for years…..even decades and centuries……LOL LOL

    I was married to an FBI agent for 32 years….. that is what law enforcement professionals refer to
    as a ” bait & hook ” scam. And those con artists are very good at spotting and then targeting vulnerable, heart broken people.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    ps….have a Happy Thanksgiving and please keep those fantastic articles coming !!!!!

  5. misskrystal

    I agree with, Gina Rose…

    Now here is my takes on this-

    If anyone approaches you, and says you have a curse, tell them you have a wonderful relationship(s) with us here at CP, and you could not be happier, you have no desire to go elsewhere….And you don’t change things that are working-it will scare them away….I had a friend say this to one of those fakies and she just took off….It has worked….They know we are the top in the world…That should do it…

    thanks carmen, for all the wonderful works you contribute here on the blog..
    You are awesome…
    Miss Krystal

  6. Carmen Hexe

    Hi Gina Rose 🙂 *waves*

    Yes, I have heard all of the scams. Just recently, a friend told me about a client who went to one of the “Psychic Readings” store in the neighborhood. The woman told her that in order for her to get her boyfriend back, she needed to break the curse that was on her. The poor woman wanted to believe so bad and spent all her savings and everything she owned, which was $6,000. The “psychic” never returned her calls again and miraculously disappeared. She still hasn’t filed a police report, because she is too ashamed. 🙁

    When I was 17 and still lived in Germany, I was also offered to get a palm reading from one of the Gypsies. They usually hang out at train stations and bus stations, or in underpasses, offering palm reading and fortune telling. She told me to put the largest bill I had in my wallet on my hand. I was a 17 year old girl and pretty naive, so I put the last money I had for the month, a 50 Mark bill down. She took it and claimed it was with god and would reappear in my pocket an hour later. I went totally distraught to my boss (I was an apprentice at the municipal court) and she called the cops.

    Needless to say, they arrested the women, found my money under her skirts and gave it back to me. Worst part was, the officer laughed and said “I can’t believe you’d fall for this, working at the court.” :-/

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Carmen,

    Excellent article…… I especially liked the very last paragraph about curses…….

    ….NO legitimate, ethical psychic will EVER tell you that you are cursed and for a small fortune in $$$$, or gold,silver, jewelry or an expensive personal article, for example: like a Rolex watch that has been in the family for decades, they will remove the curse.
    Nor will they require you to buy their props or potions, etc.
    That is an old gypsy scam, and it is THE oldest scam there is !!!!!!!!!…..and illegal in some states and cities I might add.

    I’ve personally turned many so-called psychics in to the authorities for that nonsense.

    And because the economy is so bad now…these scams, unfortunately, are on the rise. Besides cleaning out the clients’ bank account and ripping the client off……these thieves give the entire psychic field and the real,ethical psychics a bad name.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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