The Meaning of Aura Colors and What They Reflect

Meaning of Aura Colors | California Psychics

Your Aura and Energy

Aura colors, or personal energy fields, can reveal a bit about how someone is feeling, what their energetic vibration is like, and how they move in the world at a given point in their lives. Auras can change over a lifetime as an individual’s energetic vibration, intentions, or feelings change. They are easiest to detect when the eyes are relaxed. Brighter and more vibrant aura colors can indicate strong emotions, energy, or living a long time with the same feelings, energy, and intentions. Early depictions of auras can even be seen in art all around the world, most commonly in images of saints, deities, and healers that have halos emanating from their heads and around their bodies.

Aura Colors and Their Meanings

Auras colors range from deep black to bright white, and an individual can have a multicolored aura reflecting more than one energy, vibration, or intention. Read on as we review each aura color and what it may reveal about its bearer. As we summarize each aura color, keep in mind that there are no negative or bad auras, although some aura hues can indicate areas of healing and inner work ahead.


The red aura can be associated with the Root chakra, which connects us to the physical plane. Those bearing a red aura are typically fearless, bold, and passionate. Additionally, they revel in the pleasures of the material world and have a love of adventure, physical activity, and excitement. If the red aura is bright, the person is likely confident and excitable, but if the red aura is dark or cloudy, the individual may be holding on to anger, trauma, frustration, or suffer from anxiety. In the latter case, the individual may want to channel their physical prowess by engaging in yoga to release the excess energy they are holding onto.


The orange aura is not far from the red aura, energetically speaking. The orange aura is related to the Sacral chakra, the energy center in the body responsible for sensuality, creativity, and emotion. Those with an orange aura, like red, are physically attuned, confident, and passionate; however, those with an orange aura are more likely to be risk takers, and if operating on a lower vibration, may be prone to addiction, especially thrill-seeking addictions. Those with orange auras are typically gregarious and independent, so those who battle addiction could benefit from leading a group of people in physical activity such as a workout class (live online or zoom works well), or DIY projects that channel their abundant energy outward.


Yellow auras could be likened to the energy source of the Solar Plexus chakra, located at the center of the body just above the navel. The Solar Plexus chakra rules our sense of personal power. Those with a yellow aura are typically bright in more ways than one. Exuding confidence and joy, these individuals are also intellectually apt. A brilliant yellow aura can indicate a spiritual awakening or path to ascension. These individuals are natural leaders who generally have a large social network because the positive, warm, and motivating energy they carry attracts people to them. Individuals with a yellow aura may find that they benefit from deep meditation, as they are already on the path to ascension.


Green auras resonate closely with the Heart chakra, making these individuals loving, generous, and kind. People with a green aura are generally peaceful, calm, and have a natural ability to heal; however, a dark or murky green aura can indicate holding on to feelings of jealousy, envy, or low self-worth. Codependency may be an issue to overcome for these individuals if their willingness to give to others supersedes their own self-reflection. Guided meditation and journaling can be helpful to those with murky green auras, as it can re-center their energies and allow them to check in with themselves in a loving way that re-energizes and protects their heart center.


People with blue auras are excellent communicators, helpers, and intuits. Generally serene, others turn to them in a crisis for reassurance. Blue is the color of the Throat chakra, which rules self-expression. These individuals rely on their feelings and intuition rather than facts and figures. Peaceful and positive, those with a blue aura cherish personal relationships but are equally comfortable with their solitude, using their alone time to meditate and focus inward. At the highest vibration, those with a vibrant blue aura can be clairvoyant or psychic. At a lower vibration, those with a murky blue aura may be unable to face the truth of a controlling nature. Those who carry a murky blue aura can bring up their vibration with a bit of self-reflection and meditation. By letting go of a desire to control what is out of their hands (that is, everything except for their own energy, thoughts, and actions) a person with a murky blue aura is not far from reaching their highest self.


The Third Eye chakra is associated with the color indigo and is located above the eyebrows at the center of the forehead. Those with an indigo aura are deeply intuitive, inspired, and empathic. Like people with red and orange auras, those with an indigo aura are brave and fearless; however, they possess discernment and recognize that thrill-seeking behavior is a short-term high. Indigo auras prefer challenging tasks that take a long time and they have the patience to continue the task of self-actualization. Seeking peace and harmony above all things, a person with an indigo aura is guided by their moral integrity and uses their intelligence in the service of others. Because they are open-minded, they accept people for who they are, and do not shame low-vibrational people because they are too busy trying to help them become their higher selves.


Violet chakras are associated with the Crown chakra, which is located just above the head and connects us to source. The source energy connects all living things and when a person has a violet aura, they are often happy, powerful, and feel a sense of wholeness that goes beyond the physical realm. Violet aura people are big picture thinkers who are empathic, dreamy, and humanitarian. Open with their own feelings and thoughts, they encourage others to share, heal, and ascend because they are so open-minded, accepting, and emotionally intelligent. These are visionaries with the highest intentions for all living things and they have the ability to contribute to a more loving and just world by manifesting their dreams.


White or rainbow-colored auras (because white is the amalgamation of all of colors) are understood to be the highest vibrational energy there is. An individual with a white aura has ascended and is unencumbered by issues with low self-worth, trust, anger, overindulgence, or ego. White auras are motivated by the spiritual realm and highest good of the Universe. While these individuals are pure and transcendent, they are forgiving of other peoples’ faults and do not pass judgement. Instead, they seek out the best in others and uplift those around them with their very being.


As mentioned earlier, there are no “good” or “bad” auras, just vibrations that may need to be addressed. Those with a black aura are not evil, but they may be holding on to trauma, addiction, or pain that requires attention, healing, and deep care. A person with a black aura has a blockage in their spiritual life force that can be released through meditation, spiritual work, and high vibrational healers. If you or someone you know has a black aura, they have something that they are holding onto that is hurting them. Letting go will release the blockage and allow the individual to re-start their journey of ascension.

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9 thoughts on “The Meaning of Aura Colors and What They Reflect

  1. Charlette McCloud

    I never been hype or follow zodiacs. I am born 6/13/65 . I have always been a spriritul child, youth, teen, and now full grown adult. I am not your typical GEMINI if a person met me they would never see those signs. I know tendencies are there according to how I am supposed to be. I feel that I am in tune with myself so I show people who I am at all time. That never changes and is pretty consistent so therefore I accept people at face value where I meet them as well. That saying.”when a person shows you WHO they are, believe them” rings true for many. For me, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have not found my true purpose and its frustrating. Many things I am capable of doing very well BUT that one passion I know will bring me exuberant pleasure and financial security. Eveything I do revolves around writing. Even though we live in a worled of computer technology, I still surround myself with paper one way or another. What is up with this paper and writing utensils. I have been a teacher almost 20 years for infants up through teenagers. A recent life change concerning my mother, brought me back home tp PA after 28 years in my desired state of FL. I been home a year and have suffered from low self esteem, unemployment , and depression in this pandemic era. I have not stepped into a classroom, made a lesson plan, or taught one student. Until, the day my great nephew haed to do ZOOM home school on occasion. I was able to guide him through his virtual school along side his teacher. This was amazing and gave me a sense of hope that I still had that connection to the classroom, teaching, and children in another way. I dont know if teaching traditionally is has gone by the way side, but I feel this new ZOOM technology could be the new path of educational freedom and success . This down time is helping me to look inward, heal some childhood wounds, and see what new parts of myself I can share with the world. I sleep at night and have a violet auro around me so many times that I cannot sleep. I wake up and wonder what that is. Its a calming peaceful feeling when it happens like my ancestors are surrounging me and trying to guide me to my true path. I like the sence of calm and relaxation yet I still wait to see where it leads or is trying to show me? HELP me clarify

  2. Lisa

    I am Libra and I have definitely been wondering what my Aura Color is. Oct. 7th 1970 thank you for the explanation this is fascinating


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