What It Means To Have a Green Aura

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What Is an Aura?

Auras are the energy fields around living beings, which reflect their personalities, moods, and emotions. They can reveal a person’s potential, their abilities, their likes and dislikes, and their way of approaching the world.

An aura changes (at least slightly) during the different phases of someone’s life, depending on their mood and the situation they’re in. However, the vast majority of people have one dominant, consistent color that runs like a theme throughout their lives, though its exact shade and hue may shift.

Can You Strengthen Your Aura?

You can cultivate and strengthen your aura color if you choose. One way is to consciously add more of its energy into your life. People are naturally drawn to knick-knacks and art that reflect and harmonize with their aura. Thanks to this inherent inclination, your surroundings may already support your aura more than you know. However, you can empower these efforts by filling your house (and wardrobe) with items that feel like “you.” Let your intuition be your guide.

You can also take a more literal approach by choosing clothing and home decorations that match your aura color.

To discover your aura color and learn more about its specific energy, speak to a professional psychic advisor who can give you a personalized reading and explain what your aura says about you.

How To Perceive Auras

Some psychics see auras, some feel them, and some may even pick up on them through other senses, such as smell. It all depends on how they receive psychic information.

However, most people notice auras subconsciously, regardless of their own abilities, largely thanks to their own aura and how its color clashes (or blends) with the others. These perceptions can affect who you like, who you’re comfortable around and want to get to know, and who you might avoid, even subconsciously.

Green Auras: The Color of the Heart Chakra

Green auras are associated with the heart chakra, which emphasizes service, unconditional love, harmony, and balance. Located in between the other six chakras, it is also associated with connection and transformation. Someone with a green-dominant aura may make associations easily, and they are naturally inclined to reflect the tender qualities of the heart chakra.

Green Aura Personality Traits

Greens approach life systematically. They seek work that is grounded and useful, and they are capable of blending objectivity with compassion. In general, greens do well in social settings because they are amiable and approachable, making it easier for them to understand (and be understood) by others.

Additionally, people with green auras often enjoy spending time in nature. In fact, the best way to cleanse and balance a green aura, especially after healing work, is typically for them to go outdoors and connect with the greenery.

The Positive Traits of Green Auras

Greens are known for being able to communicate hope and optimism to the people they care for. They can do so while simultaneously keeping an eye on their goals and moving toward them. It’s almost as if they instinctually “know” what people need, and they typically love to share those insights, especially if they think it will be helpful. Greens are naturally versatile and intuitive, which not only helps them support others but also enables their success in all areas of life.

What Green Auras Need To Work On

Greens can sometimes be vulnerable in love. They must have a sense of balance in relationships, whether platonic, familial, or romantic. While their expectations are laudable, they generally have a low tolerance for emotional disharmony. As such, when someone with a green aura feels taken advantage of, they can disappear with very little explanation, despite the fact that they are otherwise very skilled communicators. This is particularly true if their aura is clouded or their heart chakra is blocked in some way.

Because they may not share their concerns beforehand, their rapid exits often surprise the people around them. In fact, they can be so calm and mild-mannered that there’s often no sign they’ve been unhappy. By slowing down and being more open about their feelings, greens can cultivate longer-lasting, more resilient bonds with the people around them.

Four Subtypes of Green Auras

Not everyone with a green aura is the same. As with all aura colors, you can tell a lot about how someone manifests their green aura by its exact shade, as well as its intensity.

Yellow Green

If someone’s green aura has a tinge of yellow, it suggests that their solar plexus chakra is strong in addition to their heart chakra. These people exude confidence and joy, and they are also inclined toward objective lines of thought.

Blue Green

This turquoise-like shade of green is most commonly found in people whose throat and heart chakras work together in harmony. People with blue-green auras have a natural ability to bring peace and comfort to any situation.

Forest/Emerald Green

These greens are talented healers (either literally or metaphorically) and often have a passion for helping others. Influenced by their compassion, these greens are always looking to better the world around them.

Spring Green

Just like the earth in springtime, which blossoms with new life and energy, these greens love to start new endeavors and initiate change. They possess a hopefulness and joy that brings brightness and growth to themselves and others alike.

Green Auras In Love

When greens are thriving and avoiding the weakness mentioned above, they can handle relationship issues with clarity and reason. That said, they gravitate toward loving relationships, and if that sort of dynamic seems out of reach, they’ll still exit a situation quickly.

Greens blend particularly well with yellows and blues. Sincerity, honesty, and gentleness are of prime importance to them. Additionally, greens value trust above almost all else and will seek partners who are reliable and devoted. If someone displays these traits, they’ll be a good match for a green regardless of their dominant aura color.

In general, greens trust both the Universe and their own good karma to bring them love — and they’re usually right to do so. Their receptive and intense energy brings them plenty of opportunities to manifest and enjoy new relationships!

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