How Major Life Events Can Affect Your Aura Color

How Major Life Events Can Affect Your Aura Color | California Psychics

What is an Aura?

Every living thing has an aura, which is a luminous body of colorful energy that emanates from within, surrounding the physical form. Humans, animals, trees, flowers, and plants all have an energy field. It is the essence of our life force. When something happens in your life, it can change your aura.

You can see the aura of another, but even if you can’t, you can feel it. Depending on what energy the other person is emitting, you may feel either attracted or repelled. When you get vibes (short for vibrational frequencies) from others, you are picking up on their auric energy, or their electromagnetic field.

Aura Colors and Their Meaning

Aura colors reveal the essence of you and your emotional, spiritual, and physical states. Your aura changes as you do, and it cannot be switched off or hidden. Edgar Cayce spoke of aura colors being reflections of the soul. Most people have approximately two dominant colors, with flashes and pops of other hues here and there. A lot of colors mean you have a lot going on in your life.

Here are some tips for how different life events can affect your aura colors, along with a brief description of colors you might find in an aura:


Red represents passion, force, and strong energy. It flares up with fiery intensity when you are angry. (There’s a reason why it’s said that when you feel rage, you’re seeing red.) If you are hurt, betrayed, or treated unjustly by someone you once trusted, you may feel fury rise within you, and your aura will pulse with the color red. It also shows up when you are feeling strong romantic attraction and sexual passion. If you’re with someone who makes you feel intensely aroused, your aura will be throbbing with red.


When you find orange in your aura, you are tapped into your creativity, and you tend to be a thoughtful and considerate person. It can also mean you love doing anything that requires strong physical energy, for you delight in physical activities and challenges. You may be drawn to sports, or to thrill-seeking events like skydiving or motorcycle racing.


This sunny color reveals itself when you are feeling especially cheerful, friendly, and confident. Honest folks radiate this hue. If you’re experiencing a major life change and you are really excited about it, such as starting a new career, graduating, or even moving to a new place, yellow is sure to show itself in the happy vibration of your aura.


Green often appears in the auras of healers, people who love to grow plants, flowers, and trees, as well as those with a mindset of abundance. It reveals a compassionate, forgiving, loving nature. If you have a healing, kind, and helpful vibration, you can be sure green is showing up in your aura.


When an aura shows a sickening shade of greenish-yellow, that person is being a deceitful liar. They have ulterior motives. They do not have good intentions toward you or anyone else.


Black or other dark, negative colors like murky browns or smoky grays can be warning signs that represent extremely low energy such as in people who feel flat-lined with fatigue, worry, and exhaustion. They may have experienced a devastating tragedy. An even darker aura sometimes appears in a person living purely for what is material, not spiritual. They may get great satisfaction from doing evil things. If desired, damaged auras can often be remedied by rest, rejuvenation, and renewing the aura through taking steps to ground, balance, and heal the energetic field by reconnecting with the Divine Source.


Blue is an ideal color to have in your aura. To have it means you are a peaceful, calm, and balanced person. It also means you are intuitive, and you may even be clairvoyant. You tend to remain cool and together in stressful situations, able to help steady others who might be nervous, anxious, or fearful. You tend to be a spiritual person. You can also be selfless in nature.

Purple (or Violet)

Purple (or Violet) is another ideal aura color to have. It reveals that you are very sensitive and quite perceptive. You tend toward mysticism with your strong intuition. You are very connected to Spirit and your angel guides. You continually seek to strengthen your Divine gift of psychic ability to help others. At some point in your life, you chose to be a force for good.


White represents purity, clarity, and angelic nature. It shows you have a deep connection to the Divine and it may look like a halo around the top of your head. Earth and its material travails and rewards don’t matter much to you, for you prefer to live in a state of loving transcendence. If the entire aura turns white, it can signify a soul who is about to leave the body and go to Heaven.

Cleansing Your Aura

If you feel in low spirits, drained, or just out of sorts, your aura may be temporarily damaged or weakened, and it may help to cleanse your aura. You can do so by bathing with the intention to clear your aura. Include herbs like rose, chamomile, or jasmine, bathing salts such as Himalayan Sea salt, or essential oils like lavender, vanilla, lemon, or ylang-ylang in your bath for best results.

You can also cleanse your aura by smudging with sage for a spiritual bath. This is done by lighting up a smudge stick, which is usually made of white sage or sweetgrass, and wafting the smoke over every area of your body. Meditation, positive affirmations, and energy healings can do much to cleanse and heal the aura, as well.

Learning to See Auras

You may wonder if you can strengthen your ability to see auras. You can! Meditation is a big key toward developing this skill, along with asking Spirit to help you discern auras. Kirlian photography is another way to capture and view them. You can also look at it with the naked eye, though it might take a bit of practice to do so. While difficult to see with a direct focus on another, looking a little to the side of someone and squinting a bit for soft-focus can help. You can do this in a mirror to see your own aura.

The Colors of Your Spirit 

All life events affect your aura, and all are ultimately leading to your spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening is usually brought about by tragedy, but it leads to the greater opening of your psychic abilities and a more powerful connection with Spirit. Your aura may begin to shine brightly with blues and purples and perhaps a white crown of light around your head.

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