What It Means To Have an Orange Aura

An abstracted image of a lotus flower over an orange background.

What Is an Aura?

An aura is the energy field that surrounds the bodies of living things. Auras remain relatively consistent over time but can be altered by emotions and environments, as well as the inevitable evolution of the soul. That said, someone’s dominant aura color usually stays the same throughout life, as it reflects the soul’s plan and identity.

Life Path Psychics often read auras for this reason, picking up on people’s aura colors with their intuitive abilities such as clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and claircognizance (clear knowing).

Orange Auras: The Color of the Sacral Chakra

Because of their attunement to their senses, people with orange auras have a strongly activated sacral, or second, chakra. This is the energy center that sits right below the navel. It corresponds with sexuality, sensuality, reproduction, and creativity in all its forms. It is also known as the “generative” chakra because it fuels the imagination.

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Orange Aura Personality Traits

Orange is a vibrant color, which is quite fitting, since those with orange auras tend to be vibrant beings! They are motivated by interaction and connection and, above all else, they love to communicate with others. They enjoy working in teams and typically don’t need or want much solitude.

Orange’s main motive in every situation is to create a network and connect with people. They call on all of their considerable creative powers so that they might bond with every person, place, or thing they encounter.

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The Positive Traits of Orange Auras

When expressing the more positive traits of their aura color, oranges are the most life-giving people in any given room. Their intensity infuses those around them with enthusiasm and self-belief, and they can offer all sorts of creative ideas and solutions to other people’s dilemmas. They nurture people, animals, plants, and even physical objects with their vibrancy. They bring joy and fun to every situation, and can create pleasure and happiness where there is none.

Orange auras love the thrill of discovery, especially when dealing with other people. They are the quintessential extroverts in any dynamic, and they’re also sensual beings who love exploring the entire world.

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What Orange Auras Need To Work On

People with orange auras are quite energetic. However, when they are “out of power,” they tend to be cantankerous, eccentric, unstable, and overbearing until they’re able to bring themselves back into balance.

Another common challenge is the fact that those with orange auras seek thrills so passionately. They like to get involved with “high-risk” people and situations. They love the excitement of emotional obstacle courses, so mysterious, resistant, or complicated people can be irresistible to them, even when getting entangled would be unwise.

Four Subtypes of Orange Auras

Not all orange auras look the same. While energy and vibrancy are common traits across the board, there is a lot of room for personal expression, and this leads to every orange aura looking slightly different. Commonly seen variations of orange include:

Yellow Orange

These are hypercreative and original oranges. A mix of orange and yellow can indicate brilliance. They are breezy, brainy, and cheerful, and they are generally a little less intense than some of the other shades of orange.

Peach Orange

These people are very affable, and they often make wonderful teachers. They are a slightly gentler version of the standard orange aura, and they tend to be more flexible. They are tactful and graceful in their dealings with other people.

Rust Orange

This orange subtype has brown overtones. This can sometimes reveal a muddy, depressed, or negative emotional state. As a result, this isn’t generally a constant aura color; it is mostly seen in people who are struggling. When someone regains their sense of inner balance, their aura should return to its natural shade of orange.

Reddish Orange

This orange aura subtype is a little more autonomous than the average orange. It’s quite similar to the tomato red aura. They can be a little overly assertive at times, and they occasionally like to break off from the group and head in their own direction.

The Orange Aura in Love

Orange auras seek risk and thrill in their relationships. They love the adrenaline rush that comes from getting to know someone new and exciting. This tendency isn’t only in intimate relationships. It also extends to friendships, family bonds, relationships with pets, and even the connections they form with places and things! They love to be in love. After all, their main motivation in life is to connect.

If intensity and discovery leave a relationship, they can become disenchanted and may instead look elsewhere. This can leave them with a string of abandoned commitments — and broken hearts. Oranges should think before they decide to forsake a relationship that has gone stale. They need to remember that all long-term relationships go through flat periods, which are generally followed by rebirths. By hanging in there, they can often create a “new” relationship out of an old one and maintain a certain amount of consistency and security in their emotional lives.

While they blend well with yellows, reds, and other vibrant colors, oranges are actually most likely to achieve balance and stability with a blue-aura partner, as their clarity and reasoning power provides a stable contrast to orange’s dynamism.

Whatever type of orange-aura person you encounter, you could feel delighted, annoyed, or thrilled, depending on their spiritual state at the time. The one thing you will never feel is bored — and in its own way, that’s pretty wonderful.

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