Psychic Answers: Mysterious Animal Deaths

Psychics Weigh in On Mass Bird and Fish Deaths

What does it mean that so many animals are suddenly dying in massive groups? We asked our psychics what their feelings, reactions and thoughts were.

Shamira ext. 5125 says:

I feel that what we’re being shown is that our natural environment is constantly being “challenged.” Wildlife is giving a major message to man about the environmental hazards placed on our planet. Using our own abilities and talents, we can work together to make the necessary changes that must take place now. Birds falling out of the sky is a billboard message.

Fiona ext. 5178 says:

This most recent global die-off is the same thing that’s been happening to the honey bees! In my opinion, the cause is a combination of factors: It’s an environmental/technological side-effect of a polluted environment, combined with all the swirling around of invisible energy coming from cell phone use and electrical towers, appliances, and other modern conveniences used daily by so many countries. It has effected the homing abilities and instinctive natural radar prominent within our lovely earthly creatures. It’s like they are being bombarded with deadly rays that people don’t feel. Clearly, many animals are more sensitive than we are, and low-level under-the-ground military wave-bands that produce certain sounds beyond human pitch effect the earth world wide, and everything on it, including cattle, fish, birds and honeybees, often in ways we aren’t aware of.

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3 thoughts on “Psychic Answers: Mysterious Animal Deaths

  1. Jacqueline

    My guides have been saying to me, Electric Magnetic this is bringing on major shifts within the planet, global warming, earthquakes, storms coming out of no where, one thing also to keep in mind is the effect that this does bring on humans, human behavior, emotions as well as physical health.

    This is a time of great spiritual awakening, but we have to start to respect mother earth, becoming in balance with her, having the same rhythm with mother earths heartbeat.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Being very familiar with the Ozark mountain area…..I can tell you that the wildlife here is responding to the New Madrid fault waking up.
    Besides birds and fish dying there, wildlife is hibernating above the ground, NOT in the ground.
    And ” spook lights “, ( looks like floating orbs of ball lightning ), caused from friction (static electricity) of earth’s crusts rubbing together are seen every night now and have been for the past three months.
    FEMA has been watching the New Madrid fault carefully for the past year.

    As for the rest, world wide, the planet is responding to man made pollution and over population.
    In my 2011 predictions, I predicted many natural and man-made catastrophes in the coming years.
    Can’t do much about earthquakes, volcanoes, and weather……but we can do something about the man made polution and waste.

    I’ve said it before,….. I’ll say it again, when Mother Earth has had enough of the human species destroying and trashing the planet,…. she will shake us off, much like a dog shaking off water from it’s coat, …..and start all over again……without us.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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