Psychic Q&A: Looking for My Spirit Guide

Psychic Q&A: Looking for My Spirit Guide | California Psychics

Missing an Old Friend

Hello Marin,

Does the same Spirit Guide remain with you throughout your life or do they leave when the time is appropriate? I had a cat Spirit Guide with me for many years but I can no longer feel his presence. Has he left for good, and will I meet a new Spirit Guide soon?

Thank you,

Read Psychic Marin’s response below.

Hi Wendy,

As the term “Spirit Guides” implies, these souls enter our lives to help guide us. Whether it is an animal, a physical being, or a departed loved one, they tend to come to assist us through difficult times. However, sometimes, there are souls who want to stay with us throughout our lifetimes. That’s usually the case with a relative or someone we shared a partnership with, like a marriage, who wants to wait for us, and help us to eventually transition.

So really, the answer is, it varies for everyone. For you, if you can no longer feel the soul of your kitty around you, he’s probably moved on, because he’s helped you through the period of your life that he was drawn to guide you through. But stay aware, because another Spirit Guide will be coming into your life very soon. I hope this helps you.

Psychic Marin

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