How Missing Person Psychics Work

How Missing Person Psychics Work | California Psychics

Locating Missing Persons with Remote Viewing

Last month, Psychic Kavita explained Remote Viewing and everything it can be used for. In this article, she explains how she uses her Remote Viewing abilities to aid in missing person cases and other police work.

Explaining Remote Viewing

As a refresher, Remote Viewing is the ability to sense, see, and feel a specific person, item, or place from great distances. While every psychic has their own methods, I use my connection with my guide, Daniel, and my gifts of clairvoyance (clear sight/seeing) and clairsentience (clear feeling/knowing) to assist me when performing Remote Viewing. This is especially helpful when I use remote viewing to assist in missing person cases. If you’d like to learn more about Remote Viewing, read the full article here.

Bringing a Psychic onto a Case

First thing’s first: A psychic’s testimony is not admissible in a court of law in Canada (where I live) due to a lack of recognition as a true science (psychic abilities are categorized as pseudo-science). However, there are other ways for me to get involved in a case, and with my father and brother both in law enforcement, it means a lot to me to be able to help out with cases in my own way.

So, how does someone like me get involved in police work? It’s generally done privately between a single detective and a single psychic who have built trust, both personally and professionally, over many years. It’s not a part of any law enforcement agency’s normal protocol, and many police officers are very hush-hush about even talking to a psychic in the first place.

I’m usually brought in when an officer hits a dead end on their current case. For obvious reasons, I can’t disclose any names, but on most of the cases I’ve worked on, my contact will reach out to me about the case they’re currently working, and ask if I can pick up on anything specifics concerning the case: names, descriptions of the victim or persons involved, locations that may resonate with the missing person, etc. It’s a lot like doing a reading for a client actually.

Searching for a Missing Person

I always ask the officer to take notes so he can choose what direction to take based on my information, should I manage to get any hits or find anything that does resonate with the case. Next, I use my clairvoyance to try and locate any items that might be clues, find a location, create a description of the person in question, or possibly even where the person might be located. Should the unthinkable happen, and I’m informed by Spirit that the missing person I’m searching for is now deceased, I’ll ask my guide, Daniel, to try and connect me with their spirit so that I can communicate with them. I can then ask them for information directly, such as how they went missing, why, who may have been involved, and if there’s any evidence that the police should look for. 

Once my session is done, the officer can then work his scene armed with the notes from my session, and often finds much of what my guides and I told them. If they get lucky, the person or a body is found there. If they’re even luckier, there will even be evidence on the scene. And that evidence is admissible in court, as they were found by the officer, collected by the forensic team, and followed a proper chain of evidence line to not be contaminated. In every case, each item will be thoroughly tested in labs to connect its role in the case or scene. So, even though my testimony, and more than likely, my role in the investigation (many police officers won’t share that they collaborated with a psychic since many within their ranks are skeptics), won’t be brought up in court, at least the evidence I helped to uncover will be.

Working in the Shadows

I never get credit for the help I give, especially on homicides and missing persons cases, because, frankly, the last thing I need is to have my involvement publicized. I don’t want to potentially put my family or myself at risk. I learned that lesson the hard way. 

Several years ago, I was asked to help with a missing person case, which sadly turned into a homicide case. I had to work in complete secrecy as the main suspects were from a very prominent family in the area.

I was able to help locate the victim, many pieces of evidence, and even gave police advice on how the event played out. I was also able to direct the police to a full tox-screen on the victim’s bloodwork and told them what to look for. That information really turned the case on its head and in turn also help the prosecution with their case.

Unfortunately, this also put me in the line of fire, and long story short, I had to change everything about my life in order to protect my family and myself from repercussions. I gave up a thriving business, and even my name, but with the help of the Canadian government, we eventually got resettled, away from those who would have hurt me for helping to put a murderer in jail.

At least the accused was found guilty and given a long sentence with no parole! 

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