A Foolproof Guide to Body Confidence

Be Who You Want to Be

There’s tons of talk about body confidence in today’s world. Women want to know what body confidence is and how we get some. Fair enough, let’s take a look at your body, your confidence, and you. If you want to be your personal best, here are the things you need to know.

1. Figure out who you are. No matter your age, you need to know all about your physical self in order to love yourself. Take an inventory of your good and bad physical points. Write down which of your attributes please you and which you might like to adjust. Don’t judge those points, just be aware of them.

2. Figure out what you want. Don’t take anyone else’s word for how you should look or how strong you should be, or whether you fit some arbitrary standards. Get inside your spirit and your soul to decide specifically whether you want to be super fit, or robustly strong, or simply pleasingly healthy.

3. Focus your energy on making small, practical changes in your nutrition and exercise plans. You don’t have to crash diet and you needn’t work out for hours at the gym. Analyze your daily activity and ramp it up. Analyze your daily caloric intake and think about paring it down slightly.

4. Set goals. It’s not good enough to say, “I want to lose five pounds by July 4.” Formulate one or two detailed goals that emphasize health, not pop culture body types. Include your target activity, a specific date to accomplish it, and how you will measure it. Like this: “By August 1, I will increase my dietary fiber increase by 25% daily. My food journal will record my progress.” Or, “In the next six weeks, I’ll replace half my wardrobe with clothes that flatter my body type.”

5. Educate yourself. While working toward your goals, spend some time every day reading quality material that helps you understand how to use and care for your body. You’ll be building a mental owner’s manual.

6. Make a plan. Seek out a couple of experts—maybe a nutritionist, perhaps your medical caregiver, maybe a trainer. Book an appointment, then sit down and talk. Be totally honest with yourself and with your advisers. Take notes. Map out a plan that fits who you are, what you want, your lifestyle, and your goals.

7. Understand that every person has a shape. We’re big, small, short, tall, round, or slender. If we’re alive, we’ve succeeded so far, right? Get to know your own shape, appreciate it for what it is, and maximize your best points. Get to know why your shape is what it is and thank your body for serving you so well.

8. Take baby steps. Do one thing every single day that moves you toward your goals and strengthens your self-love. Start with baby steps, and you’ll make huge strides before you know it.

If you see yourself in your best, most positive light, you can begin to smooth out the rough edges and polish your finest points. Never forget that a positive attitude, the right amount of good sleep, and kindness to yourself and to others are the three best tools you have. Hold your head up high, smile at those you meet, and be good to yourself. How can your body confidence help but grow strong?

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3 thoughts on “A Foolproof Guide to Body Confidence

  1. Emily

    Given you are asking in Cancer I am gusesing you are taking your temp during chemo treatments to monitor for infection.I found the digital thermometer easier to read (didn’t need my glasses) and I was able to keep the temp showing for second opinion after I removed it.However, they can become inaccurate after time (expecially if someone helpful tries to sterilise with boiling water!)When I had a visiting nurse after surgery, she isued me with a glass thermometer but was happy to swap to my digital. Her opinion was the digital were easier to use but they could only issue glass because of affordability.

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  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article for planning the diet with a positive mindset and not a self defeating mindset……

    I have never used a weigh scale, ever…..I go by how my clothes fit….works for me…

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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