Change Your Body Image

At this moment, how do you feel about your body? If you are like many people, your mind jumps to that one thing you would like to change. What if you were asked, "so - that one thing you want to change: ... read more
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Spring Clean Your Sex Life!

Do you find yourself wishing you had more of a sex life or at least a better one? Wondering what others are doing right that you're doing wrong? Well, with the weather heating up and libidos going ... read more

Beauty at Any Age

We realize there's something about them... something we can't quite put our finger on, that those cute young things vying for the camera's attention just can't hold a candle to.Beauty. It's not ... read more

7 Deadly Sins of Sex

There are a lot of reasons that sex can be complicated. First off, different people have different drives, desires and expectations. Then there's the fact that we all carry baggage from childhood, ... read more

Take a Cue From The Guys

Men and women spend so much time trying to bridge the gap between their differences, they don't take the time to figure what they can learn from those differences. Here are three things women can learn ... read more
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