A Different Point of View

Individuals often call us at California Psychics wanting to know what to do while they await a change in a relationship or for a certain event to occur. Their lives, day and night, seem to be taken up with thoughts of this one certain person, problem or event that they are waiting for. Whether this is a commitment that they wish for, a promotion that it seems they have worked toward for years, or a love affair that they’re trying to forget, their lives seem to be eaten up with this one thing that they can’t forget (even temporarily). What can they do about this?

What they’re really looking for, I have seen, is a change in perspective. Their lives are controlled by this one issue – the job, the relationship, the money. The issue grows and grows in their minds, assuming monstrous proportions. They can’t stop thinking about it, but their lives are all but impossible while they struggle to achieve some sort of balance that achieving a new perspective could bring.

When I first began selling real estate, as I obsessed over each sale, I paid careful attention to each detail along the way – the contract, the appraisal, the home inspection and so forth. This was a good attitude in “closing the deal,” but I found myself so caught up in worrying about my small, beginning business that I became very nervous. I felt that if anything happened to the particular deal I was working on, that life as I knew it would crumble! My life was pretty much all about real estate and how to increase my sales.

Balance was missing in my life. Obsessing over one facet led me to be unhappy when sales were bad and happier when sales were good. My life was controlled, basically, by what others were doing in the marketplace. Therefore, my mind was continuously on a roller coaster.

I knew I had to find a new perspective for myself. I had to put my business in proportion to other parts of life in order to obtain a more balanced frame of mind. I decided to get into, first of all, a physical activity that I could not only enjoy, but which would help in physical fitness. Driving in a car or sitting at a desk with some walking in between was not the best physical fitness regimen.

I took up roller blading, which had just begun to be somewhat of a fashionable thing. But it was great exercise, and I felt like I was eight years old again for an hour, with no big responsibilities. I met other people who engaged in the same activity.

At this time, my mother also had to go into a nursing home. I found that when I visited her every other day, that visiting with the other older people as well put me into a truly more appreciative and grateful mood. Often, I hear people who say that nursing homes are depressing and that they don’t want to visit someone there. I never felt depressed, and some really nice people ran this home. I always left feeling that I had much to be grateful for in my life.

When we feel overwhelmed, and possibly somewhat depressed by an issue or issues in our lives, most likely these are temporary things. If we endeavor to pull out of this one-issue, make or break situation in our minds, we can see that there are indeed other things going on in life. Whether it is roller blading, nursing home visits, or whether we do more for ourselves or others in different ways, this could be what it takes to make this time in our lives a less anxious one. We can achieve better balance by working for a new perspective, especially one that centers more on others than ourselves.

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3 thoughts on “A Different Point of View

  1. misskrystal

    Thanks, Tansy. I really enjoyed this. I like real estate, reading on it for clients. My goodness, you are good at so many things…Pumpkin bread baking, psychic, real estate, healing arts and writing…Why do I feel I left some other stuff out? LOL
    You are a wonderful role model for women. A real inspiration, anad keeping it real… Keep them coming, Tansy….Love your stuff on here. Lots of food for thought, as always. Your articles are very unique, yet informative…My kinda stuff!
    Your CP buddy,
    Miss Krystal

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Tansy,
    Wonderful article !!!!!

    I agree with you……but my perspective comes from being pronounced dead, not once but twice…..life is short…..live every day, every moment……we are the sculptors of our destiny and Karmic path…..take a step, ANY step towards bringing joy, happiness and yes, BALANCE , as Tansy mentioned, back into your life.

    Life keeps moving……always changing…..don’t let life pass you by.

    For me personally, it’s working with animal shelters…..makes me feel good at the end of the day, and it;s good Karma as well….. and is a nice change of pace from my psychic readings……after all,how can one not smile from around being around all of those adorable furry faces and wagging tails (?) LOL!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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