Reclaim Control

If you want a solid relationship, you must stand in your power and have a strong sense of self, says Sherri (ext. 9556), a psychic who specializes in love and relationships, soulmates, past lives, numerology, astrology, and Tarot readings. Straight up, don’t let someone else control your life!

She passed this vital message on to Maggie (not her real name), a 43-year-old housewife from Pennsylvania who had reached out to Sherri to ask about her marriage of 15 years. “I’m just wondering if you can tell me about the state of my marriage,” Maggie asked.

Sherri tuned in and got the impression that, sadly, her husband regularly lied and cheated. She saw a younger woman and there were palm trees. She also pulled the Tower card (destruction). But when she shared that with Maggie, she got very defensive. “She told me that he was away a lot but only because he had a business in the Philippines. But then something must have struck a cord in her because she began to cry,” Sherri recalls.

As Sherri saw it, her client had a bad habit of denying what she knew was the truth in her heart. Intuitively, she knew that her husband had been lying to her but she was too scared to face that reality. She had gotten accustomed to the cushy life that he had provided for her even thought it was devoid of love.

The psychic then went on to tell her that according to the spread, it was going to get a lot worse before it got better. “Holy hell was going to break loose. This woman’s life as she knew it was going to collapse. And since I am always honest with my clients, I told her that she needed to free herself from this man and that certain events we’re going to force her to take back her power.”

Sherri saw Maggie’s husband taking his money away, selling their house and then leaving her. Of course this truth was brutal to accept but Maggie needed to hear it. “I told her to keep this to herself and to look for a good lawyer, because she was going to need one. But I still had a feeling she was going to tell her husband what I’d said.”

Of course, Maggie didn’t listen. She spilled the beans. She desperately wanted to believe that Sherri had made up all of her premonitions and wanted to hear her husband say that he loved her and she was the only one. But he got very angry instead, which made Maggie think twice.

Six months later, Maggie called Sherri once again. She had secretly purchased a ticket to the Philippines. She was from there herself and decided to make an impromptu trip to spy on her husband. “She saw it with her own two eyes and when she came back she called me right away,” says Sherri.

She wanted to know what she should do next. Sherri suggested she get a lawyer. She needed to find a job and get a life of her own. This was very daunting to Maggie, but she did it. By the time her husband returned a month later, she was working at a retail store. She confronted him and then one day when she returned from work at the end of her shift, he had cleared out the house. He had filed for a divorce and announced that he was moving to the Philippines.

Fortunately she now had her own form of income and she had a lawyer who was able to get her a settlement.

Finally, after all these years Maggie faced her life and decided to live in truth. She didn’t know it at the time, but she did have the strength to take care of herself! She had stayed with her husband out of convenience, but Sherri showed her that you have to be your own person in order to attract someone who respects you – which is exactly what she did.

Eventually, Maggie met another man. But this time, she was not beholden to him for security. She was in control of her own life and promised herself to keep it that way from now on.

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