Poll: How Long Do You Wait Before Sex?

When Do You Do the Deed?

Starting up a new relationship? On a first date? The rules for when you should first have sex are changing – in fact, they’re non-existent these days. So when do you make that jump into having sex? Let us know below! (And if you’re wondering how long you should wait, or when you’ll get the chance to meet that special someone – get some quick psychic advice and confidence!)

How long do you wait to have sex?

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2 thoughts on “Poll: How Long Do You Wait Before Sex?

  1. James Somers

    I know though experience call it a feeling that after I go out on the first or second date she the one and of course if she agrees we would have sex.

  2. karen

    I am a Gemini, Born 12:01 am, June 9,1963 I was wondering what Mercury in Retrograde means, and what is coming up for me cause I want to meet this guy in Lepeer, michigan and just need to know if my finances are going to get better?


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