Your Weekly Tarot Reading: April 29 – May 5

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: April 29 - May 5

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This week start off with a Full Moon and ends on Cinco de Mayo! We’ll revisit Rachel Pollack’s, “Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom” for some analysis of our tarot cards. Your weekly tarot reading and I wish you a happy Full Moon, May Day, and Cinco de Mayo as well!

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Sunday (Full Moon)

Day (Seven of Swords [Reversed]): The reversed Seven of Swords indicates that isolation becomes communication, especially when seeking advice. So this could be a great day to read with a tarot card psychic. However, you need to be cautious today. Don’t become overdependent on others’ advice and don’t always wait to be told what to do. Instead, decide when the time is right to think independently or seek advice. Only one will produce the best results.

Evening (III The Empress): Tonight, the Empress, along with the Full Moon, represent a great time for passion, emotional expression, and pleasure. The passion is sexual or motherly. Either way, it’s deep and in the right context, it can give great satisfaction. On the downside, if some kind of analysis is called for, the Empress card can mean there’s a refusal to consider the facts. The Empress can also indicate another issue: self-indulgent pleasure when restraint is needed. However, she usually indicates satisfaction and understanding gained through emotion.


Day (Three of Swords): Of all the swords, these three represent pain and heartbreak. Yet, for all their gloom, there’s a certain calm to their symmetry Therefore, we must take pain into our hearts but then go beyond it. The Three Swords tell us that we must not push the pain away from us, but take it deep inside until it becomes transformed by courage and love. So, today is a good day to do some healing and release pent-up grief.

Evening (XIX The Sun [Reversed]): The Sun reversed is like a cloudy day. But just because we don’t see the Sun, that doesn’t mean it’s not there! The good things the Sun represents are not lost, but some confusion could prevent us from getting in touch with those things like joy and happiness. Remember, life is giving you simple happiness, but it cannot be seen clearly. As a result, you may need to work hard to realize joy and optimism. Start by working on having gratitude.


Day (XIII Death [Reversed]): Death reversed indicates being stuck in old habits. A sluggish, boring life masks the desperate battle of the ego to avoid change. Ms. Pollack explains that death is a necessity because death must occur before rebirth can occur. However, if we are drowning in lethargy, the ego prevents this change from happening, and so we stay stuck in fear, boredom or depression.

Evening (Queen of Wands): The Queen of Wands wears a flowering crown and her dress is sunshine. She has a fiery appreciation for life, and she’s warm, passionate, and very solidly in the world. She is honest and sincere too, seeing no purpose in deceit or nastiness. The Queen allows herself to love both life and other people, seeing control or dominance as having no more value than cynicism. A black cat guards her throne. The meaning here is that if a person loves life, the world responds by protecting that person from harm. And, the world will send that person joyous experiences.


Day (XXI The World): What can we say about an understanding, a freedom, and a rapture beyond words? Knowledge is not knowledge at all, but a constant, ecstatic dance of being. On a more mundane level, The World means success, achievement, and satisfaction. To a greater or lesser degree, it also indicates a unification of the person’s inner sense of being with his or her outer activities.

Evening (II The High Priestess [Reversed]): The High Priestess is an archetype. When reversed, she signifies a turn toward passion a deep involvement with life and other people, in all ways—emotionally, sexually, and competitively. However, the danger here is going too far outward and losing the sense of our inner selves.


Day (Four of Swords): Four of Swords relates to stabilization and this card translates to a call for rest or retreat and the image on this card shows withdrawal. People sometimes respond to difficulties by isolating themselves. They literally hide in their houses or simply flatten their emotional reactions. However, withdrawal can also lead to healing—if the purpose is not to hide but to recoup some strength. By withdrawing for a time after some deep hurt, a person gets a chance to recover.

Evening (VI The Lovers): This card often has the title, “The Choice,” and that often means an important choice must be made between two desires. It can refer to a minor choice or to a major crisis in a person’s life. So tonight it may be time to make a decision in your life.


Day (Nine of Pentacles): Nine of Pentacles shows compromises and choices. Here, the woman stands alone in her garden. In order to achieve what she has, she has to give up normal companionship. This card is not necessarily telling you to give up a relationship. However, it does call for self-reliance and a certain loneliness in pursuit of your goals. The woman is also turning away from the sun, which suggests a sacrifice. To make her life what she wants, she also has to give up such things as spontaneity, wandering, and recklessness.

Evening (Nine of Wands): The Nine of Wands shows how to deal with problems and the compromises they demand. It can be a fight, and here, the person on this card is ready for the next fight. However, the bandage around the head indicates a psychic wound. Therefore, the battler is not a whole person. He has closed off awareness of life beyond conflict and now looks only for the next fight, while his eyes see only the enemy even after the enemy has surrendered.


Day (Ace of Wands [Reversed]): A reversed Ace implies a failure of some sort. It can mean that the situation has turned against you, or that you find it impossible to hang on to a force and use it beneficially. Here it can also mean chaos or things falling apart, either because it just happened that way, or because you have ruined it with too much undirected energy.

Evening (Page of Wands [Reversed]): The Page of Wands reversed becomes confused and indecisive. His eagerness to start is disrupted by complexities and outright opposition, leaving him afraid or unable to declare himself. Someone who receives this card needs to get away from complexity or develop the maturity to deal with it. Continued indecision can only lead to the resolve and the self-confidence degenerating further.

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