The Planet of Success

Expansive Jupiter is the lucky planet that oversees life and wisdom.Where it falls in your chart can determine your career path and levelof success, though how you define success is up to you. Formany, it’s the obvious – health, love and wealth. For others, it has todo with how well their children are doing – or a gallery show, apublished book, a small business, or their consistent spiritualpractice.

Wherever it is, Jupiter will determine your truest values. That’s why it’s important to know what sign it’s in – you can get an astrological reading to find out. As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter can influence your intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth. It even affects your sense of humor!

Jupiter possesses the power to reveal your strengths, and tell you where you will find your best avenue toward abundance. It also shapes the roots of your religious, spiritual or philosophical concerns. By tapping into your Jupiter, you can find out how to be fulfilled.

Jupiter in Aries
You love to initiate projects – to blaze trails to new discoveries, or go off adventuring in far-off lands! You’re not into the longer, slower work of building and finishing projects as they wear on. You need to find a way to be responsible for generating ideas, and pass the development and completion pieces to the detail-oriented ones and the “closers.” Your energy, drive and enthusiasm are your strengths – not to mention that loveable open-mindedness that attracts new friends wherever you go!

Jupiter in Taurus
Warm and humorous, you have a knack for business. You like to grab the bull by its horns, which will bring you great success. You’re good at the long, patient development of ideas, and you like steady, hard work, goal-setting and achievements. You may not be a risk-taker, but your generosity and your willingness to share your love with friends and family (including financially) make you an especially grand host and entertainer.

Jupiter in Gemini
No one else is so charmingly magnanimous and abuzz with mental energy. Your restless, active and curious intellect is your greatest asset. Therefore, you’ll naturally find success and fulfillment, as long as you’re interested and intellectually engaged. But beware! It’s great to be well-rounded – just remember to try to focus once you do start that new career path.

Jupiter in Cancer
Naturally intuitive and empathic, Jupiter puts these qualities into overdrive! You thrive on compassionate activity and may find yourself fulfilled (and thrilled!) by being involved in charity, social work or counseling. Actually, any place where you can use your considerable empathy and emotional intelligence will make you happy and bring you abundance.

Jupiter in Leo
This placement means that nothing less than hugely generous, grand gestures (and results) are going to be satisfying for you. You’ve signed up for the main stage, and you’ll never be happy in the wings – but be careful ! No one likes a show off. Your lion-hearted optimism and enthusiasm are your best assets, so use your abilities to spread enthusiasm and inspire others.

Jupiter in Virgo
You’re a rock-steady partner, friend and co-worker – both fun and trustworthy. You may well feel drawn to the “helping” professions (teaching, medicine, and the like), or you may be happy simply offering advice that comforts, challenges and assists people to become who they were meant to be. All you have to do is be sure not to hide (or to denigrate) your gifts – and you’ll do just fine.

Jupiter in Libra
This placement brings the beauty and charm of Venus under the grand auspices of lucky Jupiter. You may not be entirely aware of it, but you’ve got magnetism and charisma galore. People are drawn to you! Your desire to help, to lend balance and smooth the way for others, may leave you feeling unappreciated – but in truth, people are quite taken with you, perhaps so much so that they actually hide it. Own that personal magnetism – put it to good use, and watch the world unfold!

Jupiter in Scorpio
While you do like things to be easy, you’re never content until you’ve peeled back the surface and penetrated right to the heart of the matter at hand. Once you acknowledge and take possession of your indomitable strength, your depth of passion and your penetrating insight, nothing can stand in your way.

Jupiter in Sagittarius
Deep in your heart you’re an adventurer, a seeker and a traveler. Yet you’re not looking for sensation – only the insight that these experiences bring you. While you crave change and action, you’ve got a deep, deep need for philosophical experiences. Follow your heart, and your happiness will be scampering along in your wake. You’ll find it in the most unexpected places!

Jupiter in Capricorn
Ambition and success are paramount to you – as you well know. There is no way, no how, that you can be happy, fulfilled or have much to give until you feel you’re on-target. Go for your dreams wholeheartedly, and everything will unfold for you and for those who love you – and they will truly love you quite deeply.

Jupiter in Aquarius
You’re idealistic to the core! You need freedom and social justice in your life – in a big way. If you organize, develop and build groups of people who reflect your beliefs and interests, you’ll be as successful as you’ve dreamed of – in your own inimitable way.

Jupiter in Pisces
You’ve got the zodiac’s most mystical placement – Jupiter’s expansiveness meets Neptune’s depths of spirituality and emotions, giving you deep empathy, intuition and generosity. Follow your heart, and the whole world will be richer for it. You’ve got inner wealth few people can ever rival – and, deep down, you know it.

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