What Are Source and Spirit?

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Like many others on a spiritual journey, it’s likely you’ve come across the terms Source and Spirit and wondered what they mean. Maybe you already have an established idea of what they represent to you. In fact, Source and Spirit are often used interchangeably, along with soul—which can get confusing, but there are fundamental differences within each and how they relate to each other. 

Source and Spirit are ever-changing. Understanding them can be a life-long endeavor. A great place to start is to consider the idea of Source as the whole of everything, with Spirit and soul as connected to Source. Let’s dive in a little deeper. 

What is the Difference Between Source, Spirit, and Soul?

Source is all. Think of yourself as a beautiful star shining in the sky. Your Spirit is the star, and Source is the sky, with Source being the loving, divine, and all-encompassing presence of everything that is.

Spirit is also called your Higher Self. It is Spirit that connects you to Source. When connection to Source is lost, pain, despair, and suffering are most at their most intense. When your Spirit reconnects to Source, you instantly feel relief, healing, and serenity.

Soul is individual. Your soul is your spiritual life inside a physical body. Your mind and body go through your soul to connect to Spirit to then connect to Source. In Spirit, we are all one. We are one with people, animals, plants, and all of existence. Our souls are connected in Spirit. Your soul and Spirit are part of Source.

What is Source?

Source is, in essence, God. The Higher Power. The Absolute. The Universe. Divine Consciousness. The essence of all life. It is also called the Divine Source. All life force comes from Source. It is love, healing, beauty, joy, wonder, and every good thing there is.

How Can You Connect with Source?

Can you get in touch with Source? Oh yes, you can simply go direct. Whether you meditate, pray, dream, or merely have the thought of wanting to talk to Source, your Spirit connects you directly to Source. The desire in your heart is enough. Simply ask Source. Ask, and it shall be given.

What Is Spirit?

Spirit is the divine energy of our spiritual essence. It is our Higher Self. It unites us with Source. Spirit taps into Higher Wisdom from Source. Our soul is our unseen essence that is physically felt. It is us, invisible but very present. Spirit is different from ego; it is the pure truth of who we are as spiritual beings. 

How Can You Connect With Spirit?

As with Source, meditation is the most powerful way to get in touch with Spirit. Meditation quiets your mind and body so you can hear your Higher Self. Spirit understands your intention and responds in a twinkling each time you tap into it. Simply talk to your Higher Self. It hears you and you will feel it through the peace in your heart as it instantly connects you directly to Source.

Dreams can be another meaningful way to connect with Spirit. Often, the Divine will use dreams to give you guidance, insight, and comfort.

Forming a Relationship With Source and Spirit

To live the life you dream of is to live connected with Spirit and Source. It is incredibly rewarding to tap into your Higher Self and connect with Source to obtain divine wisdom, a sense of joy, peace, serenity, and feeling loved by the Divine Power of Source.

As part of your life path and journey to form a deepening relationship with Source and Spirit, the power of the ego can be quite strong, creating challenges or mental blockages to overcome. This is where meditation and spirituality can come in to balance it.

There is also the power of the collective consciousness, which is the interconnecting web of individual thoughts and minds that unite in their knowledge, beliefs, and experiences. It acts to connect all of us in creating the memory of our species and our shared experience of humanity, much like a bee connected to the hive mind.

The wonderful thing is that the collective consciousness is always growing, maturing, and reaching higher levels of greater love, insight, and knowledge, which can help lead us to the Mystic Realm where we become fully united with Spirit in every moment while enveloped in the Source.

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