Psychic Charlotte: Unexpected Truth

Most first-time callers to California Psychics have an agenda when they call in. There’s a reason they’re making the call – and often that’s all they really want to hear about. On the other hand, sometimes our psychics have more to offer a client than they ever imagined. You just never know when a psychic may give you the kind of news that you least expect. “I suggest that my callers relax, have fun and jot down some notes,” tells Charlotte ext. 9350 a Clairvoyant with 15 years of experience.

“I also warn them to expect to hear the truth!” she explains. “Very often I have something surprising to tell them, but because it just floods in as I’m answering their questions, I save it for the end of the call.”

A year after Lane’s (not her real name) initial call to Charlotte, she began her second call with the words, “If you have any reason to ever doubt yourself, I just want you to know you were right about everything! I don’t know if you remember me but…,” the caller said and went on to read her notes and verify every aspect of her reading with Charlotte.

A year earlier, Lane had told the Clairvoyant that she had worked hard to get her career on track and that now that she was successful and confident in that area of her life, she was ready to find love – true love. She believed that the man was in her life already, but that things were creeping along much too slowly for her tastes. The psychic asked her to think about this man and even hold a picture of him in her hands if that would help her to focus on him.

Charlotte immediately began to see pictures moving in her mind’s eye, as she does with every caller, and began relating the story she was envisioning to Lane in answer to her questions about whether or not Avi (not his real name), her boyfriend of several years, would ever “get off the dime.”

She told Lane that Avi was a cautious man, who moved forward carefully in both life and love. “He thinks things are moving along just fine. I see you admitting, that he is a terrific person, a very loyal person, but you want to hurry things along much faster than is comfortable for Avi. My advice to you is to stay in the moment, because he too wants more out of life with you. Just enjoy the next few months together,” she advised.

Charlotte took Lane through her predictions for the couple for each of the next four months after which, the psychic revealed, Avi would make a more formal commitment. In six months, you will say to yourself, “Wow, this is where I want to be!” Charlotte disclosed.

Before they hung up, Charlotte added, “By the way your sister keeps coming up. There will be an important contact in December, either on the phone or physically. It will be an important time and it’s a good thing.”

Lane didn’t comment, on Charlotte’s closing statement. Charlotte respected her silence and took it as disbelief. They hung up with friendly good-byes. But when Lane called back a year later, her excitement about Charlotte’s reading was more about her sister than Avi, with whom Lane admitted, she was blissfully happy.

“There’s no way you could have known this at the time, but when you told me about my sister, that was a subject, I thought would never come up. There had been no contact between us for over 20 years. Actually, when I hung up the phone I was thinking, Yeah, right, you have no idea… I honestly didn’t believe you. So you can’t imagine my double shock, when my sister called before the holidays to get together to talk.”

It was a remarkable meeting where the sisters reunited. “We’re so close that we talk weekly,” Lane reported with great excitement. “I really think I agreed to the meeting, because you said it was a good thing. You have no idea how remarkable all of this has been. Never doubt yourself,” she repeated to Charlotte.

It’s not usual to get calls like this from clients, Charlotte tells. “Words of acknowledgement are always a gift to me. “But this time they were particularly special to the psychic who had just returned to work after a personal loss. “I was reminded that I do what I love and what I am meant to do – and that these exchanges between caller and psychic are all about timing.”

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