Psychic Ivy

Psychic Ivy

What To Expect

Ivyknows that there is always hope! She likes to hear your astrological sign so that she can connect to your vocal vibrations. She utilizes her precisely honed empathic skills to see past surface level distractions. Ivy helps you determine if there is a communication problem needing resolution or a rejection needing acceptance. She believes that there is a big difference between the two. She only reads on love and relationships because of her absolute devotion to the topic of interpersonal situations! Ivy utilizes her channeling abilities to access timelines and acts as your partner to help you figure things out together! She is a psychic, relationship coach, and certified Women’s Empowerment Coach who has been reading professionally for over 30 years. As a practicing Hindu, she believes in Namaste and bows to the God within you. She believes that you are sacred and perfect in all your intentions. Ivy also believes strongly in hugs! Ivy’s favorite mantra: “Keep doing what you're doing and you’re gonna keep getting what you’re getting.”

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