Layoff got you down?

Being laid-off or fired from your job is traumatic. You’ve done your best to be loyal and hard-working, but you still find yourself out of a job and pretty angry about it. OK, morally you may be in the right, but who are helping? Business can be ruthless and it’s not going to change, so you’d better find positive ways to deal with the realities of today’s economy.

One of the most important measures you can take is to get rid of your “layoff baggage.” The longer you lug it around, indulging your moral indignation, the harder it is going to be to find a new job, because your energy will not be as success oriented as your resume says, and hiring managers will sense this.

How? You must understand that layoff baggage is fear based. Am I good enough? Your fear that it’s your fault you lost your job and that you’ll never find a new job. Fear of the personal economic consequences of job loss. The fear is real, but it is manageable. How do you stop acting on old fears and forge a new career future? Keep asking yourself:

Was the job you just lost something you were born to do? Or is it just a living and feels like drudgery? Ever wonder how you ended up doing what you did? Consider taking this opportunity to make a change, go back to school, and or embark on a new career.
– Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends, family and even professional counselors: talking it out is a simple practical way to purge layoff baggage.
– Are the actions you taking the result of logic or a reaction painful feeling? Remember that what you are feeling is not happening now, it is a memory reaction. STOP. Return to the moment. Focus on “real time,” what you see in front of you tasks, not what is in your head. This is especially important in the workplace and in job interviews.
– Are you repeating behaviors, patterns? Take some time to look back and apply some healthful self-examination regarding work habits, reevaluate and reeducate yourself.
– So once your return to work, you won’t fall back into old work habits. Forge a new working style that will stimulate you and impress your new employer.
– As soon as you recognize a harmful behavior, change it right then and there. Don’t wait.

Stay positive, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how life follows suit. Sometime change takes a little bit of effort. Be patient with yourself. I believe by keeping focused on the talents you offer and not listening to the ghosts of jobs past you will be able to build a new future. Like the old song says, pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag, and smile, smile, smile.

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