Relationship Anxiety Be Gone

Let’s face it — anxiety is rough. It can disrupt your life on countless different levels. It can influence you to make choices you would normally never make. It can encourage you to push people away and seems to exist just to sabotage relationships. Once the anxiety fades, you feel a little better but are ashamed of the way you handled it. Sometimes damage is already done. Now all that’s left to do is wait … wait for either them or you to heal. What if you could learn how to dodge the dreadful effects of anxiety? Here’s an example …

There is such a thing called ‘romance anxiety’ — I define it as that place in your relationship where you’re not quite sure where things are going. You would jump at the chance for a road map, but no one is there to offer you one. Are you wasting your time? Is this the real thing? Can you trust this person? These questions along with many others are all results of romance anxiety. They seep to the forefront of your brain and play themselves over and over again like a bad song you never want to hear again.

Your once fun filled romance has turned into a source of fear and uncertainty. The fear will grow stronger and more doubts will fill your mind unless you pull back the reigns and adjust your position. I truly believe things can be healed if you’re open to learning a spiritual concept — here’s one — perfect acceptance.

Perfect acceptance is a really simple concept. All it takes is open-mindedness and practice. If you’re experiencing any kind of romance anxiety this could cure you and get you back on your way towards romantic bliss … so let’s start.

You have sex. I don’t just mean sex … I mean the deepest love making you’ve ever experienced. Mountains crumble! Wave’s crash! Your world is rocked … and you feel completely in love. You know they love you, right? Even if they haven’t said it yet … so what really happened here? You just had mind blowing sex but now the anxiety starts, right in your tummy. You should be basking in the miracle that just happened to you, but you’re not. Why? What does this mean? Where are we going? They have to love you. How else could they make love to you like that? Fear makes itself right at home in the center of your being. It only goes downhill from here …

Let’s rewind using our new spiritual concept, perfect acceptance. Same situation, same amazing love making. But instead you stay present in this perfect moment. How? You begin by taking deep breaths. Everything begins and ends with breath. You inhale for a count of three and exhale for a count of three. It’s a beautiful exercise called ‘equal breathing’. From here, you will feel completely present in your body, with each breath, you experience each moment. The smells, the sounds, and the incredible way you feel. No anxiety to ruin your parade. If you do feel anxiety trying to pull you away, return to your breath — return to the present. This is a great exercise to practice before you go to sleep. Just five minutes a day. The more you practice the quicker you can become present … and stay present. Embrace this moment with perfect acceptance.

Namaste, everyone.

7 thoughts on “Relationship Anxiety Be Gone

  1. marialaloca77Mariah

    It’s nice to know that there is an understanding to this whole Self Sabotage/Anxiety nightmare. The memories of taking on any battle with hands in the air & being in control is far more fun than being stuck in the complexity of it all, & not knowing how to get out. If your not it’s okay, your well on your way. This article explains it now just do the foot work, stay positive & keep focused!

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  6. k

    Ahhh, life in the moment.
    We must learn to perfect living in the here and now and we will truly have a rich and wonderful life.
    All we have is the moment and what better opporunity but to live it as it was intended. Its ours to do what WE want with it. Every moment, every minute we own to embrace and bring to it all the positive energy we have and then we have a memory that we can cherish and own for the rest of our lives.
    That is what real living is all about.
    It is a true work in progress; life.

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I liked this article… rings true…..I’ve seen many, countless people sabotage a relationship coming from a place of fear and anxiety……better to just ” be present in the moment”.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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