Your LOVECAST™: A Fun-Loving Vibe

September 13-19, 2010

Moon in Sagittarius heightens the fun-loving vibe at the start of the week, but might prompt an overreaction on Wednesday. During the weekend, Moon in friendly Aquarius favors group gatherings and online connections.

But the most compelling influence during the next two weeks is the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces, which can heighten the desire for fantasy, freedom and a spiritual connection with a partner, especially during this weekend. Best days for socializing: Monday, Friday and Sunday.

Aries: Your need for adventure makes you antsy to explore a new locale (or person), which can unhinge or energize romance. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction awakens your intuition and desire to explore the past, which might reveal a past life relationship through a dream, meditation or physical encounter. This weekend, look for romance during a community event or group activity.

Taurus: The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction electrifies your social sector, bringing in new (and unusual) friends who will expand your vision of what your life can be. Your inner activist is being awakened as well. Getting involved in a cause can bring romance and other opportunities. During the weekend, love can be found during a public event or career-related activity.

Gemini: A twosome tryst is likely at the start of the week, but watch impulsiveness on Wednesday. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction energizes your career and can bring an unexpected opportunity to capitalize on your skills. Romance may come through a colleague or work project. This weekend, an exotic locale or cultural activity inspires romance.

Cancer: You’ll get a glimpse into your future because of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, so pay attention to psychic nudges. The desire for knowledge and enlightenment is also being energized. Look for romance during a trip, class or spiritual activity this week. Trying something new, either in or out of the bedroom, will ignite passion this weekend!

Leo: Romance sizzles at the start of the week. If anything, flirting with just one person will be the challenge. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction electrifies intimate encounters, which may take on a new or unusual dimension during the next two weeks. This weekend, shared activities with your sweetie (or someone new!) makes love bloom.

Virgo: Your partnership sector is getting a wake-up call by the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. If you’re paired, it may inspire a whole new way to relate to each other. You may also need more freedom. If you’re solo, your relationship goals are changing/expanding. You’ll be a magnet for people who are eccentric, brilliant or humanitarian-minded.

Libra: Flirting fires up romance at the beginning of the week. Look for love while traveling or online. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction can make you especially brilliant at work, but you’ll feel unusually restless and will long to do your own thing. Romance can be found while volunteering for a cause. This weekend, your creativity and style draw admirers!

Scorpio: The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction electrifies your romance sector, bringing in potential lovers who are unconventional and highly intelligent. The urge to connect with people who awaken your passion and creativity will be strong, perhaps even if you’re already in a relationship. This weekend is an especially energetic, enlightening and/or unsettling time for romance.

Sagittarius: As your Jupiter ruler conjuncts Uranus, the need for personal liberation may propel you toward new experiences that change your direction. This may rattle the people close to you who don’t understand your need for freedom and growth. A change in your home life is likely, too. This weekend, romance can be found online or while traveling.

Capricorn: Your inner genius is being awakened by the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, which can inspire a brilliant idea and improve your verbal self-expression. Sharing your thoughts and feelings will bring romance and other opportunities. A getaway will inspire romance as well. This weekend, an insight about relationships will help you manifest true love.

Aquarius: Your Uranus ruler aligning with Jupiter gives you the urge to expand your personal growth through new social situations, spiritual activities and educational/cultural experiences. Romance may come through a class or from afar. During the next two weeks, however, commitments may feel constraining. This weekend, your charisma makes you the center of attention!

Pisces: The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces will sweep away any limiting beliefs you have about yourself, and what you’re able to manifest in your life. This can improve romance by helping you express who you really are. No more hiding! Personal authenticity is the key to fulfillment. This weekend, a cozy or unusual retreat will inspire romance.

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