Why Women Stay

A fundamental part of being a woman is being hopeful. I really believe this. Women are, at heart, optimists. I have found that they believe they will have good relationships, good marriages, happy families and people who love them. Men don’t seem to hope for as much. They’d like a nice girlfriend and a good job with good financial reward. The future doesn’t seem to hold as much intrigue for them as it does women.

As they are hopeful (and optimistic), women often stay in relationships that are not good for them. Hope is one very prominent reason that they believe that negative situations can change for the better, that unrewarding relationships can grow into more. The belief that a relationship can revert back to what it once was is one that they can cherish. Too, they hold fast to the idea that the flaws that exist can be eliminated, with patience and hard work.

Fear can also be a reason that women do not walk away from the relationship. They fear that they will never find a man with the characteristics they want, ever again. They fear that someone else will not find them desirable. Worst of all, they are afraid of being alone, with no family or children of their own.

Many of the callers I have read for truly think that although the man has strayed and cheated on them (numerous times), that he will eventually “see the light” and settle down to a monogamous relationship. Given some time, the caller is sure that the man will eventually treasure her as she would like to be treasured.

I have spoken with women who are honestly terrified that this one man is their only match on the face of the earth. Even though the population of the world numbers approximately 6,867,400,000 (that’s almost 7 billion human beings), the woman is sure that she would never find another man who has the characteristics she wants and needs, minus the heart-breaking habits. When I tell them that the potential is extremely great for them to meet a man who has all the qualities they desire, MINUS the negative one of cheating, they cannot believe this. It absolutely is inconceivable that that this will occur if they leave the cheater and go out to pursue a more positive relationship.

The majority of women I speak with do not believe in their own beauty and attraction. They feel that the reason their man is cheating on them is because they cannot hold him with their own appeal. In a way, they reason, they have driven him to finding someone else more attractive, as compensation. And if he doesn’t find them beautiful and sufficient in all ways, who will, they reason. Better stick with the one man they know, who sometimes is around, then take a chance on not having even a part of a man’s attention.

I believe that we are all attractive, when we are trying to be the most of the person we were created to be. Since we all do have intrinsic beauty and appeal, it is up to us to find the person who will most appreciate our qualities. I have to state that if the one you are with is incapable of seeing the beauty that is in you, then he cannot appreciate you. But first, we all need to work on our certainty that we are worthy as we are, as God created us, and that we deserve the best.

In all of the callers who contact me through California Psychics, I see beauty. In every individual I see the individuality, the feelings, the ability, the potential. And I know that if I can see that, over the telephone, there is someone else out there in the world who can also appreciate it. Believe in yourself. I do.

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3 thoughts on “Why Women Stay

  1. christine

    I think letting go is the right thing to do. Why waste time teaching someone how to love someone else. Me waiting around giving my all while he cheats does me know good. And when he does learn how he should be treating me, do you think he’s going to stick around. The saying goes. What they won’t do for you, they’ll do for someone else. If he’s out cheating, let the other woman show him how to love and he can leave her and come back to me with the prize. I had patients, and it brought me a world of heartache. Justsaying

  2. VESNA


  3. ivyx5198

    Thank you Tansy:) Thank you for your time. But I slightly disagree. I believe there is Budda is all of us and I believe people want to be good. I think there needs to be a balance between abuse and not getting your on way. Sometimes a person has never seen a healthy relationship. How do you know how to drive a car if you have never seen one? Love is very patient. Allow the other person to learn from your love for them. Be the change you want the world to be. If that were easy everyone would be doing it. Namaste, Ivy oxox


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