Open Your Crown Chakra Through Meditation

(Sadly, this is the last in Phoenix Adoni’s epic series on the chakras…! Here, he covers the seventh chakra.)

In today’s world, the self and ego have become celebrated and embraced and exalted like a movie star. This is the “I” we refer to, as in, “I am angry,” “I am sad,” “I am scared”; it is the self-centered, fearful and smaller self that we have been lead to believe is who we are.

This is where we really need to see our ego in its proper light. So, from now on, whenever you hear yourself use the “I” statement, pause and ask yourself: “Who is this I am referring to?” Begin to ask this question, and seek the answer, over and over and over again. This creates a gap in the stream of the “I” consciousness and slowly develops your awareness, allowing you to see the beauty of who you truly are which has merely been covered up by tarnished armor.


At no time in the history of man-kind has meditation been so accessible. It has become a part of our consciousness, and the fabric of our culture and society. There are books, seminars, retreats, classes, websites, podcasts, blogs, Google and YouTube; everything we seek is now just a mouse-click away. There are many forms of meditation, and it’s of crucial importance that you find the practice that resonates with you most. Below is just one method that I think is the closest in line with the opening of the crown chakra.

Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor, with your spine straight but not rigid, and with your eyes straight ahead. Pick a place on the wall in front of you where you can rest your visual attention. Next, bring your attention to your breath; the inhale and exhale, neither forcing nor striving. Just very delicately watch your breath. Sooner or later, thoughts will arise in the form of planning and strategizing, thinking about the future, past events, conversations or any other form of mental activity that attempts to take us from the breath – our present moment.

When this happens we are usually carried away with these thoughts as if pulled into a rushing stream, and we forget our breath. Gently, and without judgement or condemnation, bring your attention back to the breath, continually doing this moment by moment, day by day, year after year. Through this practice, gaps of awareness of the present moment are created and our inner mental screen subsides in its unconscious production of images and memories.

This leads to the opening of the seventh chakra, the final step in cultivating the enlightenment which resides within us all, finally realizing that enlightenment is a continuous journey of the precious moments that create the cosmic fabric of our lives. I hope you have enjoyed and grown through this series, and I wish each and every one of you a life of peace, love, health and happiness, creating the life you have always dreamed of having – the one you all so richly deserve.


Like the sixth, or third eye chakra, there are no specific foods associated with this chakra, since these two are of the highest spiritual planes. The best food advice for the sixth and seventh chakra is a completely balanced diet built upon all of the foods associated with chakras one through five. This will help open and balance each point, making it easier to reach the higher states of consciousness in the crown chakra and, ultimately, our spiritual awakening.

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2 thoughts on “Open Your Crown Chakra Through Meditation

  1. willstrong

    Yes Chakras are channels by which we can reach our inner or cosmic where you can feel absolutely free dom, heavenly sound and living silence.

  2. Jacqueline

    Once again Phoenix,
    An outstanding article, I would love to add also, through control of thoughts and actions this can also clear away blocks with-in our chakras, having a loving attitude towards, co-workers, neighbors and friends can also keep your vibration high, allowing the chakras to stay open and flowing,

    Thanks so much for your great article,
    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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