New Moon Meditations For Love

Meditate on Love

A New Moon offers us a bright, new beginning. It’s a chance to reset our individual world and work towards creating a fresh one more congruent to our desires. While each of us inhabits a multifaceted world, replete with many relationships, needs, desires and challenges, it is the power of love that gives us the strength to navigate our personal universe sensibly and serenely. Let’s look at some methods of meditation designed to create an environment for love—within yourself as well as without.

A Fresh Start

To truly give yourself a fresh start, you must let go of old, stagnant energy and create space for new, positive energy. Meditate on clearing out the negative, spiritual residue holding you back from clearly focusing on a more expansive and productive future. You have all of the requisite space within you to accommodate the quantity and quality of the love you need to prosper in life. The right person cannot come along if you do not make room for them or are too focused on the wrong one, whom you are harboring memories of in your heart and spirit.

Envisioning Your Soulmate

Take time to meditate on what you want your true soulmate to look like, feel like and be like. This requires knowing yourself well enough to decipher who and what will comprise the happiest and healthiest choice in a mate for you. More than just envisioning the type of person you want, this kind of meditation requires you to make a journey of self-discovery. It is only through learning who you are at the deepest level that you will have the necessary knowledge to choose your optimum mate. Also, you must accept the fact that meditation is a process that takes time and effort to succeed. Finally, use the New Moon’s energy as a chance to reset any previous visual patterns which may be veering you in the direction of less compatible or out-and-out harmful mates.

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Higher Levels of Consciousness

It is through meditation that higher levels of consciousness are achieved and maintained. When you view your world and interact with it from this level of mindfulness, the right choices and paths become amazingly clear. Tap into the New Moon’s energy in your meditation sessions as you visualize the mate who will most perfectly suit you. You can’t go wrong when you are making decisions from this higher state of being!

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3 thoughts on “New Moon Meditations For Love

  1. Susannah L Greene

    I’m truly looking for my soulmate. I can usually visualize what I want and it comes to pass, this has not!! Will I ever find him or am I going to be alone forever?

  2. Phyllis

    please help me change the raod i am on, its been very negative all things go wrong that can, lost my job with no reason, can get another all doors are closed, and i keep trying. help

  3. Melania Nistor

    Thank you very much! for this lesson, (although meditate usually) never hurts an extra lesson.Also, impressed me a lot the title, and of course, I Believe in You !!!!!!!!!


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