Manifest Your Desires with the Power of the Full Moon

Manifest Your Desires with the Power of the Full Moon | California Psychics

The Cycle of the Moon

Our mortal lives are full of cycles. The sky, brimming with orbiting celestial bodies, is the same way, as is Tarot, so carefully designed to mirror and explain many human cycles and archetypes. We celebrate the new year to mark the earth’s full rotation around the sun, birthdays to mark personal passage, graduations, weddings, funerals—all of these are cyclical events that we celebrate.

The moon is also cyclical, waxing and waning roughly every 28 days. Much like the sun and the changing of the seasons, we can use the phases of the moon to focus on different aspects of ourselves. As the moon is waxing, we can focus on what we want to manifest into our lives. As it begins to wane, we shift that focus over to what we need to release. The Full Moon offers an opportunity to explore the apex of these ideas.

The Power of the Full Moon

The Full Moon is arguably the highest energy point in the lunar cycle, the climax before the release and unwinding. This is an excellent time for all types of divination, but especially for Tarot, as both the moon and Tarot cards concern themselves greatly with cyclical events. Each suit in the Tarot is a unique and specific cycle; the Major Arcana, as well, shows a cycle of learning, growing, and returning.

In the days leading up to the Full Moon, it is good to open yourself up to messages from the Universe. Imagine yourself filling up with divine energy and light just as the moon does. On the night of the Full Moon, you will easily be able to mirror that luminous energy and direct it how you choose. This is the time to ask for answers, and once the moon begins to wane it will be time to give back and put those ideas into practice. If you harness the energy of the Full Moon, you will clear blockages in cosmic communication and be able to clearly set intentions and see the path forward.

Tips for Reading Tarot

If you want to charge or cleanse your Tarot cards before a reading, there are a few ways to do it. The simplest trick to use is to split the deck in half and knock each half together three times to dispel any residual energy from a previous reading. If you have the time and resources, however, there are more in depth ways to do this.

Charging your Tarot cards is the practice of increasing their vibrational energy. Cleansing them is the practice of removing energy that’s lingering. If you’re focused on charging your cards, it’s good to set them out on the windowsill every night for a few days or a week before the Full Moon, so that it can absorb cosmic energy alongside the moon herself. (The sun can also be used to charge the cards.) If you want the most powerful reading for the Full Moon, it’s best to charge your cards only at night in the days leading up to the Full Moon, even if you’re using them for other things during the day. If you want to cleanse the cards, you can use the smoke from certain herbs and woods. Palo Santo, sage, cedar, sweetgrass, and lavender all have cleansing properties. You can also use certain incense or plain wood smoke from a match. If you are feeling disconnected from your cards, you can sleep with them under your pillow or carry them with you in a pouch during the day.

A Full Moon Tarot Spread

When you’re ready to read, create a peaceful environment for yourself without too much noise and distraction. For this particular reading, it is best to wait until the moon is visible in the sky, but the entire 24-hour period surrounding the Full Moon is a high energy time to use this spread. Before you begin, it’s a good idea to meditate and set the intention to listen, receive messages, and welcome the lunar energy into your body. You are going to be pulling energy from, and giving energy back to, the moon. Call her by name and thank her for helping you. Read the questions out loud as you shuffle, and make sure to keep each card in its appropriate spot. Trust your instincts and shuffle however you choose, the cards you pull will be the cards you need to see. Watch the video below for the Full Moon Tarot spread:

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