Leo Traits: Courageous and Playful

Leo: Courageous Playful | California Psychics

Turning the Spotlight on Leo

Courageous and playful Leo is the fifth sign of the western zodiac. Leo begins its reign on July 23 and continues to steal the spotlight until August 22 and is depicted as the side view of a lion’s head, mane, and spine. One of the three fire signs, it is ruled by the sun, which sets it apart from its fellow signs. Where all the other signs are ruled by planets, Leo is ruled by a star – which certainly fits its reputation as a lover of the limelight!  Let’s look at how loveable Leo has come by this reputation by delving into what it means to be a Lion.

A Fixed Fire Sign

Leo is a fixed fire sign. Cardinal signs are beginnings and mutable signs are endings and thus are more prone to transitions, but fixed signs are associated with stability, determination, depth, and persistence. Fixed signs are the embodiment of loyalty, devotion, reliability, and patience. The downside of this ultra-groundedness is that once they have found their groove they can be unyielding, stubborn, and impossible to change their minds or their ways.

In some ways, the traits of fixed signs can run counter to the usual personality traits of fire signs, as they tend to be, well, fiery! They are usually spontaneous, quick to feel, and inspiring to those who need a fire lit underneath them. This dichotomy can sometimes leave Leo at war with themselves, even if they never let anyone know it.

The Charismatic Showman and Leader

The sun rules the fifth house and is pivotal in an astrological chart. Houses one through four are focused on staying alive; the fifth house is the first one that is about enjoying life!  This is the house of love and romance, (but not marriage, that’s the seventh house’s job) creativity, games, sports, and how to have fun in general. The fifth house is all about living an outward life that matches who you are on the inside. It’s that moment when the actor takes the stage and basks in the glare and heat of the spotlight, knowing that this is where he is meant to be. In addition, Leo encompasses places like nightclubs, theatres, and sports centers.

Positive Leo Traits

Leos love life! Leos have very magnetic personalities and leading others towards their best selves, as they push themselves to do the same comes easily to this sign. Their magnetic personalities make it fairly easy for them to make friends and make people feel comfortable. They are loving, caring, and generous to those that they let into their lives and because of this they really dislike those who are selfish and emotionally closed off.

The Shadow Side of the Lion

Bright stage lights do have their downside: they can cause shadows. The shadow side to this sign is that they can be arrogant, controlling, and inflexible, especially if they fear that someone is trying to one-up them. They are not averse to blocking people out of their lives if they feel it necessary, and saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t come easily to the majestic Leo. Other problems can arise if their self-confidence becomes too inflated, as their ego can become an obstacle to them truly reaching the heights that they wish to attain.

The Leo Child

As the parent of a Leo child, you will find that they are warm, loving, loyal, and very enthusiastic. They will approach everything with a larger than life attitude that befits the mini King or Queen of the Beasts. Your little one will seek out a lot of attention and recognition for what they have done and created. Even though they may have a tough exterior, the Leo child can actually be quite vulnerable on the inside and because of this, you should use caution when you do need to discipline your child.

One of the downsides to needing the approval of others is that until they really figure out who they are, they may try to gain approval from the wrong people. As they like to have an adoring audience, they may not be discriminating in their circle of friends until they hit their late teens or early twenties. At this point, they seem to realize the importance of quality over quantity.

Help them to find the right outlet for their creative energies. For some, theatre is where they will thrive, for others it might be in drawing, music, or set design. It is not uncommon for these children to have multiple creative and artistic abilities and they may need help in figuring out which one they should focus on. However, being impatient, they may get upset with themselves if their current project isn’t perfect the first time; and you might notice that they jump from hobby to hobby very quickly.

The Leo Man

Although many will say that Scorpios are THE sexual sign, the lusty Leo is no slouch in this department! Gallant, confident, and powerful he has no problem seducing the focus of his attention. He will show off, do his best to make you laugh, and do whatever it takes for you to know that he wants to be your Knight in Shining Armor!

Due to his being a fixed sign, the Leo male may have problems letting go of relationships (both romantic and platonic) that no longer enrich his life. He may hold onto the memories and fragments of how the relationship was in the past, instead of moving forward and finding new people and relationships.

The Leo Woman

The Lioness is truly the embodiment of a person comfortable in her own skin. She radiates a confident regalness even when in jeans and a t-shirt. Although she enjoys the spotlight, more important to her is that those she loves get the attention that they deserve. In many ways she is the light of the sun illuminating the people in her life, and she herself becomes the planet that rules her.

Sometimes she may be considered grumpy or blunt, but it doesn’t usually come from a negative place, it is just her tendency to be honest, even if it is painful for others to hear. You will always know where you stand with the Leo woman.

Famous Leos

President Barack Obama was born under the sign of Leo as was Napoleon Bonaparte, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. There are also many Leos in the entertainment industry: Daniel Radcliffe, Lucille Ball, Andy Warhol, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Jason Momoa, Cecil B. DeMille, Tori Amos, J.K. Rowling, Coco Chanel, Amelia Earhart, Hulk Hogan, and even Claude Debussy were also born under the sign of Leo. Whether in sports, movies, theatre, politics, or other creative professions they rise to the top!

Who are the Leos in your life? And can you see that sun shine through in them?

Leo Traits | California Psychics

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