Your 2012 Money Matters Tips

10 Ways to Be More Successful in 2012

As we head into the ten second countdown on New Year’s Eve, all of us are hoping our own money matters in our lives will strengthen and grow. Here are ten tips that will see you counting up your money successes in 2012!

1. Have a budget plan in 2012—knowing where your money is going every month will help you remain out of money chaos and fear!

2. Always put a minimum amount of money into savings every paycheck first before you do anything. You will feel more secure and successful—even if you start with $10 a week, you will see your money growing and be motivated to save more.

3. Stretch your money further by using coupons easily found on the Internet, shopping ONLY at sales, using two for one coupons for restaurants, and negotiating with merchants for price markdowns. You will be surprised at how fast your savings add up.

4. Invest in yourself—your career and job is where you will make your money for the rest of your life, every minute and hour you are improving your education and training to move up the workplace ladder will add up in more $$$$$ every year of your life.

5. Move from high interest depletion to interest appreciation! Pay down that credit card debt, and only use credit cards that have low interest rates. Use credit cards ONLY for emergencies, pay them off immediately and start to save all that money you used to lose to interest in a savings account.

6. Thrifting will help your money thrive. Consider going to second time around stores for sports and exercise equipment, thrift stores for books, and knock around clothing! You might be surprised at the vintage finds you can incorporate to your wardrobe.

7. Invest in a psychic reading and ask the question, “What is my money future, and how can I make my money grow in 2012?” Your guides always want to help you be successful, and you are sure to receive helpful guidance!

8. Plan, set aside money and reward yourself with a fun trip every year! Look on the Internet for last minute hot deals for the lowest costs trips ever! Can’t afford to fly or drive anywhere? Stay one night in a luxurious local hotel or inn and feel like a king or queen for a night. You’ve earned it, and you deserve it.

9. Consider starting a second business on the side—you’d be amazed at how many Internet businesses making millions were started as a second business to “make a few dollars on the side.”

10. And lastly, surround yourself with positive visions of success, and refuse to move into fear about your money or your work! Read or listen to positive motivational books and programs about success, and you will be happily and richly toasting 2013!

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2 thoughts on “Your 2012 Money Matters Tips

  1. jenifer

    i really wanna do the #10’s advice… i am always a dreamer and just stick to be at it and the result is nothing happens.. now i have to change myself and do reading motivational books and surrounds myself with successful people.. thank u! and godbless! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. jemma

    i like this ,because i wanna business at home or i want to earn money even i’m at home,pls can you help me,and i want to know also my horoscope everyday thank you and more power.


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