The Stars Know What You Were Born to Do

The Stars Know What You Were Born to Do

Let Astrology Guide You!

With all of the economic shifts we’ve been experiencing over the last decade, many people are finding they need to reinvent themselves in order to stay employed and marketable. If you want to learn a new skill, but you don’t know where to begin, start with astrology. The stars know what you were born to do and what you will excel at! Check out your Sun Sign below and open a new door to your new future.

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You expect the best (even from the unexpected) which makes you somewhat of a Super Sun Sign, cape and all. Event planning, personal shopping and commissioned-based sales all give you the challenges you like. Also, acting and interior design are skills you have a flair for.


Imagine matching your love of luxury with your desire for security. A job where you cater to high-end clients is perfect for you. As for what to do, upscale jewelry sales, portfolio management, or real estate—you can do anything as long as it’s lucrative.


You are constantly learning new things and taking on new challenges. Writing, teaching, brokering deals and designing are great fits for your skills. Of course whatever you do, you’ve got to do it your way so the creative juices can flow.


You are very adaptable and certainly the one people go to in a crisis or when in need of advice. Your comforting nature, desire to listen and ability to solve problems make you a great candidate for careers in psychology, nursing, working with children or as an intuitive counselor.


Charming as you are, salesperson, real estate broker, portfolio manager or entrepreneur are all attainable goals. You also possess a flair for the spectacular so event planner or interior design would be ideal new skills to learn.


You excel at things that require detail or speak to your meticulous nature. Self-employment or commission-based work motivates you. Tax consultant, statistician, car sales and crime novelist are all within your skillset. Let’s not forget your love of language. Why not try a career as a translator?


Hosting, acting or just being yourself, you always maintain a Hollywood vibe. You are an artist and beautifier of our world, and you love interacting with people, so add bartender and politician to your list of skills. You can host a television show just as easily as a tea party.


No one is able to concentrate and focus like a Scorpio. Your ability to pinpoint details coupled with your intuitive abilities makes you an ideal attorney or private detective. You need to find answers, solve puzzles and get to the heart of the matter at hand.


Utilizing your love of animals and the great outdoors would probably give you the most joy. A travel and wildlife photographer, a park ranger or even a hostage negotiator are all within your realm of skills. Avoid dull and repetitive work as you are a free spirit.


You are a go-getter, so being self-employed is very likely. Becoming a life coach, crime scene investigator or professional stager are all within your realm of possibilities. Generally, you don’t stop until the job is done to your satisfaction, so results-driven jobs are a challenge you love.


As a humanitarian, running an animal rescue group or working with people down on their luck fulfills your need to help. Don’t get stuck behind a desk taking orders! It could actually rob you of your desire to make a difference in the world. You also have a unique eye for decorating and design.


The metaphysical realm is your hometown, so don’t shy away from developing your intuition or learning Tarot or astrology. If commissioned for an artistic undertaking, you know just what the customer wants—even before they do.

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  1. charles

    Not a bad generalization for a scorpio. I do like to get down to the heart of things. Also I like to analyze what needs to be analyzed !


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