Your Christmas 2011 Astrology Forecast

‘Tis Definitely the Season to Be Jolly

By far the most dominant astrological influence on Christmas 2011 is the planet most associated with Santa—big, benevolent, extravagant, lucky, ho-ho-ho Jupiter.

Because of an astrological effect called “stationing,” which occurs when a planet is switching from retrograde to forward motion, or back, Jupiter will seem to stand still in the sky beginning Friday, December 23 through the 27th, when it begins to move forward for the first time in several months. This standing still amps up a planet’s effect by an order of magnitude and, in Jupiter’s case, it’s the more the merrier.

To add to the celebration, Jupiter is all cozied up in a friendly, cooperative sextile aspect with the Sun-Moon conjunction, which marks the New Moon at 1:06 pm EST and 10:06 am PST on Christmas Eve.

The net effect of the fresh beginning symbolized by the New Moon and Jupiter’s powerful influence will be a swell of positive feelings—a resurgence of hope, peace and goodwill—that have been sorely lacking in recent months. Even restrictive Saturn has a positive relationship with the New Moon and a stabilizing effect on the Jupiter all-out party mood.

Don’t waste a minute of this holiday gift! Entertain big dreams and extravagant plans, and be generous physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, because what you give out at a time like this truly does return to you a thousandfold. What you invest now could provide a welcome return in the coming year.

Capricorn – If you can relax your natural reserve just a tiny bit and indulge your creative, joyful inner kid, it should pay off hugely, both in surprising emotional and spiritual terms, and in the more earthly, material areas which are your normal focus.

Aquarius – Your rational mind may not be your usual mainstay this Christmas. Instead, powerful forces are erupting from your subconscious to pull you into a direct, emotional, and healing experience of what your desire to serve humanity really means.

Pisces – Your emotional and spiritual wounds may be visible to everyone this Christmas, but so will the deeply grounded wisdom which you’ve gained from them. Every positive, hopeful word you write or say will change the future.

Aries – This is the year to indulge your Inner Santa! You may still be blowing peoples’ minds with radical ideas or personal changes, but you are also so full of abundant impulses that, if you follow your ideals, you can bless all the lives you touch.

Taurus – This year you are Santa! This Christmas’ powerful Jupiter influence is in your sign, and that makes you a channel for all that wonderful, generous, abundant energy. And it also pretty much guarantees some mighty tantalizing instant rewards.

Gemini – Skating over the surface probably won’t even interest you this year, because your mind and heart are so full of spiritual insights and creative, original ways to make your ideas into reality. Even cranky household members work to your benefit.

Cancer – Spouses, partners, friends and family will relish every nurturing impulse you lavish on them this year, and return the favor. Every loving Christmas task, from making cookies to decorating to gift giving, blesses the receiver… and the giver.

Leo – Santa will probably be giving you some kind of career boost this Christmas, while other season’s blessings will creep into your life more subtly and quietly. If you act on, talk about or write about what emerges, it will help make it a reality.

Virgo – Like your friend Leo, you are invited to apply your energy and creativity to a concrete expression of your spiritual beliefs. You may not usually see yourself as a person of action, but right now you can make the world a better place.

Libra – Your grace and charm can work real magic on your surroundings, even more powerfully than usual. Beauty can heal, and your creative gifts and empathic abilities could allow necessary change in relationships to unfold with ease and grace.

Scorpio – Your words and creations have world-changing power this season. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, write down or otherwise express what you’re feeling. A love affair could ignite a transforming spiritual fire.

Sagittarius – Your gift for expressing philosophical truths makes you the spokesperson for this Christmas’ outrageously expansive possibilities. What comes out of your mouth or pen may surprise even you, while quiet blessings transform where you live.

In short, eat, drink and be very merry, because on New Year’s Day it’s back to the transformational grindstone with a vengeance!

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10 thoughts on “Your Christmas 2011 Astrology Forecast

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  2. Jovita Rubinos

    Thank you for the nice forecast of Santa Clause for me since i am a LEO. I would like to know if my fiance would really come this month to meet me in person. Thank you and Merry Christmas to all of the Astrologer here.

  3. Mark Taylor UK

    Hi Guys, seasons greetings and the best for 2012, I am also aLeo 26th July! It’s been a tough few years on the emotional and love front, but while I still chase the happines I want i have remebered to look back and realise how far I have come and what I have achieved to date! I wish Samual well, but please be careful!! tread slowly, we in the west are seen as Passports to a new life, not necessarily the end result. I mean this with sincerity and kindness.

  4. Azenith Edulan Talamor

    thank you CALIFORNIA PHYSICS for cheering me up. ,i am a leo woman,everyday i checked my mail fr0m you,because it guids me. . .anyway,i read one of your client c0mment, his name samuel, were same leo and same birthday ,july 30. . .hope he gets reply of his fav0r. . .

  5. Samuel Chaplin

    yes I would love to ask you one question I have been talking to a lady from Ukraine well ever sent last dec:the 18Th I have fallen in love with her I am from the untied states and can you please tell me what you mite think of us as husband and wife I am a leo she is a Gemini I am alot older than she isbut I just loved this woman sheis only 26 for she was bron on June the 15TH of 1985 where I was bron on July the 30TH 1956 she knows my age she is wanting me to come over to her inApril so can you please tell me whatwe mite become? for she is thinks very ahead of her time like I said she is 26 years old but she talks like she is 50 or more very intellingeshe is a very fine lady so please I know this is just for comments but can you please tell mewhat mite happen do you think she is rerally instered in me or justseesme as a friend I have told her I love her but she has not told me she says that she has to meet me frist to see if our chiemst works is she just putting me off or what do you think please I’d love to no if you can tell me I will be more than happy to sign up but I’d love to no what you think she thinks of me please
    thank you very much




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