Unveil Your Past Lives

Past Life Regression and Reality

I have had clients over the years ask about past life regression and if they should have this done. I always tell them that it’s up to them, but there are things I feel you should know first.

Some people can’t be placed under hypnosis, and others can. There are those who believe this is real, and others who don’t. Some say it’s just your imagination, and hard to really prove in reality. There are those who go through past life regression and say it’s so real and full of life and gives them a better understanding of their life now. I do get that for some it’s right, but for others, including me; it doesn’t really work at all. This is my explanation on how to investigate your curiosity. Some may have an affinity toward a country or a small area within the country, like a city or lake or even a river (just examples). You have a small part of you that remembers the dramatics of that life. It has always been the country of Russia and the royal family for me. I wasn’t a part of the royal family, but I have always felt a connection for some reason or another. So I read everything I could about this subject, and finally got that I was a servant in the royal house. Call it weird, but for me, it was an eye opener, and so much fun for me to discover on my own without hypnosis, which never works for me anyway.

I was the one who ran the royal house and had control over the servants. How cool was that? I thought. I never could figure when this was, but it sure felt right to me. I still can feel the cold winters of Russia even today. Now I know why I love the cold and snow so much. My connection was so strong, even smells and some people that I remember a tiny bit about.

As I went through this process, I was making a connection to this life and the way I did the things I did. For one, no bed is ever unmade in my house once the person is out of bed. No dishes are ever left unwashed, and god forbid if they are left just to drain first… not my house! This follows right on down to the yard, vehicles and even my garage. Everything must have an order to it for me to feel complete. Well once I understood this, guess what, Sundays in this house nothing’s cleaned, no beds are made and it’s time for Jonathan to relax. That may not seem like a big deal to most, but for me, it’s a very big deal. This really brought all this together this lifetime, and I wish I got this sooner. It would have made life easier.

So now I tell clients who ask me about past life regression this it’s up to them, but do both and see where it takes you. This is something that can be fun and bring a whole new direction to this life and to understanding a part of yourself better. If you feel this, follow your heart and be amazed at what you find and how it connects to your life now.

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2 thoughts on “Unveil Your Past Lives

  1. Lulu

    Ha, I’m watching the movie ‘Anastasia’ right and I typed into google ‘Royal past lives’ when this popped up. I went to a psychic for a private reading for the first time towards the end of last year. From the moment I sat down, she was firing such personal and true things about me, things nobody else knew. And then when I started asking about past lives, she talked about several, but one in particular, she said she saw Russia and Russian circuses, royalty, “the time of Anastasia” she was saying. I told her that was funny because I have a cousin who is adopted from Russia, and her name is Anastasia. (I actually have four cousins adopted from Russia, two of my mum’s sisters couldn’t have kids)
    It’s food for thought!

  2. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    I was very fortunate to have a past life regression that worked very well for me. In this life, I had never been able to float in water. During a past life regression I experienced having drowned in a past life. After that regression I found that I was able to float quite easily.

    I’ve had other successful regressions as well and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that these issues from our past can, sometimes literally, weigh us down in the present.

    Reed 5105


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