Who is Your Spirit Guide?

I’d like to ask you something I’ve always been curious about. Does everyone have a Spirit Guide, and is your Spirit Guide always someone you knew previously?

Sheryl from Florida

Dear Sheryl,

What a fun question!

Since each person’s experience of the worlds of Angels and Guides is unique, I can only answer your questions from several decades of my own fun and far-out experiences as a psychic and channel. You might want to check out other sources as well.

First, I’ve never encountered a human being who does not have a Guardian Angel or Spirit Guides. As a matter of fact, I’ve never read anyone who has only one Guide! Many times a single Guide serves as a kind of spokesperson, but I’ve always been able to see at least one other Spirit Guide or Animal Guide in the background.

Often I encounter as many as 10 or 15 or even a roomful of Guides, and I’ve been told by them that the number and types of Guides can change radically at different points in a person’s life. Usually the numbers increase during times of accelerated growth or transition, which also happens to be when people normally call a psychic … which probably explains why I often see so many!

The Guides I’ve encountered are frequently family members, or even friends, spouses or lovers who have passed over. But many, perhaps even the majority of Guides I speak with are from past lives, sometimes from many centuries in the past. Often I meet old spiritual teachers, former spouses, best friends and fellow spiritual seekers. And another theme that shows up frequently is family karma or family spiritual talents, which are carried forward through generations and taught at an early age by a family member Guide from several generations in the past.

Another type of very powerful Guide that I have encountered is particularly likely to show up during times of intense spiritual transformation, and then move on when the transformation is complete. These Guides often identify themselves by the name of an ancient god or goddess or archangel, and they tell me they’re there to help the person I’m talking to develop a quality which is associated with them … whether they call themselves Apollo or Green Tara or Kwan Yin or White Buffalo Woman or Archangel Gabriel. Could this type of Guide also have been known to you previously? I can imagine some ways it would be possible.

But even when there seems to have been no actual life or incarnation shared by a person and one of their Guides, I’ve always seen and experienced an emotional or spiritual bond connecting them. Whether it’s through present or past lives, soul family, soul hierarchy or even spiritual lineage, the Guides which populate an individual’s inner worlds have always seemed to me to serve as wise, caring and supportive family in some form.

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  1. T

    Many of the replies here are long winded, in long paragraphs with little punctuation, thus arduous to dig through to find a message or answer.

  2. Ivo Fernandes

    Hi there
    About 5.5yrs back I lost my work, that is about the same time my guides stopped helping me and answering me
    So I have been begging them since then to now, as I am still unemployed, … sad….my loss and no matter what i do, i zero contact from my guides to me, zero job… gosh

  3. Marian

    I have been going through much suffering for the last two years, and I used to feel accompanied before, but no longer do. I feel all the spirits have abandoned me and would like to know why.
    Also some of my pets have been able to communicate with me a few hours before their departing from this life, and others soon after departing. It hurts. Please help.

  4. Adrian

    My name is Adrian and I am whats called an HSP I am a 29 yr old male….I am whats called a Sensitive. Ive always known and still am very VERY aware of all life that exists along side us, I can taste lies when spoken to me (to me a lie tastes like a mouth full of dirty quarters) I regularly see wandering mortal souls, some need help many are confused and not aware of their passing. You can tell me about your horrible life experiences and all youve been through and and if im not careful ill feel EVERY SINGLE emotion of that…..it can be beyond overwhelming, crippling. I have experienced and continue to see what we are told are myths. I am told to let everyone know that they are very REAL to whomever may read this it is not a farce i bate it on my very soul which like yours bears no price it is without price you must know: legends and lore like rumors start with the truth but are watered down along the way of time, seek the truth and youll find it. Lore tells of beings who govern the natural world in league with mankind when he was a noble race in the time before time but mankind became wicked and greedy. These beings fled our world they fled from us to the land of the forever young a realm super imposed upon ours but invisible while others chose to remain here but become invisible to mortals you know them as faeries and fire drakes etc. It is true their music Is unearthly and enchants mortals to sleep, lest you wear iron in any form or fashion on your person…I wasnt wearing it, I was 14 then. Know that if you take the time to feel the pull of the forest and nap in the branches on an old cedar in the middle of the woods, when you wake up and get down to walk away you may feel the need to turn around and witness the most ancient of faces smiling back at you from the tree itself, cedars are old and wise spirits and all spirits of the wood know your heart and your intent and will use that as a base on whether to interact with you for you are mortal and they greatly distrust us…retain your innocence it is most akin to them.
    You will never “die” you shall always be throughout epochs, decades, months, years, days minutes and seconds. Whatever god has wrought has a lifespark, energy thats self aware that is what you are it is why an Aura eminates from your body and from other living things and why your body works on electrical impulses THAT is you. Know that you are not your body you only inhabit it for a time and when it ceases you will go on…..forever , where do you want to be 700 yrs from now? I guarantee youll be alive somewhere in creation.
    Know that NOTHING happens for no reason EVERYTHING happens when its supposed to, be they good or bad.
    There is a God if you will, God experiences earth through ALL of our eyes EVERYONE from the millionaire who used to be homeless to the infant who is being sexually molested (beyond horrible I know) god has always loved you and will never cease from you god is in short inescapable and permeable through everything.
    Pay attention to numbers and signals in your life
    Yes this world sucks alot while at the same time brimming with good, know that good will always defeat evil
    Know that there are beings who remember when mankind was but a notion and are ageless can speak any language, even those long since dead. They know your fears and can alter your reality.
    They are infernal (demons) and are to never be sought. Know they they utmost fear the creator and abhor the shape of a circle because it signifies the creator.
    And lastly know that you are never alone and guides are real. Mines name is Warren he introduced himself to me in a “dream” with us sitting in a big truck with the end of the world going on outside and when I noticed the very handsome young man aged as myself frantically waving a gun around as if aiming at all the badness outside the truck I asked him WHO ARE YOU to which he calmly replied “my name is Warren, and im here to protect you” I woke up with the need to know what the name Warren meant, I rushed to my computer and searched its old high german it means watcher and protector that was five yrs or so ago and everysince then he helps me all the time. Only I can hear him he never leaves me and when he really wants to grab my attention he whistles at me, he is my friend hes saved me from alot of trouble by helping and suggesting as he is not permitted to interfere with my free will but I have learned to listen to him he can be very persistent. Remember what youve read here and find the truth as I have know your never alone….which is easier said than done I know. And also pay attention to this 11:11 ……its of utmost importance.


    Friday July 25, 2014 10:01 A.M TEXAS

    1. Alia

      I recently caught 11:11 three consecutove times… i think my spirit guide is kwan yin… and a red indian lady…

  5. michelle

    Hello, I would like to get into contact with the person who wrote this article. Im going thru radical emotional, mental changes in my relationship and would love a little reassurance and guidance at this point in my life. Im not stuck but i feel very negative responses from my boyfriend who is a capricorn and i cannot get thru to him. whatsoever. im a fire leo born in the year of the fire dragon 7- 27-76. I have allowed my self to be consumed with negativity which i have never been so un able to pull thru this time around. I feel im at my limit and dont know where to go or what to do. i am of course impatient but i have been rejected by him in so many ways so many times. that i feel lost. do you have any advise. for me thanks.

  6. mandy

    I’m just curious about animal spirits. I don’t know if I have one but I would like to learn more about the subject.

  7. Jolene

    All my spirit guides and animal guides have left me, so here i am, the first and apparently only person to have no spirits around her. Trouble is, i don’t know why they all abandoned me. Guess i’m just not worth anything….

  8. Penny

    Hello, this is all quite new to me. I was told yesterday that my spirit guide’s name is Black Feather, what do you think? Thanks Penny

  9. Regina

    Thank you Verbena…for your knowledge, guidance, and wisdom! You always write something informative and enlightening! I will miss you my friend! Blessings to you! And may our futures bring us another moment to speak again!

  10. Lito

    Spirit Guides are wonderful. Many have their very own personal nuances. Many deliver their messages with humor. Others are grave and serious. Others are quiet and pose a question and give space and time for your curiosity to compell you. I am only twenty one but I’ve seen Spirit Guides since I was three.

    The BIGGEST obstacle to communicating with a Spirit Guide is to have EXPECTATIONS. Delete all expectations center yourself and be ready to receive well…almost anything in the Vast Universe help can come as capricious as the Wind.

    Truths are like cabs. Each one takes you only so far. Meaning Spirit Guides have certain truths for you to understand and they’ve come to deliver it.

    For instance, say if you need directions on the road (as we would need directions for Life)…you don’t need to ask a close friend necessarily to succeed in getting proper directions, Just an individual who knows. And sometimes a spirit guide may come to reveal ONE thing. Sometimes they stay longer. As you navigate through Life thus the Universe you’ll find help is indiscriminate and timing will be your only worry.

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  12. Katharine Odendaal

    Hey there, I’ve got a question to ask and I really do hope that you can answer this because its really making me crazy trying to think of an answer. I am fourteen years old and for about a year now I’ve been reading brief snippets of all different kinds of spiritual things, but thats not that important for my question. For about three years now I’ve had this feeling that I’ve been being watched (I’m pretty sure it’s not text-book case paranoia) and a few months ago, I cant remember much, but I was suddenly aware of two presences near me, they are both male, but they wont tell me their names. I am an old soul as my mother was told by a man who knows such things when I was four years old. These two presences tell me that they have been sent to guard my soul and defend it from any harming forces that will possibly try to damage my soul. Are these two my spirit guardians? Its quite hard to sense their presence, their presence is completely different from normal spirits of humans who have died. I see them in my mind as Samurai, I cannot see any details, only a dimly glowing form of a body, one I see as red, the other blue. They are quite caring and if ever I am sad or or angry they ask me if I’m alright, which is very nice. At one occasion I recall a spirit being somewhere near me and they both stood before me and protected me, though if memory serves the spirit was only here briefly. When I am walking outside and there is space they both walk by my side, one on each side, and they will not follow me into a crowded room, they say they don’t like it. Anywho, enough stories, I’d really appreciate an answer and perhaps some information about what they could possibly be.

    Thank you very much, be well.

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  18. Billie jo

    Tracy, i read some of your artical on spirit guides. and i was curious how does a person find out how many guides they have and what type of guide they are? (animal, angel or some one that pasted away)

  19. Lala,

    About 25 years ago, I was posted to work somewhere in Africa, I was yet young, of course, I had a dream with an white young guy, too, very black hair, who was seating down in a kind of a hill and looking so far to the sea . I approached to him putting myself on his side to see if he could speak to me but instead he ignored my presence and looked continuo to the same place.
    Fifteen years after, I was once again removed to another mission abroad working at my Embassy somewhere in Europe. I was in charge of the visa section and so much requested. In the one of those request, a gentleman up to fifth-five , greasy hair, came to see me for the visa while reporting his intention to me to do the business in my country. After all needed given, he left.
    Two months later same came back again for the visa and takes longer than usual to speak to me and reading few tourists brochures etc and once the visa is ready he is gone.
    As the business man, he also usually traveled a lot and so often called to me from each country he founded, for any reason, or at least tried to find one, like an appointment to be fixed etc.
    Four months latter, when mission unexpectedly put on its end, he was aware that and requested to me if I was interested on working with them as the translator to the Commercial Company which already existed/s from more than hundred years. And less than one year latter, I was requested there to work with them as theirs Consultant. For few countries.
    In a such a day, while in the Company, for any reason, he was showing to all of us, his colleagues, a few pictures of himself while yet young, in the navy, when between of them one of them requested my attention. There where one very special when I suddenly screamed, its him!!! He said him! What are you talking about? I did say nothing to him, but the young man with very black hair, I did have dreamed with from the past where there in front of me. GOD had already sent him to my Embassy to give me a hand in the a such foreseen difficult moment which unexpectedly arrived when I was obliged to leave my work.
    Today, we are only the best friends, like brother and sister, and we give our hand to each other, above all, in the good and bad moment. Its what we call the Angel?

    I leave by my own but often, above all tonight I feel like my house is full of people around which makes me feel so comfortable and help me to sleep restful.

    When people belonging to my family is in way to die, I feel days or even month before a presence of someone, sometimes in a very different ways, some come with the kind of a big light fixing it on my left shoulder, even if others are in my side, they don’t see it and some come and stand against the wall in front of me in way I can see them. Others, I can see it entering into my room, approaching to me if in bed and before reaching me it/he change the direction to anywhere, which doesn’t always scared me, until… you may know, bad news.
    I also I can preview things that few years latter it really happen, it doesn’t make me proud of myself and worried about my prevision.

  20. louise

    hello , i have alway had a very deep knowing about , spirtual guids, even from a very small child. my grand mother did and also her brother charlie. i would love too get into a group. too learn so much more.

  21. nikki

    This information about spiritual guides is very enlightening…thank you. The past couple of years have been a downward spiral for me. I have had experiences or encounters that may be due to my present state. I awaken to visitors whom seem to have been watching or speaking over me as I was sleeping. I recently moved into a new house and have experienced loud knocks and so forth. The previous owners said they never witnessed any of the sort. They kinda laughed it off and said maybe a ghost is following you…I thought about it and realized that it could be the case. The “presence” is rarely threatening, just seems to want me to know that they r there. thanks for listening…nikki

  22. oma G

    Throughout my life I feel my guides often. I do have an animal guide I can feel him around me I can feel him when I am sad or alone at times. I can feel the jump on the bed and I feel comfort I talk to him. I also have dreams at times I am alone. I am with a man. Beautiful blue eyes dark hair, very handsome. We talk, go places. Have so much fun. Holds me close. I never know his name. I do dream in color as I recall. I cant help bbut feel he is my soul mate and we are not together in this present life. I have been single for thirteen years. I dont know if i’ll ever remarry. One is if im to scared. But this man has been around for me and always there for me. When he does hold me in my dreams. I wake up the next morning feeling so refreshed and revived. Its hard to truly express this elated feeling. Also i’d like to add. That in times of disspare I call upon Micheal my guardian angel. Sometimes I feel more are present. And as you say a room full. I have many past family whom come to see me and tell me messages. Sometimes i dont like this though because if I tried to go to tell them what I know they’d think i was crazy. Sometimes i see in my dreams what is to take place in the coming weeks and i dont like it. Because I see that they are expiring. I know I cannot change things and I feel guilty because I already knew the cause to come. …..Till almost a year later. I was sitting in the living room praying. I said out loud to my grandpa. I am so angry at you for what you did (dying by his own accord). But I love you!. Cna you show you are ok. He appeared before in a beautiful navy blue suite and blue striped tie. Had beautiful white ora around him. Looke me in the eyes. And reached his arm out as if to say but never spoke a word. I turned to look where he pointed i saw stairs a white ora to them too going up. I took this that he was ok. I felt a great relief in side. I walk ed int to the bed room where me husband was sitting on the bed frozon stiff. He had seen my grandpa too. He saw all of it. Oh i have many more i could tell. It used to scare me. But not anymore.

  23. Roukan okami

    When I was little I always had dreams in which a boy about my age has saved me (many times) yet in every dream he looks the same, up untill a few years ago when he suddanly started showing up in my dreams again only older. and I know this is the same person because he tells me so. I’m just wanderig why do I only have one guide?

  24. Theresa

    Hi i am losing my guide in life am i am hoping that god would help me find my way.i am hope that god help me with a place to live and be happy in life.

  25. Linda

    I don’t feel my guides eather. I talk to them, hoping maybe they could even come into my dreams. But nothing. I’m going through a lot of stuff right now, it would sure be nice if I could get some kind of help.

  26. vicky

    Dear Tracy, I am not sure how to make more money and have the correct type of job training to help me get the type of job is require…i have many influences in my life right now and trying them out… should i not do this?

  27. Lora

    Hello Tracy,When I wanted to know more about my guides I sat down on my bed to meditate for a few minutes.This lets your mind open up to a higher vibration.I ask directly for them to show me what they look like since my visions normally come when im falling asleep or before waking.It looks like a movie screen in my mind.I asked to hear their voices and I have heard amazing beautiful voices sing that I cant begin to desbribe.I asked to see their faces one night and woke up after “seeing” an angelic face looking at me before i woke up.Its hard to put into words. I feel like our guides are waiting for us to communicate with them.Oh,yeah,I also have orbs and lights shooting across my house.I feel very strong feelings of being protected while in my bedroom.I think its because I meditate and pray in that room the most.Almost forgot ,I asked my guide to give me a name and within 24 hours I heard “Maya” in my left ear! As far a colored orbs, my camera usually shows white and blue but my son has captured pink.I wondered if it is due to a spiritual level.Im gonna look that up !

  28. lora

    Hi Polly, I have felt the same way my entire life.Always the outsider.I always made comments about my dreams and “stuff that just popped into my head” At 40 I decided that a new group of friends was in order.Embrace your gift because we are never really alone if you think about it! I feel so much freedom to be myself talking to my new gifted friends.Also ask your guides to bring people into your life who are on the same wave lenght.

  29. sherrie

    Hi, I have Guides around me especially when doing a Tarot Card reading. I ask them to come to me in the white light of God and all those with ill intentions are not allowed. Well I remember calling them and I saw chairs in my room and they were filling up with those I called. Mostly all Indian Guides! I am not Indian but am Italian. I remember my mom saying she thought she was an Indian in a past life. My mom is also into astrology and readings. I have been since my first Tarot deck at 17. I am now early 50’s. I wish I could find out more about my spirit guides but they never introduce themselves or I am having a hard time hearing them other than in readings. Then as I am done I thank Them and give my appreciation for their help. One by one I see them leave until the room is empty chairs! I had a meditation where I was sitting at a long table and an old Indian woman was peeling corn husks and there were male Indians around me at the table. This was yrs ago and I got the meaning then. I wish it would happen more. What can I do or read to help me. Any suggestions! Thank You Sherrie

  30. Bill Ellison(littleeagle)

    Hello,I would like to know how to contact my spirit guides,or If someone can contact them to ask questions for me,there are some that say they can contact them but are just saying that.how do I know they really are.thank you Bill

  31. Polly


    I really enjoy reading all of the different experiences that people are having….
    For so many years I have felt all alone in
    my world of hearing and seeing visions, orbs,
    hearing guides in my dreams….


  32. fbc58

    Hi my question is about losing my guides.
    although I always used to feel like guides were around during most of my life ( although didn’t know who they were0 at the worst time of a crisis I feel like they have abandoned me and I rarely have a desire to ask for advice any more because they are not there for me.
    Anyone else get this feeling before?

  33. Josefine

    Dear Tracy, Did you get an answer to your question? I am interested. I do not have these experiences now, but had similar ones some years ago.

  34. Patricia

    I would love to know who my spirit guides are and how to contact them.
    I would like to know their names and possibly communicate with them.
    I also would like to develop ability to contact them.
    Thank You

  35. kitty

    This is very interesting. I know that I do have spirit guides. They have helped in so many ways. I thank my guides every day for their loving guidance and always being there for me.
    I know they cant interfere, but they will try to push me in the right direction.

  36. Tracy Johnson-Lindstrom

    Hi there, I hope it’s okay to ask a question here. :o) I was wondering if you could please help me with this “thing” I have going on lately. For some reason, I’ve been feeling absolutely surrounded by either spirit guides or spirits lately. I’ve seen apparitions (well, one, and I’m not sure if it was a spirit or apparition since it moved so quickly and was very blurry) and I’ve been seeing numerous orbs. This is happening every evening before bed and sometimes during the day, and they seem to really be trying hard to get my attention…yet won’t manifest themselves or make me aware of who they are. Can you please give me advice as to how to know who they are? Or at least find a way to get some names? This is not only frustrating, but confusing as well. I’m very new to this, but it’s so fascinating! Oh, also, one last thing… Is there a difference in white orbs and dark orbs? I don’t feel any negativity, and it’s actually rather comforting, and I almost feel “protected” having them around! Silly, I know… but it’s not scaring me for some reason. Thank you SO much for your help! I truly appreciate it!! P.S. I also have some other noises/activity around my home that others can see & hear, but most activity is in my bedroom. Thanks!

  37. erika cuzzone

    I would love to know who my spirit guides are and how to contact them to know their names and possibly communicate with them. I have had dreams that come true (one in particular of my sister and I sitting at a little square table and she just tells me that she has 4 years to live and I woke up and tried to shake it off as thats crazy shes fine and put the date of the dream in my head and kept it there and she was diagnosed with cancer 6 months later and died exactly 4 years to the day of the dream–which is a lot eerie to me, I’m interested in finding out where the information came from since it was true. And I have have also had thoughts that have popped up in my head and have happened within seconds of the thought which is a little eerie to me as well. Or someone asked me a question and the answer just showed up in my head that I wouldnt possibly know. just curious as to what was going on and where is this information coming from.

  38. Chel 5153

    Dear Cheryl,
    This is a great question!
    The Truth that I know, from studying under the Spiritualist Tradition, is that most people have four main guides that are with them throughout their lives. These are wise beings who have transcended the human experience, and are on their next level of spiritual growth by being a guide to humankind. This is why they are so very helpful, they fully understand being human and how to move beyond the limitations we all struggle with! 🙂
    There are also many other types of guides, animal guides, angels, and our loved ones who have crossed over come in to help as well.
    Verbena outlined many of the types of guides… we have so much help standing by at all times!!
    Chel 5153


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