Psychic Workout: Prosperity and Psychic Abilities

Linda writes:


My resolution for 2010 is to bring in prosperity and become financially stable. I am also trying to develop my psychic abilities and would appreciate any psychic tips I can incorporate to accomplish this goal.

Dear Linda,

You can incorporate psychic ability in your manifestation of prosperity and abundance by creating a prosperity jar. This exercise emphasizes how we can influence our subconscious through visualization, affirmation and will. You will need a jar or container and a few coins to get started.

First, transform this ordinary container into your Psychic Prosperity Jar. Hold the container with both hands, close your eyes and visualize pulling divine light from above, into your head, down your arms through your fingertips, infusing the container. Feel the energy and warmth that begins to pulsate in your hands. As you continue to do this, fill the container with light and visualize the glow. You are using your psychic skills to charge the container, creating a magnet which will multiply your financial abundance. When you feel that the container has been charged — this could take three minutes, or thirty — open your eyes.

Over the course of this year, you will fill this jar with spare change, coins from the bottom of your purse and, most importantly, that penny you find lying on the ground that in the past you never bothered to stop and pick up.

As you stated, you are looking to “bring in prosperity.” I encourage to you specifically define “prosperity” to know what you are literally seeking. Set a specific financial goal. For example, ‘I will manifest $3,000 to go to Florida this summer.’

Take the coins you gathered and individually drop them into the jar. With each deposit, consciously speak your desire to the universe, “I will manifest $3,000 to go to Florida this summer.” What is your immediate thought? Do you feel empowered? Does the jingling of a few coins make you immediately want to give up, feeling like you have a long way to go? This is your subconscious speaking. Let’s stop here for a moment.

If you consciously want to manifest $3,000, but subconsciously your mind doubts the process, success and prosperity are unlikely. Psychic ability occurs when the subconscious and conscious are in alignment, so it’s crucial to recognize your feelings about money. Often just understanding your undermining thoughts creates the realignment.

Place the Psychic Prosperity Jar on your desk, or in a location that you will pass frequently. Drop a few coins into it regularly. You may even decide to empty all the coins from your pockets or purse at the end of each day. Every time you deposit the coins and hear the ringing of money, feel the coins becoming empowered by your own psychic ability and strong will to achieve your goal. Continue to do this until the jar is full.

After the jar is full, transfer the coins into a special savings account at the bank, or exchange them for dollar bills to keep in a safe. Continue this exercise until your goal is met.

Understanding your personal relationship with money and developing an awareness of your financial balance is when the real magic begins. In time, you will witness your psychic abilities as your goal is attained.



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