4 Types of Spirits That Departed Loved Ones May Become

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What Happens To Departed Loved Ones?

When a loved one dies and passes into the spirit realm, it’s quite common to wonder where they are actually going. And though life and love continue in various forms, people cannot help but speculate about if or when they will see their deceased companions again, as well as if those loved ones will still be interested and invested in the goings-on experienced by their living counterparts.

While Spirit Mediums can produce the most amazing insights into the other side, there is still a lot to learn about what happens after death. Indeed, the forms that people’s departed loved ones take in Spirit as they try to reconnect with those who are still on earth can be as different and varied as those individuals themselves.

Still, when it comes to deceased loved ones who actively communicate with their living cohorts, there seem to be four main categories that these spirits fall into.

Below, is a brief look at those categories, as well as some advice that can help you recognize your deceased loved ones and their messages:

1. They May Become VIP Spirit Guides

Your departed loved one may become a VIP in your spiritual guidance circle. Sometimes, this type of guide is an ancestral spirit, a person who mentored, understood, encouraged, and protected you in life. When they join your circle of guides, they usually take a prominent role. They are with and around you most of the time, and they subtly help you with many of your personal issues. They may connect with you in your dreams or through signs in the waking world, such as the usage of particular scents, visual cues, songs, and even birds and animals. And, of course, they can be reached through Psychic Mediums during readings.

Many ancestral spirits become “gatekeeper” guides that monitor which spirits are allowed to come through during mediumship sessions with you. Though they are sometimes referred to as “angels,” actual angels are a completely different species. Angels always remain angels, while guides are the spirits of those who once lived human lives on earth and may, in some cases, eventually return to earth in another incarnation.

2. They May Become “Topic” Guides

Your loved one may come to you during times of challenge, usually when you’re dealing with a specific type of issue — one that they probably helped you with while they were on earth! These are spirit guides who help you with things such as your love life, career path, health, or money challenges. There are even topic guides who focus on things like giving child-rearing or cooking advice. Most of the time, they only focus on one or two issues each, and as a general rule will show up only when you have a challenge in that specific area.

This type of guide could also be your dear teacher who is continuing to help you learn from the spirit realm. In some situations, they might even be a favorite manager or boss whose mentoring and encouragement helped you find success in your career.

3. They May Show Up As Members of the Animal Kingdom

Although spirits do not literally become animals, they do often take animal forms so that they can share messages of comfort, warning, or encouragement. Some common animal shapes that your departed loved one might take are dragonflies, birds, cats, and dogs, to name a few. Also, if a wild animal shows up in your dreams, that could also be a sign that you have received a visit from a spirit. Their messages are almost always positive and helpful.

4. They Occasionally Manifest As “Ghosts”

It is true that some spirits take a little longer to realize that they’ve transitioned. In these cases, they hang around the earthly plane a little longer than most others. These spirits are what some people call “ghosts,” and they actually inhabit their old houses and neighborhoods, spending time around familiar people and surroundings. They eventually cross over into higher spiritual realms, usually when they’re totally ready to let go of earth and continue along their soul’s journey.

How Do Your Departed Loved Ones Support You?

Maintaining spiritual contact with the people who are most valuable to you, even once they’ve passed on, can help you live a better life. The wisdom, love, and encouragement they bring through dreams, visions, and other spirit messages can be immeasurably helpful. They can even provide specific practical advice on random issues that you’re dealing with here on earth, such as where to move, who to marry, and where to focus your time and energy.

A thoroughly trained professional Psychic Medium can help you receive and interpret these messages clearly and helpfully, especially when you’re first learning to communicate with your departed loved ones.

Psychic Mediums Help You Make the Connection

Most Psychic Mediums develop their own favorite methods of connecting. That said, some commonalities generally include opening with some form of prayer or visualization, doing some deep breathing, focusing their eyes at a specific point in the room, and inviting the “sitter” (you) to take part in the process with them. That said, it’s okay for the sitter to simply relax. You can just maintain an open and expectant mood and let the Medium do the work.

Psychic Mediums let spirits come to them rather than dictating who comes through and how. This results in a reading that is tailored by the other side to be as helpful as possible for the person who is seeking a message.

If you would like to know more about how and why connections from the other side can happen, check out the California Psychic app and choose from the list of Psychic Mediums there. You’ll receive a spirit message that’s tailored for you, and you can learn more about how your departed loved ones make their transition into the other world.

Death is not the end of your strong bonds with your loved ones. A Psychic Medium can connect you to those who have crossed over. During a Psychic Medium Reading, you can share messages, get closure, and so much more. Learn more about how psychic readings work backed by real testimonials. Find a Psychic Medium or learn more about Psychic Medium Readings today.

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31 thoughts on “4 Types of Spirits That Departed Loved Ones May Become

  1. Seren ext. 5445Seren, Ext 5445

    This is a fabulous and informative article! My own beloved has stepped up for me to be one of my guides and he aids in the connection when I am doing a mediumship reading. Spirit is very intelligent and, though they are not omniscient, they do have a broader view than most of us still here in earthly life and so are often able to give us a viewpoint we may not have seen for ourselves

  2. Regina Brickey

    My husband passed of an accidental drowning 3/13/2020. But I think that he was dumbed by the river… they said he’d overdosed and fell into the river and drown. I just want to know if his soul is at rest and for him to know I love and miss him dearly …. I never found his belongings….I don’t know his friends house he went to …. I’d like to have his things back

  3. Kaitlyn Ellis

    I lost both of my parents in 2016 a month apart from each other. Since then i still grieve and mourn them. Tragic and Unexpected, they were my rock i was their baby still now at 26. Their opinion/views of me always mattered to me and I was look to them for guidance and really need it now. Being scared faced with different paths . AND i can’t find them

  4. Barbara

    I lost my husband of 35 years 6 years ago, suddenly. When I dream of him I can never find him it’s like he’s here but I can’t see him.

    1. Tajah

      Barbara I was touched by your story. Your husband is working to be with you in your dreams. He struggles with the loss of your connection with him. There are times when our departed are invisible to us. I do see in the future he will become visible to you. He knows your pain and sometimes this is the core of their shyness. If you would like to try this. Before going to bed take time to meditate on your life with him. Concentrate on his name. Mentally ask him to come to you. You will find that things that he liked for instance you’ll hear his favorite songs or you’ll notice things familiar to the two of you. This is a sign he is reaching across the divide to you with a message. When you dream of him get up immediately and write down what you experienced. I wish you well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  5. Dee

    Thank u for posting this. I now know the difference. This explains y I feel the way I do after the lost of different loved ones….

    1. Marlo

      I lost my mother when I was 17. I am now 22. Times are hard and she’s the only person I’ve ever had. I call on her spirit all the time, but no response (in my opinion). Maybe I just don’t know how to recognize it. I am in incredible pain. Just want a sign if she is watching over me or still there in some type of way.

  6. Debbie

    I lost my husband suddenly 5 yrs ago. It devastated me too my core. I gave up on life and anything I loved doing. I lost my gifts and have finally come full circle and trying tonregain my gifts. I feel his prescence and miss him terribly. I wonder if he is my guardian angel. I would be forever greatful for your time and gift you share with others… All love & light. Have a blessed day….

  7. Janet White

    My mother passed away and left us, she held this family together my sister calls me to tell me she hates me, my younger brother tells ppl my mother stole his money and ruined him financially, my other bto the is like me and lost trying to cope with her estate. We do not know the cause of death and she wasn’t sick that we knew of the death certificate says “pending” they tell us the ctime lab is just backed up. My step father said the doctors over dosed her but she had not been to the doctor in a week my sister believes my step father killed her they were the only 2 there. I am hopeful reading this that thete is some way she csn help resolve this turmoil because we are a family no more.

  8. Patricia Hamm

    I lost my only child july2015 he left behind a wife and 2 girls now 2&3. His oldest was with him but survived. I am just lost without him he was only 27. He had depression and some health issues to deal with. I had dreams of him. Just wondering if he’s truely healed now and safe.

  9. Gerilynn T Buchholz

    My husband was murdered by a marine with PTSD. Left behind 2 young boys. He is our angel and leaves me messages that I’m so thankful for. Mediums have helped me with my healing. I’m greatful for that. Blessings!

  10. patricia kay

    I am communicating currently with a spirit..was an atheist tho. House is undoubtedly haunted. From pics, I would say four entities, however, one is demanding attention
    Has acheived so e wild tasks. Caught on camera.

  11. blake weaver

    i know that what i am about to say and ask will not be possible . however i felt compelled to try any way first off i dont doubt this ability at all . i had a friend , a very dear and close friend. we had many good times as well as surreal . he was 34 when he passed away from a heart attack i was in prison found out from a letter from his sister on 9-11 i was devastated and feel his departure constantly. i am homeless and have very little money as i truly see what it can do to people. i prefer a minimilist lifestyle. could someone if they felt so inclined see or tell me if anything i need to know do e.t.c for i am at odds with life in so many ways and in alot of turmoil. i know a legit and compassionate soul can if they are willing provide a answer thank you

    1. Adrianna

      Blake, your friend who passed away is with you so much of the time. You can communicate with this spirit, and do look for signs that only the two of you would know, because he will provide them. He is definitely one of your guides, but not the only one.Look up and you will hear what he has to say. It will always be life affirming because this person was/is a true friend. Keep going, and feel how supported you truly are. Adrianna

    2. Barry Sears

      Hey Blake, from my experience I do believe most people questioning there direction know themselves better than anybody what they should do. Many times confusion sets because of too many options or distractions. Filtering these options and prioritising them is often required and can be sorted by discussions as others may see a logical order. The most important thing to do is to make steps to act on these choices and give them a go, they may lead into new changes you require and desire.

  12. Dianna

    It’s nice to share the possibilities of connecting. I lost my son July 13 2015. The messages I receive are as strong as he was in life. I am humbled to have him with me in any connection I am blessed with.
    Ty’s Mom

  13. Joanne L Foss

    Thanks for explaining the different types of deceased spirit. That was helpful on some of the thoughts I had wondered about.

  14. Denise

    The Spiritual world is all around us. Notice their influence towards all aspects in your life, especially around the time of year that they “crossed over”. I am continually getting numerous blessings & gifts from the most important people in my life. Their messages resonate with my daily life. Infinite Abundance.

  15. Amy Sadler

    I really really miss my childhood best friend Of 16 years named Valene Marie Connell…December 11, 2016 marks her 2 year passing….i never got the chance to tell her goodbye before she passed away and have been suffering horribly since shes left me….ive been so lost and confused and so alone and really really lonely feeling all alone…i feel like my one and only friend left me…she left too soon and too fast on me…but i did have a dream about her sunday that didnt make any sense to me at all but i didnt care…i got to see my best buddy again…i love you buddy and miss you sooo very very much…please dont forget about me

    1. Tajah

      Amy I read your comment and it touched my heart! Valene is with you she knows of your suffering. Her message is one of ‘I’m with you, I’ve never left and weep no more for me.’ She also mentioned a ‘red bike?’ and camping? and a big dog.
      Dear Amy she’s at peace and filled with love and wants the same for you.

  16. Laseeta Lowery

    Thank you for that information. I needed to read that at this time. I would like to speak with my grandmother

  17. KB

    You can tell them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. Put some sage in your home in every room or basil and have a priest come over and pray in your home and do what is called a house blessing

  18. Lena

    What about when spirits are stuck here as negative energy? Where they can’t or won’t move on? Or choose to prey on others?

    1. Tajah

      They stay because of ‘fear’ and or ‘envy’ for their life. This is why spiritual knowledge is so important. Without spiritual knowledge a spirit may flounder in limbo for years and sometimes centuries seeking and holding on to their old life. Free will applies to spirit as well. They can become predatory of a place, person or experience. Because they are resisting their path they must find a way to tether themselves and this can be by ‘zapping’ living beings people, animals, plant life such as trees, or water. Should you find yourself or someone you know it is very crucial that you cleanse your self and your aura. Try not to be overcome with fear or anger for these emotions are the ones they thrive on. Should you need further help contact a spiritual person or psychic.

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