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Ask Your Spirit Guide

My soon-to-be-19-year-old daughter says she sees spirits and talks to her deceased father sometimes. Is this true? read more
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Who is Your Spirit Guide?

I’d like to ask you something I’ve always been curious about. Does everyone have a Spirit Guide, and is your Spirit Guide always someone you knew previously? Sheryl from Florida Dear Sheryl, ... read more

Goddess Brigid

Looking for a fiery female to pattern your life after? Forget Bridget Jones - channel the goddess she was named after instead. Revered as both a pagan goddess and a Catholic saint, Brigid helped everyone ... read more

Bring Out The Huntress

Diana, Roman goddess of the hunt, fertility and childbirth, bears all the qualities of the prehistoric mother goddess from whom she may have originated -- strong, independent, adventurous, creative, ... read more
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