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ST002427 Calling all of our talented astrologers…we have a question from a reader in South Africa inquiring about hemispheres and if they change an astrological prediction.

Karl writes:

Hi, my name is Karl and I live in South Africa. I’ve been interested in astrology for the past 2 years and learned a lot but I still have more to learn! I have a question: Are astrological predictions for a certain day (or period of time) the same in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres? And are your Sun sign or Rising (ascendant) signs more important/relevant?

What do you think?

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  1. Carla Galvan

    I was born 8/20/48 at 3:23pm in Winchester, IN. I need to decide where to live when I retire (not that far away). What state do you see in my future?

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  3. Philippines

    Hello there,

    I just want to know some info on astrorelocation, as i keep having readings that I am not destined to live from where I was born (Philippines), I keep getting work abroad but there are always negative stuff happening pushing me to go back to the Philippines yet when I’m back, there’s always a feeling of going out of the country again.

    I have not found any career anywhere yet, I was born 5/31/1982, Manila Philippines at 12:05am. Could you help me where to relocate next time where I could settle and live a peaceful and happy life without the negative stuff like what i had before from all those countries I have lived in? Thanks.


    Hello all,
    My case is not so unusual but I have been a receiver and empath of energy since I was a young child.
    My birth time is 12:02 12/25/1963 in Naples, FL.
    As I have grown older I have been able to focus more and more upon dreams becoming reality and of knowing when loved ones of long distant friends have past away.
    I can usually complete statements of those who I know and have a fairly good sense of aura to personality.
    I have seen some very frightening and disturbing images relating to the near future of mankind in my mind only though.

  5. Anita

    Hi Amelia! I was born at 12:17 p.m in Erie, Pennsylvania. Birthdate is February 12, 1955. Yep about to turn a little older. I am ccurrently in school earning a certificate to work in the Health field. I like working with and helping people. I am always trying to infect them with things I have learned and know to be true in order to better their lives. I am wondering if the health field is where I belong. And, oh yeah I was just downsized by the company that I was woking for and am now unemployed. Can you help?
    Much appreciated,

  6. Amelia

    HI again, Anita! One more thing. In re-reading your question as to ‘what is happening to me’, keep in mind that current transits need to be considered as well. You may be having the same career issues in Pennsylvania as you are having in North Carolina. So, it may be time to look closer at your own personal goals.
    As you can see, Astrology is a very complex, yet wonderful, tool you can use to get some insightful life direction. Knowing your birthchart would be a big help in answering your question.
    Sincerely, Amelia

  7. Amelia

    Hi Anita!
    When calculating a relocation chart, the astrologer uses the same date of your birth but the time and place is calculated for the place other than the birthplace. Thus the planets’ positions in the signs are exactly the same as in the natal chart. However, the house cusps will be different. And, even if your ascendant is the same in North Carolina as it was in Pennsylvania, I would venture to say that the degrees of your house cusps are different and that could possibly put a planet in a different house therefore making your reaction to them different. Thus, you feel different in North Carolina than you did in Pennsylvania. Without seeing your charts it would be hard to be exact.
    Keep in mind there are magic places in the world. Places where you’ll feel more at home, successful, romantic, or at peace with yourself and others. Sometimes you encounter such a place by accident. On a summer trip, you may happen by an enchanting small town or thriving city that stirs your blood and brings out the best in you. If you put down roots there, you find your life improving.
    And, then again, there are those places in the world for you that are anything but magical. “Cursed’ may be more the word for them. Restrictions and hard work weigh you down. This is not to say that location is everything. There are many other factors which determine your happiness. But, just as a plant thrives best in the climate, soil or degree of sunshine and water that is best adapted to it, so may you thrive in those areas of the world that are in tune with you.
    I am a Leo with my Leo Sun in my 11th House. The 11th House is the house of Friends and Hopes and Wishes. And, wherever your Sun is is where you Shine! Thus, I have a lot of friends, I love my friends and I am a good friend!
    Years ago, when I wanted to move and did my relocated chart for the new city, I saw that the planet Saturn landed exact on my relocated Ascendant. Because I am a stubborn Leo :-), I went anyway! Needless to say, I could not make a friend to save my soul. I tried. I went out. I joined organizations, etc. All the while, keeping in touch with my friends at home and missing them terribly. After a year in the new city, I realized I wasn’t happy there and packed things up and moved back ‘home’.
    The trick with a relocated chart is to look at all the aspects and also determine if you are accomplishing what you wanted to accomplish by moving.
    Good Luck and keep us posted as to what you decide to do.
    I hope this helped.

  8. Anita

    Thank you for the explanation on relocation rising signs.
    So, I have moved to a different state however I am still in the eastern time zone and was born in the eastern time zone of the US. Is my rising sign therefore still the same?
    Would my entire chart shift or just the ascendant?
    I have noticed since I have moved to North Carolina from my birth state of Pennsylvania that I feel a little off kilter and that personal sucess has been difficult to achieve. Whats happening to me?
    Aquarius-Gemini rising

  9. Kayley

    Karl, yes – astrology is a never-ending study because the planets are always moving! I’d take the advice of Verbena and look into Astro*Cartography or relocation astrology. Depending on the Latitude and Longitude of where you were when you were born in relation to where you live, your rising sign changes. For instance, when I lived in the midwest part of the U.S. I had a different rising sign from the west coast. And when a person moves or relocates (which I’ve done a lot) your ascendant changes.
    HOWEVER, your original birth chart is ALWAYS in effect! And it takes a while to feel the changes in your rising sign upon relocation. From what I’ve learned over the years, and found to be very true – is that your RISING sign (or ascendant) is the mask you wear to convey your sun sign. It’s like a tool. Say, for instance, you had no “face” or no mouth or no nose or no eyes – how would you express yourself? I’ve also discovered that the rising sign can shape-shift when you relocate – meaning that a person’s ACTUAL Appearance changes. Point being – it is easier to recognize a person’s rising sign by how they look. They may be a Cancer, but have Gemini rising, so they may be thinner than your “typical” Cancerian, or have longer limbs, etc.
    As for the hemispheres, I really like Amelia’s explanation of the “inversion” effect. I’d never really thought of it like that before. See, even as an astrologer of 18 years, I’m learning something new!
    I’d like to add, since there was recently an eclipse cycle ~ you may want to check into how THOSE effect you, because I’ve found that hemispheres are effected in drastically different ways in that regard. Referencing the earthquake in Haiti may help with your studies, especially since it happened BETWEEN the Lunar (Dec 31st MDT) and the solar eclipse (Jan 14th MDT).
    Lastly, charts for events – or certain days – are called “Mundane” charts, while charts for individuals are Natal – they require very different types of analysis.
    Good luck with your studies – Astrology is a wonderful tool

  10. TeriLynn X9625

    Good job Amelia…and so true with the Ascendant. I have found with an Ascendnt you have more information regarding the personality and presentation of the client, as the Sun sign will give you potential actions and house the way it is played out. They have books with only the Ascendant and aspects to and from that positon which are extremely enlighting.

  11. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Amelia-Very impressive explanation here. There was a famous astrologer, here in LA, but unfortunately she passed away, but she always said the same thing you said as far as the sun sign and rising sign-thanks, miss krystal

  12. Amelia

    *Correction to above:
    “What is what the world around us sees.”
    ‘What’ should be ‘That’.
    artic should be ‘arctic’! I got so excited about what I was writing I forgot to spell check!
    Thank you.

  13. Amelia

    Thank you, Bridget! That is a lovely
    (and exact!)explanation as to the importance of the Ascending sign. Astrology just makes so much sense when explained in such an educated fashion. I can see the tide turning with more interest into the true workings of Astrology as more people ask good questions and get true answers.
    Wishing you Blue Skies, Green Lights and Lucky Stars! Amelia

  14. Bridget Ext. 5249

    To back up what Amelia said about the importance of the ascendant, 100 years ago if someone asked “What sign are you?” you would respond with your rising sign (or ascendant) not your Sun sign. It was considered the true key to the personality. But at that point in history the Age of “Reason” had taken its toll on the public’s respect for the science of astrology and astrologers needed a way to give out some information to the general public. Because the rising sign is determined from the time of birth – a new sign rises about once every two hours – astrologers decided to give out information about the Sun sign because the Sun sign is easy for anyone to look up. The Sun is always in the same sign at the same time every year. Spiritual astrology uses the Sun sign because the Sun is the soul while the ascendant is the personality. The relationship between both of them is quite important.
    I was born in South Africa and started doing astrology before the age of computers. That extra Southern Hemisphere math was a doozy. Luckily Karl, you no longer have to contend with that.
    All the best in your studies. : )

  15. Amelia

    HI Karl! It is nice to meet you here. As for your questions: My experience is that the daily transits for the Southern Hemisphere would be opposite those of the Northern Hemisphere.
    And, why, you may ask, is there a difference? First of all the question of signs. The first 30 degrees of the Ecliptic from the Vernal Equinox (The first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere) is called Aries, the next one Taurus and so on. This is only true for the Northern Hemisphere where the Sun goes through the Vernal Equinox
    on March 21 every year and ascends above the Equator, and Spring begins in Nature and in the human soul. On the Southern Hemisphere on the same day from their point of view the Sun goes through the Autumnal Equinox and then descends below the Equator and autumn begins, etc.
    In astrology when we look at a chart we analyze[interpret] the placements of the planets in the so-called seasonal signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini are the Spring signs; Cancer, Leo, Virgo are the summer signs and so on. However, these group of signs mean the autumnal and winter signs on the southern hemisphere. Thus, we interpret a chart/horoscope/transit for the southern hemisphere from a southern point of view.And, keep in mind,the dignities of the planets will be the opposite. Using Mars as an example, in the first 30 degrees after the Vernal Equinox (in Aries) Mars is in domicile. In the first 30 degrees after the Autumnal Equinox (in Libra) Mars is in Exile on the northern hemisphere. These positions of Mars on the Southern Hemisphere are exactly the opposite. Where Mars is on the Northern Hemisphere, he is opposite on the Southern and vice versa. The situation is the same in case of the other planets.
    All planet positions are inverted. It follows that the positions of the planets in the signs of fire-earth-air-water are different on the Northern and Southern hemispheres.
    It has been recorded that experiences on the Northern Hemisiphere are opposite those on the Southern Hemisphere. We take into account that what Aries is on the Northern Hemisphere is a Libra on the Southern one, and so on.
    Similarly the housecups will also be different. On the Northern Hemisphere up till the artic circle the cusps of houses 11, 12, 1, 2, 3 are calculated exactly opposite the Southern hemisphere.
    So, to answer your question, transit experiences are ‘inverted’, or opposite those written by one on the Northern Hemisphere for those on the Southern Hemisphere.
    As for your second question: My experience is that the Ascendant or Rising Sign is more important (and tells more about the individual) than the Sun Sign. Again, my experience of over 30 years of doing charts and explaining life circumstance to people is that the SunSign is what shines! What is what the world around us sees. The Ascendant (the ruler of the first house – the REAL you) is who you truly are. And, I encourage all clients who know their ascendant to read the Ascendant as well as the SunSign when reading horoscopes. The Ascendant Sign horoscope will probably be more true to what is happening in your life than the Sun Sign. Try it and let me know what you find out.
    I hope this helps.
    Sincerely, Amelia


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