Psychic Elliot: An Amazing Connection to Spirit

Psychic Elliot Offers You Insight Into the Future

Psychic Elliot ext. 5862 hails from the United Kingdom. He is a spiritual advisor and psychic medium. Please share your name and date of birth to begin the session. While he does not ask questions, he wants to know your topic of choice. He establishes a connection to your main concerns and works with your vocal vibrations. A compassionate and honest reader, Elliot draws intuitive details from the source of spirit. He places trust in the divinity of the universe to give him uplifting and motivational guidance. Since 14 he has been keenly aware of how the energy in a room changes as spirit draws close. Elliot says, “Life brings many challenges on a daily basis. One of the wonderful aspects of my job is knowing that spirit is there to help us with these issues. I find whether it’s a relationship issue or bereavement, or perhaps even finance, if the spirit connection is there, then spirit holds no boundaries.” Reading professionally for over 20 years, he appreciates the love we all send out!

We talked to some of the people who Psychic Elliot ext. 5862 has helped and they had some incredible things to say about him!

“Hi Elliot, I wanted to thank you again for your help and yes, you did accurately describe him. I will keep what you said in mind and I will be talking to you again soon!!” – C.H., Jamaica

“I normally don’t leave testimonials but I had to this time. Elliot is the truth. He said there was a man around my boyfriend named Richard and I told him I have no idea who this man is but after thinking long and hard, I realized my boyfriend’s best friend’s last name is Richards. I’m truly blown away by the things he told me. I’m hoping his predictions come true for me and my boyfriend. I will keep you posted! Thanks, CP and most of all, thanks, Elliot!!” – L.B., Columbs

“Elliot, thank you for being there for me. I loved how quickly you connected to me. This reading had me in tears because I could feel that you were sincere and truly connected to me. The fact that you know names of people close to the situation amazed me. Your skills are a blessing and I am truly thankful for your words of encouragement through my grandmother who you brought forward. I will contact you again soon.” – O.D., London

“Elliot’s spirit guide gave him so many names of streets, places and hotels in my home city it was just incredible. A real gift obviously.” – D.T., West Tuckerton

“Elliot, you’re a gifted man without question. There is no way you could have known what you told me if you did not walk with spirit. I can’t thank you enough for your readings which given me the peace and comfort I had not felt in months and I definitely appreciate your advice on how to handle particular matters which I found useful and needed to hear. Your ‘Magical Monkey.’ Love and light, my friend.” – A.C., Bucharest

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“Elliot just shocked me. During the reading my deceased mom showed up and I know for sure it was her. He described things that only she and I knew. He even spelled in my own language, among many things, the name of the place I am living in. And I mean the specific place, not only the city. He knew the name of my love interest without me telling him and he also knew the name of my ex boyfriend and the fact that he was Greek. AMAZING!!” – A.S., Port of Spain

“Elliot is phenomenal!! He is an excellent channel medium and psychic. He was able to share things no one would have known and when he connects with your spiritual guide, the messages are profound. His readings not only give you insight on what lies ahead, but on your own areas for improvement for you to have a more fulfilling life. He will quickly become one of CP’s top psychics.” – D.T., West Tuckerton

“Elliot is a pleasure to speak with and definitely a true psychic. Elliot mentioned a woman named Mary from my mother’s side of the family. I had no clue who Mary was but I found out that Mary was my great grandmother whom I have never met. Additionally this psychic mentioned the state I live in along with the person of interest I called about without me telling him anything. He also knew that I have a gift too. Love, light, Elliot.” – J.M., Alexandria

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