Your September Chinese Horoscope

Your Chinese Horoscope: Roar

The Barnyard Rooster’s imagery is powerful and clear through the month of September. Humanity is awakening on many levels after a period of deep emotional circumspection, followed by restless action. This is the month to sort through all that you’ve uncovered and discover the deeper, more amazing you. Then it’s time for you to speak your truth. The signs are clear: Speak from your heart and do, as Katy Perry suggests, “Roar!” Be sincere and loving to the people and other things most important to you, and you’ll see major breakthroughs in your life. Here’s your Chinese Horoscope!

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Listen carefully to your inner voice on your personal animal days in September and use these guidelines to best manifest what you learn:



You feel the flow on September 2 with a sense of freedom and creative energy as the Field Rat. You’re feeling romantic on September 14, according to your Chinese Horoscope, as you are the Granary Rat. Use those passions in a way that will secure your future with that special one. On September 26 you are the Rat on the Crossbeam using your intuition to find your way.


September 3 is a great day for healing yourself and others through kind words and sexual rapport as the Lake Buffalo. If you choose your words carefully, you get what you want September 15 as the Ox in the Byre. September 27 is a serious day to plan and consider before taking action as the Ox in the Road.

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Keep your eye on your goals on September 4, as you are the Tiger Who Powerfully Climbs the Mountain. On September 16 as the Tiger Who Leaves the Mountain, intuition carries your past frustrations with inspiration following. Plan future action on the morning of September 28, according to your Chinese Horoscope, as you are the Tiger Crossing the Forest.


On September 5 you enjoy exciting travel and communications as the Rabbit of Woods and Mountains. September 17 is the time to communicate carefully and hold a steady course as the Rabbit in the Burrow. Everything is vivid and energized on September 29 as the Rabbit Leaving the Forest with lots of action.


Your amazing intelligence and loving nature create a breakthrough in relationships on September 6 as you are the Dragon of Patience, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Plan your course on September 18 as the Rain Dragon. Then take action tomorrow. On September 30 you are the Dragon in the Whirlpool when your love and fairness create the perfect flow.


Relax and heal old emotional wounds on the morning of September 7 as the Hibernating Snake. Then in the evening, you’ll be filled with inspiration and love for yourself and others. You are called to action on September 19. Stay positive as the Snake in the Field for success.


Surprises fill this day of the Way Horse on September 8, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Use your instincts and earthy intelligence to take the best action over the next month. Inspiration calls on September 20 as you are the Horse in the Clouds. Just balance those brilliant ideas with responsibilities and you’ll benefit.


Your natural sensitivity to others will guide you on September 9 as the Sheep in a Flock for the best results. On September 21 use your focus and power as the Serious Sheep. Others may be temperamental, but it will pass quickly, as you quietly show the way by doing what’s best.

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Your Chinese Horoscope says that September 10 is an exciting day for you as the Tree Monkey. Be careful with words and align your heart with your passions for the correct action today. An earthy passion guides you as the Mountain Monkey on September 22 as you build your career and transform your relationship.


September 11 has your energy for both month and day. You are the Cock Crowing at Noon with your heart as your powerful voice. On the morning of September 23 focus on your feelings as the Rooster of Solitude. Then, you’ll be ready for action later.


You’re at peace with yourself on September 12 as the Sleeping Dog. Your natural flow is beautiful and empathetic, opening new channels for you. On September 24, it’s a new Guard Dog month and the day of the Mountain Dog. A new world opens to you so “sniff out” those opportunities.

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As the Traveling Pig on September 1 you find new opportunities and sexy encounters, according to your Chinese Horoscope. September 13 is the perfect day to pursue healing efforts (yourself and the planet) as the Pig Traversing a Mountain. On September 25 you are the Monastic Pig finding balance and calm in the midst of confusing circumstances.

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