Your Venus Love Forecast for March 2013

Anything is Possible in Love

Venus is in Pisces for a little more than half the month. Love waves are dreamy for water signs while others may feel slightly out of their element. After the 20th, spring is in the air, and on the 21st Venus joins the Sun in fiery Aries. Love heats up for fire signs. On the 28th Venus joins revolutionary Uranus and anything is possible in love.


While Venus is in Pisces, you’re finding your own meaning for love. When Venus enters your sign on the 21st staying through mid-April, others find you irresistible. Your love life ignites. Just save all that heat for the bedroom, you fire starter. Is your pilot light out? Get it reignited with an inspiring reading from Psychic Mark ext. 5234.


While Venus is in Pisces, a secret crush occupies your mind, and when it enters Aries, you could be spending time with a special someone who you’d like to keep under wraps for a while. Or, you could be deepening an established relationship. You can’t resist true love.


While Venus is in Pisces your ideas, creativity and communication skills are at their best. When Venus moves into Aries, you pull those gifts together to enjoy the social side of life while warming up your love life, whether single or attached.


Venus’ transit of Pisces helps you see the more expansive side of love and travelling with your significant other is likely. When Venus enters Aries on the 21st, it shines on your creativity and your lover appreciates you unique qualities.


Aside from Mercury’s retrograde period, Venus’ transit of Pisces could do your finances a favor, but Venus in fellow fire sign Aries after the 21st bolsters your confidence, and you attract admirers everywhere you go.


While Venus is in Pisces, a love relationship may deepen if you’re attached or love may blossom if single. On March 21, Venus enters Aries, and the focus shifts to a mingling of minds, bodies and maybe even finances.


March begins with Venus in Pisces, and you may feel like sprucing up your home in preparation for spring and possibly some company. On the 21st, Venus enters Aries, passion soars and romantic partnerships deepen.


March begins with Venus in Pisces, your fellow water sign. Relationships deepen and your intuition is on fire—more than usual. On the 21st when Venus enters Aries, you add flair and creativity to all of your endeavors, romantic or otherwise.


While Venus is in Pisces through to the 21st, you may feel confused about love or the lack thereof. Have no fear, Venus moves into fellow fire sign Aries and romance and creativity heat up.


Use the power of Pisces in Venus to listen to your intuition about pretty much everything. When Venus moves into headstrong Aries on March 21, it rattles your sensible side and your emotions may come out in the open. Having trouble trusting your intuition? Check out what’s going on with a reading from Psychic Taylor ext. 5322.


With Venus in Pisces until March 21, it has you dreaming of a getaway for two. When Venus moves into Aries, March 21 through April 15, you could meet someone special in your travels or just travel with someone special.


While Venus is in your sign through the 21st, you attract people to you like a magnet. Later, when Venus moves into Aries, she continues to grace you with her gifts and you attract not only people but money into your life.

“We are attracting and creating a particular dynamic that reflects something we need to learn, grow, and evolve as a person.” – Psychic Giovanna ext. 5214

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  1. Walter

    I have had three readings and so far nothing has come to pass. I am still waiting to see what was said to me on those three readings will come true. I will let you know if anything changes or does not change. I will be calling back to see if anything has changed with me reading.As of right now I feel that I have been mislead from those readings but I will wait to see if anything changes and I will let you know as soon as I can. Thank you.

  2. Michelle Medrano

    could i get newsletters or weekly horscopes with mind and spirit to get mea little more postive by Mailing to my home address?


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