Your Soulmate Horoscope for March 2013

Are We Going to be Lions or Lambs?

Talk about mood swings! Venus starts the month in romantic Pisces before heading to action-oriented Aries on the 21st. What does that mean for your love life? When your moods are too negative and you want to know when things will change, get a detailed astrology forecast from Psychic Josie ext. 5520.

Here’s your soulmate forecast for March 2013.


Relationships are in the background for most of March. Whether it’s because you’re mulling something (or someone) over, or you’re just not in the mood is uncertain. When Venus enters your sign on the 21st however, there’s no stopping your charisma!


Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries! Know what yours are and how to maintain them. This is a quiet period of reflection for you, romantically speaking, and if you don’t adhere to the rules you set for your own happiness, no one else will!

“Set boundaries and see yourself as a foundation. You can’t build a house without a foundation.  Therefore, in order to love others, you must love yourself.” – Psychic Leo ext. 5265


Self-expression is your key to success in all arenas right now. Beautiful, loving Venus is on your side and helping you to flourish. Be yourself. Opportunities abound in the face of authenticity!


Long-distance relationships are highlighted during the first part of this period as are new enterprises—that could mean engagement, marriage, a baby or a commitment of any kind that is out of the ordinary. Take the lead after the 21st!


You are moved by the process of negotiating the terms of your relationship—whether new or old, the connection that arises from honest sharing is profound. You’re more in touch with your feelings than you’ve ever been.


Relationships are going smoothly. Your commitments are shifting to deeper places. Trust and intimacy are highlighted. It’s about time. This is a happy place, Virgo. Be yourself and be connected!


There’s a push-pull thing going on between you and a certain someone. Whether you magnetize each other or repel each other depends on the day. Compromise and cooperation will be required if there’s any hope for a union here.


If relationships aren’t exactly highlighted, romance and excitement are. You’re charismatic—magical even—and people are drawn to you. Socialize (especially after the 21st), even if it’s in a business setting. Pleasure of some kind will result!


While you’re focused on beautification of your abode, you’re also feeling drawn to romantic and platonic partners. It’s a perfect time to host and reminisce. Connections are forged by sharing experiences.


You’re finally feeling stability in matters of the heart. Settle in to who you are now and trust that the universe will respond in kind. Whether it’s a new relationship or the deepening of an existing one, change is in the air.

“Trust that what you are asking for will come to be. Know that the source has heard your questions and trust it will be handled.” – Psychic Mimi ext. 5522


While love is not at the fore (finances are), your relationship with your resources can lead to a deeper romantic connection. You’ll find common ground over shared interests. Be practical, at least until the 21st!


With Venus in your sign for the bulk of the month, you feel as if you can do anything. Seize the energy and mingle. Just don’t burn the candle at both ends. You’ll want to be ready to forge ahead with something more serious come the 21st, should the opportunity arise before then!

14 thoughts on “Your Soulmate Horoscope for March 2013

  1. bella

    This is 4 VIRGO,

    Thank You very much AS you can see I to am a Capricorn & I MYSELF had a real hard time, by me going through WHAT I WENT THROUGH but WITH Ms. Quinn’s HELP I WAS ABLE TO SURVIVE my life ++ ALL THE UTTER REVEALING BS PROCESS, with mine MALE CAPRICORN’S BS going’s ON. I’M telling you now, it’s NOT 4 everyone. FYI here IS a shout OUT 2 ALL, please REST ASSURE this much 411 I CAN SHARE with ALL OF ya’ll, as you know ” it’s ALWAYS better 2 BE KIND & LOVING FULL OF of LOVE/hope 1st !! so YEAH ” IT’S always BETTER 2 OF loved, lived & learned ” than NOT to of done any/NONE of it @ ALL. WHY because THAT’S HOW WE ALL LEARN & GROW from WITH IN !!! Between you & I VIRGO, THE GOOD FOLKS ON THIS WEBSITE, it’s kinda of funny HOW the ” karmic WORLD ” wheels turns/WORKS OUT sometimes ?? ‘ IT IS WHAT IT IS ‘ !! Thank You VIRGO, I TRIED to help her OUT with “”MY own”” TRUE HONESTY, ‘ IT IS WHAT IT IS ‘ !! I hope IT HELPED Sandy OUT, IF SHE choose 2 read IT with an open heart IT MIGHT ???? I DO WISH Sandy many blessings !! 🙂 I wish many blessings 2 you, to yours VIRGO THANK YOU AGAIN I 2 always read your comments VIRGO !! 🙂 🙂 Bella

  2. Alexandra

    Robert Taylor: If your marriage is stable why didnt you, as her husband, accompany her on this venture??? Her ex is 78, she 50, you 59. There must not be much trust
    or good rapportin your marriage when you think a 78 year old man will seduce his 50 yr old ex the way you assume. Maybe they both are really trying to get all those matters taken care of and you will soon find out when you meet with at her daughter’s…These 2 have a history together. Do you have proof that either of them wish to “rekindle” their past relationship? Perhaps you need to shut down your over active imagination until you both meet soon. Im sure you will be able to get to the truth.

  3. virgo

    This is for Bella,
    Well said there Bella for Sandy as i could have not put things better myself as water signs have to understand that Capricorns as well as the other (2) Earth signs of that of a virgo as well as a Taurus are grounded signs in other words (materialistic), and our our Earth Signs would fully know and comprehend about the deepest of intimacy feelings or the deepest of understandings and far better empathy than any other sun sign within our zodiac because as for others it requires a little bit more toleration and in some cases a hell of a lot of toleration, but for sandys sake a water sign like herself of either that of a Cancer or a Pisces like herself or a Scorpion or a Scorpio she would then find the far better empathy and understanding within these other water sign elements also even though that a pisces can dovery well with a Capricorn within some circumstances just depending on the acendants that are within the Capricorn male, but within the Capricorn and the piscean nature between these (2) like yes there can be a very strong foundation and a very strong emotional setting, but the choice lies equally between the (2) of them, but i think that Sandy in one way is still looking for her grass roots, but on the other hand the choice lies within Sandy herself as she must have patience like iron and a soul made that of steel to bear down and wait for her Capricorn counterpart otherwise move on and go forward as this is my advice for a Piscean female/male because as we know that water signs are very immaterialistic upon where all water signs are very and extremely emotional and extremely very (sensitive), well bye for now there bella and i hope that Sandy reads this one as well, well bye for now and the best of British in what ever endeavour that Sandy chooses as the choice is totally up to her and god bless and take care.

  4. bella

    This 1 IS 4 Sandy,

    I’m a Capricorn the luv OF my life IS a male Capricorn, read Up ON the male Capricorns traits (I BET it fits him 2 A tea 2) This maybe/might help. IN MY OWN experience’s A MALE Capricorn IS 1 OF the most challenging Horoscopes Signs 2 HAVE as an partner you must understand this 1st, ITS very VIP 4 them 2 1st build SOLID FOUNDATION 1ST, some days I could ring MINE/his neck LOL, IT does take some time 2 build, however IT WILL LEAD 2 A SOUL MATE of a LIFE, time, IF IT IS meant 2 BE, MOST Caps MEN don’t play around with matters OF the heart MY Cap was JUST testing the water’s OUT 1st, yes IT may seem like they are AT A distance @ 1st IN ALL reality all THEY are doing IS building a stronger foundation with you 1st 2 see IF IT would go the distance. I 2 struggled with IT however after 3 years (due 2 me having cancer (because IN all honesty I didn’t IT was fair 2 him, SO I pushed him away) OMG now IT looks like I AM/will BE heading down the wedding isles soon (I KNOW) I didn’t think that I WAS the marrying kind, Ms Quinn ” SAID HE was my soul mate, 2 hang IN there I MIGHT NEED 2 GET HIS FULL ATTENTION 1ST because YES HE REALLY DID LOVE ME after all I said “OH NO HE doesn’t EITHER Ms Quinn she LOL ” SHE SAID YES HE did HE JUST need SOME TIME HE WOULD come around IN his own time even though I TOLD it was NOT true, she was wrong I WAS forceful 2 HER, NO he didn’t/DOESN’T love me, COME 2 FIND OUT YES I was ALL WRONG, Ms Quinn WAS RIGHT SHE SAID ” AFTER I SET HIS HINY STRAIGHT IT would straighten him OUT, she said ” through MY loyalty he would SEE how much I was willing 2 DO/ GO the distance with him which IS VIP 2 MOST Cap MALES, during this BS REVELING process IT ALSO SHOWS THEM your STRENGTH/devotion, + I showed mine what I was willing 2 ACCEPT/ OR NOT tolerate. They don’t like help less females @ ALL, I bet hes TESTING you BY PUSHING YOUR buttons they are famous 4 IT 2 !!!! I know its ALL BS, NO its NOT very fair. ” IT IS WHAT IT IS ” WITH ME BEING a female Capricorn I reversed IT, & flipped IT, & NO IT didn’t take long, WHY ?? I SENT the message RIGHT back 2 him + IN 10 fold fashion ” IT IS WHAT IT IS ” = their UTTER BS, so I DO hear you. IN MY case Capricorn male’s/MEN are the hardest of all the signs, they are well worth IT in the end most Cap MEN (DO) offer up A SECURE future/grounding EFFECT/ WHICH = dependable/stability/LOYALTY/ AND 200% of SUPPORT. THEY ARE A VERY POWERFUL PARTNER 2 HAVE AS AN SOUL CONNECTION/ MATE with !! OMG THEY ARE AN unbelievable POWERFUL partner 2 have !! Here IS A WARNING !! When IT comes 2 LOVE DON’T EVER BEAT AROUND THE BUSH/ or push JUST say what you mean 2 say IN simple terms with them with matters OF the heart, ITS VIP 2 them in MOST CASES !! IF your looking 4 SECURE male partner 4 A LIFE’S time PARTNERSHIP hes your PERFECT man/MATE, they are HARD 2 GET LIKE FEMALE Caps they don’t talk bout their emotions reason’s why they are married 2 THEIR job/CAREERS 1st, ITS MORE VIP 2 THEM always !! I know why ITS HARD 2 figure them out because they stay so ground. In my case I told Ms Quinn she was all NUTS/wrong bout HIM/IT but she wasn’t WRONG IN my case !! I wish you many blessings !! keep UP YOUR/the faith IF you really love them. 🙂

  5. virgo

    This is for Mila,
    Do not worry too much there Mila because even though that your ex-boyfriend is a Water sign and that you still love him because you are a very solid Earth sign and a very critical and perfectionist (material) person well your ex-boyfriend is not, even though that he is a very sensitive water sign like most other water signs within there element, as do not worry about him too much as when you do think of him he is thinking of you also but do not hang around for him as you are a material Earth sign person and you would find much better empathy and understanding within your very own Earth element personality traits as in a virgo like yourself or the other (2) Earth signs of that of either a Taurus or a Capricorn as these other (2) Earth signs that are within our Earth sign element as the traits of those born under the Earth sign elements well its only the mind that changes but the traits of that particular spirited person do not, but your ex-boyfriend that is a cancer or a cancerian is a very immaterilistic person, even though that this cancer person is very good for you in a sense, but realistically you are much better off within your own Earth element and stick with either a virgo like yourself or a Taurus or a Taurean or a Capricorn as it does not matter for you on what kind of nationality that you might like but your very own earth signs are your much and far better choice, but the real choice is up to you and i wish you all the best of British and i wish you all the very best on your journey as a virgo like myself and may god bless all the best and have a wonderful 2013, bye for now there Mila.

  6. Paul

    There is someone whom I developed a relationship with last year. She was in a very dark place in life and I was there to help her when know one else was. I kept her safe and alive until she was ready to start living again. Love developed between us, but she is terrfied of who she is inside and of being hurt. She is now physically safe for the first time inb a long while but spirtually, she is in a fantacy land and has pushed me out of her life completely. Every fiber of my being tells me we should be together and I’m willing to wait until she is ready. This whole thing has ripped me apart and I try to leave it in the man upstair’s hands. I do not know how to let go when every part of me says It is not what it seems. I have no clue what to do.

  7. mila

    Me and my ex boyfriend broke up for 1yr plus.I stuggle a lot. Its hard for me to move.because we’ve been stay together for almost 3yr like husband and wife.we dont have any contact for that length of time after we broke up.but just recently i saw him ,he was with another woman.i think he got married .thats what i heard.until now i know i love him .cos i never or i cant love any one even some guys courting me.He is Cancer and im Virgo. He is Malaysian and im Filipina.pls help still waiting for him.

  8. sandy

    I have broken up with a cap. male.Still love him but we both seem to push each others buttons……what if anything, should I do? I m a pisces.Miss him!

  9. Cindy

    i born 72 and my husband born 65, we had a problem and separate, i still love him and want him to come back, is there any chance

  10. Michele Morgan

    hi i was born on 9th feb 64 could u tell me my lucky numbers are i would like to win the lotto please give me the wining numbers could u tell me about my health also

  11. Robert Taylor

    I’ve been want to talk to some one about my situation. It happens to be about my current situation with my wife, she is with her ex- husband, and they are in another state supposedly going over dividing there community properties that they’ve collected for over twenty some years. She says that they are just friends and that they have no romantic ties to one another, I feel that that’s not the case. I feel threatened to the fact that one or the other would like to rekindle there past, because her ex has offered her his estate for being there for him in the past. As I’ve said before, I feel threatened thinking that they have been intimate with one another, and they have gotten closer by the days since they have been together. She says that he’s weak in his older years, he’s 78 and she’s 50 years young, and I’m 59 yrs. old. I love her, and she says she loves me as well. We are supposed to meet up at her daughters within a week or so to reunite, but my feeling are out of sorts with everything that has gone on for the last month and a half. What advise can you shed on my particular situation. She is a Cancer, and I’m a Sagittarius, Too she says that they are only the best of friends. Let me know as soon as possible, please! Thanks!


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