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Flordeliza from Paso Robles, CA asks:

I like and enjoy my work. However, I feel that I am in a dead-end job and do not have growth opportunity. Also, I haven’t had a raise for a couple of years now. Although my boss likes me, I feel that he has lost his faith in my capabilities. He just hired somebody to be my manager since I was not able to provide him with a solution to a problem in our department. How can I prove to my boss that I am still a good and capable employee?

Psychic Abrielle’s response:

Flordeliza, what an excellent question that is so helpful to many of our California Psychics clients! For you and for all those people who have not seen a promotion for some time, and see other people moving ahead of them in their company, or perhaps believe that the economy is holding back their success, I am seeing three important psychic visions.

The first is of a four leaf clover, the second is of an appointment book, and the third is of a microphone. And, Flordeliza, these images represent a series of attitudes, planning and actions you will want to take to move your career forward.

That four leaf clover is not just a small clover you find in the grass, my guides are explaining to me very enthusiastically. They are reminding you, Flordeliza, and all our California Psychics clients who feel stuck in their careers, the following:

Remember, when you look for a four leaf clover, you already believe that you are lucky! Job promotions are like looking for a four-leaf clover—you found your present job, you landed your present job, and you can move yourself to a better job! But you must believe in yourself and take action!

That second image of an appointment book, Flordeliza, represents steps and actions you will need to take to move your career and salary upward and onward. The first is to write a plan including your past successes, and what kind of future you want with your company in very specific terms. With this plan you will want to set an appointment with your manager to discuss your plan and ask for your manager’s support.

For all our California Psychics clients who have been waiting for that promotion or raise, my guides are explaining that waiting and not taking action for the future you want with your company may cause you to miss that four-leaf clover promotion or raise. Don’t ever lose that belief that you create your luck by taking action!

Finally, Flordeliza, that vision of a microphone is a reminder that you deserve to be heard by your manager during your meeting. You have already contributed to the success of your company, now you want to contribute more and you are stepping up the “microphone” to ask your manager to help your move forward in your career so you can make an even bigger contribution.

My guides are showing me a final picture of you, Flordeliza, holding a bank book, and you’re smiling. I’m receiving strong words of assurance and encouragement for you about your future. I’m seeing a positive vision of your future in your new promotion—you’ve believed in yourself, you asked for what you wanted, and you’re definitely depositing more in the bank!

Best of luck to you, Flordeliza, and all our California Psychics clients who are ready to move forward in their careers and income. Four-leaf clovers to all of you!

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