Your Weekend Forecast for December 27 – 29, 2013

weekend forecast december 27

Your Weekend Forecast: The Last Dance of the Year

Be sure to make this a weekend to remember. The Capricorn Sun and the Scorpio Moon motivate us to make lists, plans and be productive overall.  2014 is going to be a 7 universal year and on January 31, we enter the Year of the Horse. Many changes will occur and this weekend, we prepare for mindfulness and consideration in order to ensure a happy transition. Here’s your Weekend Forecast!


Letting your hair down and having mid-week time off adds to this weekend’s festive vibrations. Think about all your have accomplished this year, and clear up any concerns you have about taking a well-earned, mini vacation.


Don’t be a stick in the mud! Loosen up a little bit and give your family the space to do as they please. If your stretch your own boundaries, you will actually feel free, according to your Weekend Forecast.


Bringing home the bacon (whether meat or veggie) proves you make an important contribution to the homestead. Although you appear to be scattered, it’s just an illusion meant to help you keep a low profile and keep you from being asked to do more than you already do.


Reflections of your life through the eyes of those you love are showing you more than you might want to know or see at this time. Sadness is one of your many moods and in your retrospective mind’s eye you solve some problems that lighten you spirit and mood.


Did someone say “party”? Shopping for a new outfit for the big bash and figuring out what to bring to the host is your biggest problem this weekend. You are happy the year is almost over and look forward to a sunny future.


If you are not pleased with the way things are being done, then do them yourself. At the very least you will have everything perfect. Truth be told, it will be a relief to your loved one if you take over. Here is one time when pleasing yourself is pleasing to all.


Work has never been so hectic. You have clients wanting you to stay late and last-minute people from out-of-town want your services. Making exceptions and working overtime will not stop the show. You are happy to be fulfilling the needs of others.


Feeling grounded and at peace with your life makes for a wonderful entry into the new year. This weekend, emotions run high and you express yourself in a way others have not heard you do before. You make those you love happy by sharing your thoughts.


This time of year brings out the playful side of your nature in the most exuberant way. Singing in the shower lightens up the energy on the home front where a few issues have been lingering. This weekend, you put those issues to bed and clear the path to happiness.


Your birthday month is still in full swing and the new year has you bubbling with excitement. The past year has had so many vicissitudes, twists and turns that you are happy just to be able to share a meal, have a drink, and watch the ball drop (if you can stay up that long). Resting this weekend is an order.


Finishing up projects, cleaning the house and putting your life in order will take more than this weekend. With determination and forethought, you plow through the next few days, accomplishing more than humanly possible. Two thumps up for the Aquarius.


It was a creative, productive year and it brought out your spirituality and elevated your nature. Climbing to new heights allows you a better view. Warmth and love surround you, producing all the energy you need to close out the year with accomplishments, joy and a sense of pride.

13 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for December 27 – 29, 2013

  1. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    HAPPY NEW YEAR all my blogging friends.
    I love you all and I am so thankful for your dedication to the California Psychic community.
    here’s to health, wealth, love and kindness as we move forward in this incredible life.

  2. Natalie

    Looking forward to 2014 cause I will be starting a rewarding job! But at the same time is there love for me cause I’m not getting any younger!!!

  3. Felicia

    Hey im just prayin dat all is well for me in 2014 cause 2013 was a bad year for money and my relationship I just pray for better all new every thang love peace and happiness.may god bless each and one of you.

  4. marios

    2013 WAS A YEAR FULL OF experiences to remember and take better steps towards our lifepath and our goals .we need stronger affirmations and more action.we don,t have to stick by limits because “limit can be the sky “!so knowlage , planning and focusing on difinitive goal and followed by Action! god help people seeking a better future !love marios

  5. jacque

    God is an answer to our troubled souls. Bad year for me in business , loosing again father of my son to his brothers rules. And also my Beloved Dad passing away. Still I stand strong. Let us all celebrate the power of God and his true love for giving his only Son Jesus. Happy and loving new year with good gifts. Love U all

  6. Tracy

    Hi Maria, it sounds like you are in a lot of pain right now. It might not seem like it at the moment, but you will move beyond this. There is a place inside of you that is infinitely strong and peaceful. I am sure that there is help for you if you need it–if you look up the number for your local crisis line, someone should be able to refer you to available resources.
    I have also been in some pretty dark places, and I know from experience that this too shall pass.
    Sending you lots of love and light.

  7. Beth

    No man is worth dying for. Your life is valuable and important no matter what. You deserve someone better who loves you for you. Close the door on people who do not treat you right. Another door will open if you let it.

  8. Bella

    Happy new year & a very 🙂 bday 2 me 2 !!!!’ Finally 2013 is almost left N the dust !!! Happy up coming new year ms Quinn 2 you 2, hey it Hummm – looks like you 2 were up either late nite or earlier morning ??? Lol lol I know the felling , Love ya ms Quinn plz have a good 1 … 🙂 😉

  9. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    HAPPY NEW YEAR all my blogging friends.
    I love you all and I am so thankful for your dedication to the California Psychic community.
    here’s to health, wealth, love and kindness as we move forward in this incredible life.

  10. Maria

    All I think about is how I was used by the only man I wanted to be loved by, so much that I really don’t feel like living anymore and I don’t have a penny to my name to even get help.


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