5 Lifestyle Changes That Will Make You Rich

Saving Money and Finding Wealth

“Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck.” Also, you will be a penny richer! Before discovering the value of a cent, I used to feel like I could only save money and find wealth if I had a high income and refrained from buying nice clothes and dinners. Now, I enjoy a different lifestyle that allows me to become richer WHILE spending money. Here are some ways that you can spend money in effective and thoughtful ways:

1. BECOME AN EXTREME COUPONER, or at least coupon more often. Though you can hold back on buying clothes and entertainment, buying food is a necessity that can make or break your budget. Avoiding eating at restaurants and fast-food joints by cooking at home. This can save you an ample amount of money each month. Heading to the grocery store with a plan, with knowledge of the weekly sales, and with plenty of coupons will make a drastic difference in your food budget. After watching a few episodes of TLC’s “Extreme Couponing,” I was inspired to give it a chance. Now, I save anywhere from 25%-45% off my bill at each grocery visit. Before going to the supermarket, make sure you…

A. Make a list of necessary items;

B. Look through the grocery store’s sale items for that week, and see if you can adjust your list of necessary items to match the sale items;

C. Go through the Sunday paper to clip coupons for any items you currently need or know you will need before the expiration date. Have a folder to store coupons, and have fun watching your bill decrease with each barcode scan!

2. FIND AND WAIT FOR THE BEST DEALS. For big ticket items such as appliances, vehicles, and shoes, wait for big sales. There are lots of sales on holiday weekends and toward the end of the year. This is because businesses want to clear out that year’s stock and close the books for their taxes. Take advantage of holiday weekends and the month of December. Unless it’s a big-ticket item that you need immediately, you will get a real bargain by being patient and waiting for the price to decrease.

3. GET YOUR MONEY TO MAKE MONEY. Always keep an eye out for savings accounts that offer the highest interest rates and for banks that offer money for opening an account. Don’t be afraid to have multiple accounts too. Diversifying your money is always good for security, and it lessens the temptation to spend it if it’s spread around. I highly recommend ING to put the majority of your savings because they offer the highest interest on savings accounts AND they even offer interest on checking accounts too. This way, if you don’t have enough money for a savings account, at least you can start accruing interest on your checking account.

4. INVEST IN THE RIGHT PLACES AND IN SEVERAL PLACES. It’s never too early to have a retirement fund, especially if your company has a program that will match your contribution. You should also consider some mutual funds, stocks, or coins. Savings accounts will help inch your way toward wealth, but mutual funds and stocks will help you leap there if you choose wisely and have a good financial planner. Ask your friends and family to recommend a trustworthy financial planner that will help you decide the best places to invest your money.

5. STAY ORGANIZED TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR EXPENSES EACH MONTH. Keep a list of your monthly bills and due dates so you can avoid any late charges. If you enroll in “Auto-Pay,” you still need to check your accounts because companies will increase fees without warning, and it is up to you to ask them to refund the new charges. About once a month, I call my Cable Company or Phone Company to refute a charge or argue a price increase. When you call, they usually offer new deals that you may be interested in as well. You should also call your credit card companies regularly about lowering your interest rates.

As I have shown you, to save money and find wealth, you do not have to get a better job or win the lottery; all you have to do is be more wise about where your money goes. In sum, use coupons on small items, look for sales on big items, put your extra money in a high-interest savings account, start a retirement account as soon as possible, choose a few stocks or coins to invest in, and keep track of your spending so you can avoid losing money unnecessarily. Celebrate your increasing wealth in some way too! I like to keep all my receipts with big savings in a folder to keep me inspired. My aunt keeps a jar where she puts all the money she saved so she can add it up at the end of the year. Be proud of whatever you do and always look for new ways to save a dime!

“The economy has affected everyone.” – Lucy ext. 5353

“Know that within your spiritual core you deserve abundance. Stay away from people who say otherwise. Take real action to make your goals happen. If you’re thinking about, but not taking steps in the direction of abundance, you’ll usually end up disappointed.” – William ext. 5131

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7 thoughts on “5 Lifestyle Changes That Will Make You Rich

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  2. monique

    i am only 28 so i dont remember alot of the events that yal are talking about and i did not know that this feeling that i have been having is real. i never even knew this movement had a name. all i know is that i have 5 children and struggling to make ends meet by separating the into different households in order them all to eat or that ss aint paying retirees and disabled people enough for them to survive because my roomate is 60 years old and i have to care for her and that aint even the half… martin luther king said one day we would all be one. that day is here

  3. Margaret Angela Proctor

    I would love to know what is the procedure to get rich, i am very tired and frustrated with living in want, not being able to provide myself and family with a proper meal on a daily basis, so please let me know what to do to get out of this gruesome situation.

  4. PAt

    Just so you don’t think my comment above is merely whining…………..Here is the history.
    I WAS supremely empowered in 1973 after my divorce, running a small free lance Art service, answerable to NO BOSS/CEO, nor a Union member. I was raising 2 kids on my own, no child support or Gov. welfare, and was ALWAYS able to manifest another job, to keep an even income flow. In 1981, the 1% began to take over in a very well organized funded, long term plan, which is now in the END GAME, being that the Big Bucks have come to Washington County Maine, ( 4th poorest county in the USA) and are sinking BIG MONEY into influencing elections here, and reapportionment/obstacles to voting, ( terminating same day voter registration ) They leave NO STONE unturned!
    WE DID HAVE a stock market crash in1987; if you are 36..you were 10 years old then. There was an economic downturn; white collar job layoffs, new YOUNG CEO’s employing profit oriented, new business methods, to h__l with customer service, FLAT realestate market with VERY high interest rates…..no conventional mortgages available, corruption in the FDA. Off shoring of manufacturing, and customer service type jobs…….followed by the repeal of the Glass Stegal law, & NAFTA.
    If you don’t learn from history it is doomed to repeat itself…………….& I am sitting here watching a rerun. I am empowered to speak out!

  5. PAt

    Oh puleeeeze! Coupons are aimed at the gullible American who believes in commercials. They are geared towards what the corporation WANTS to sell, NOT what is necessary for ME!
    A. My SS income is too small to afford the Sunday paper. B. When I was trying to save with coupons, I found that most of them were for items like deodorent, pills ( like tylenol) ,fabric softener, prepared foods high in additives,not basic ingredients, NON life sustaining stuff! I had a good run on Melita coffee for a while…………….Buy 3, get $2.00 off. When hooked on it, the coupons stopped and the price went up by .50c, so that 3 cans was $1.50 more.
    Bank with the best interest rate on savings account? That ended with the 80’s………….At this point in time, I have too little $ to earn interest for even 2 weeks……SS is gone in 1 or 2 weeks after arrival.
    Occupy Wallstreet is ABSOLUTELY NEEDED, the public is being scammed & conned by Bankers & Corporations. Smith BArney eliminated me from a Money Market account in 1988, by requiring a minimum balance of $5,000. Before that I was doubling my money ( small amounts, short term )!
    Articles like this just keep the middle age group 30 – 50 ( the ME gen), still in their prime earning period, OBLIVIOUS, to the need for change..They’re comfy!


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