Looking for a Sign or Symbol to Validate Your Psychic Findings?

Many times in a reading a psychic will say, “You will receive a sign.” This means the sign will show you or prove to you that the answers to your question are valid. I love signs and symbols. Seeing things, hearing things and sometimes even touching something brings reassurance. There are times they come to us in dreams and many times, they come to us in our waking life. Yet I often wonder what the sign/symbol might actually mean other than a validation. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

Reading Symbols and Signs

Once I saw my ex-husband’s last name on a moving van. I wondered what it meant, as I had moved on. What I found out within a week was that he had moved from one state to another. Then our paths crossed for the second time—the same moving van was backing out of a driveway when I saw it as I drove past it on the road. He was going back to his favorite state.

Seeing lovebirds is a good sign, however seeing a dead sparrow is not so good. Hearing music you used to make love to or dance to, what does that mean? Sometimes these things are just a reminder of the past; our own personal markers. Other times they are telling us what is to come. It could be that a person is thinking of us and in a magical way, we are connecting on the airwaves of life and that our frequencies are in tune.

A sign can also save your life. Let’s say you hear a loud noise, like a tire blowing out. You never check your tires randomly but somehow this sound gave you a gut feeling. After putting your groceries in the car, you notice a tire is going flat. You then go to the gas station and put air in the tire. The next day you buy new tires.

Someone randomly popping into your head is a very important sign. There are some people we just don’t want to call, but for those near and dear to us—like someone who is on our speed dial—sending them a text or calling them will more than likely connect you to an important message (something you need to know).

Emotions can also give us signs and lots of information. If you are feeling uneasy about an upcoming trip, even if it is the “trip of a lifetime,” it might be a good idea to cancel it. Maybe you are meant to take that trip with a new love who hasn’t come into your life yet.

Here is a list of how signs can appear to you. How many have you already experienced?

Through other people
Random thoughts
Peripheral vision
Songs you sing to yourself
Printed words
Radio, television,  or movies
Moments within the natural environment
You physical environment
Home systems
Illness and disease
Homonyms and homophones

Here are some traditional sign systems that are very useful:

I Ching

Here are some ways to interpret signs:

Watch the feeling
Become the sign
Make a sign journal
Ask your guide
Free association
Pretend you meet a martian
Research you heritage
Use a dictionary
Use a sign dictionary

Of course, you can always call one of your favorite psychics to help decipher the signs that come on your path. When a psychic tells you there will be a sign, you can count on it.

7 thoughts on “Looking for a Sign or Symbol to Validate Your Psychic Findings?

  1. najlepsze chwilowki

    Thanks on your marvelous posting! I definitely enjoyed reading it,
    you may be a great author.I will be sure to bookmark
    your blog and will eventually come back at some point. I want to encourage you
    to definitely continue your great posts, have a nice day!

  2. -quinn ext.5484

    bless your blogging heart mark from the uk. 🙂

    thanks for all the great comments. call for a reading the signs can mean more than one thing depending on the situation.
    for instance the crow can be a shape-shifter. or the isolation of a person in a high realm of life.
    clouds can be messangers.
    sometimes dreams are warning or actually insight into the reality of life.
    seeing things in three is very powerful and spiritual. the thoughts are traveling between the both of you.
    happy signing ~

  3. SunShadow

    I have been obsessed with the constant daily thoughts of an old girlfriend/fiancee from many years aog……….while visiting a local cemetery recently, I happend to notice that there were three tombstones with her first name and middle initial……..coincidence? Or, was this a sign
    that once had become a “dead” relationship might find her way back into my life…..or,
    a sign to let things go, (as seeing her name so many times on tombstones could mean to
    let the old relationship rest? I’d really like to believe that it could mean a rekindle of new life in a past relationship-learning from our mistakes and reconnecting for a much better, more meaninful life. What do you think?

  4. Robin Bednarczyk

    I have to say, I DO try to interpret “signs” – so much so that my husband thinks I’m crazy. BUT THE CRAZY THING IS, I’m ALWAYS right! Then he’ll just chalk it up as coincidence! I get really annoyed when something is right in front of somebodys face and they just refuse to believe in signs.

  5. Shadow

    I wonder what black crows signify? I’ve also been surrouded by butterflies – real and in outline on windshield fog, clouds….

  6. Kassie

    what if you seen a sign of your ex in a dream that he was with another woman that you knew also she had her best friend with her whom you also seen your ex with.

  7. marc from the uk

    I liked this article alot! I have learned to get clients or people I know to call me, I simply focus on them, and what we need to talk about and they appear, within hours or sometimes minutes! However I do sometimes think about maybe past loves, they don’t, but hey, maybe we are both thinking about each other, just as mobles ( Cell Phones) over there ! connect, thought waves can.

    Great writing Quinn, you have so much knowledge and depth, where do you get the time to do this?


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