Your Weekend Forecast for October 26 – 28, 2012

 Halloween is Just Around the Corner!

Hello Scorpio Sun! We welcome you with open arms, bringing depth to our thinking process along with an emotionally powerful healing energy. Our unconscious is operating on a high frequency with the Aries Moon gracing us all through the weekend. It should be a weekend where going into unknown intellectual areas proves to be enlightening. There is also moon void of course starting Saturday through Sunday early morning.


Ready for new adventures via classes scheduled a few months ago fills Saturday with interesting new ideas. It is a great time to gather new information to add to your mind’s filing cabinet. With a few invitations to Halloween parties spread out from this weekend until Wednesday night, you have plenty of time to work and play.


The falling leaves of autumn are gathering up in your back and front yards. “Perfection” is the word for your efforts as you rake up the pretty-colored leaves, allowing you to experience meditation in motion.


Finding the perfect costume for the parties this weekend and Wednesday night gets you out of the house and into the mall. While you are there you spot a few things that you wanted that finally have gone on sale, making this shopping trip a reward for your efforts.


Deep thinking takes over your weekend, with many decisions to make your plate full. It is a good time to plan things out, yet do not finalize anything until Monday night. It is a party weekend and you are always up for that, as it allows you to free your mind for a few hours so that you can clear out the old and make room for new thoughts.


Your fun side is simmering on the back burner with major evaluations waiting to be made. Having fun this weekend might have to take a backseat, much to your dismay. Buck up, lovely lion and lioness, the verdict you need to pass down can wait until Monday, leaving you time to enjoy the party weekend.


Choosing to stay home both Friday and Saturday night enhances your determination to move forward. You are feeling the need to meditate, taking in all the high frequency vibrations that are out in the cosmos. Sunday you give yourself a break and join some friends for dinner.


Gathering the children for the weekend parties is going to be fun. There is a lot of shopping to do which keeps you in your comfort zone. Creative energy is at your fingertips and you feel like you can do anything you put your mind to. There is a balance of love and kindness in the air. This weekend was made for you.


You are in your element this time of year. This is your weekend for fun, mindful thinking and bending some rules. Mother Nature is your friend, lending herself to powerful experiences that blow your mind. Stay calm and focused, and wait for the right moment to tell that special person you love them.


Having gotten the candy shopping out of the way provides you plenty of space to do as you please. Friends come over to share a fun night on Friday, carving pumpkins and putting up decorations for the big party you are throwing on Saturday night. You make plenty of goody bags for Wednesday night’s stream of kids that will be coming to the door.


Critical thinking takes center stage. There are belief systems you delve into that give more structure to your spiritual foundation. This is a perfect weekend to take on such a task. You enhance your wisdom and motivate others along the way. Working this weekend makes you happy.


With Halloween being one of your favorite holidays of the year, preparing for the event is an absolute pleasure. Your outside decorations bring many neighbors out to take pictures with their children who are fascinated by your artistic scariness. Having all this fun takes you away from the drama at work and you truly enjoy the weekend.


Always willing to give makes you the go-to person for this weekend’s shopping and planning. Feeling a little overwhelmed with emotions causes you to take a pause to meditate and compose yourself. Do not worry. The Aries Moon helps to keep everything in order and moving forward.

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