The Meaning of the 12 Astrology Houses

The Meaning of the 12 Astrology Houses | California Psychics

The Turn of the Astrological Wheel

When an astrologer talks about houses, they are speaking of the 12 individual sections of the zodiac wheel that are home to one of the 12 zodiac signs. The first rule of astrology is that there is an order to the houses; the houses are numbered and run counterclockwise around the zodiac wheel.

The first one is, of course, called the “first house.” It is the host of the first sign, Aries. In addition, each house has a ruling planet that coincides with the sign residing within it. Each planet and each sign have, what I like to call, a personality. In addition, each house represents part of your life, represented below in the keyword section of the chart. If you’re confused, don’t be. Allow me to unfold the mystery of the zodiac and the houses so that by the end of this article, you’ll feel like a pro astrologer.

The 12 Houses

Let’s start with the first house and work our way to the end of the line, the twelfth house:

House Astrological Sign Ruler Keyword
First House Aries Mars I Am, Self, Asserting
Second House Taurus Venus I Have, Money, Possessions
Third House Gemini Mercury I Think, Communication, People close to us
Fourth House Cancer The Moon I Nurture, Home, Feelings, Family
Fifth House Leo The Sun I Create, Creativity, Dating
Sixth House Virgo            Mercury I Serve, Health, Daily Routines
Seventh House Libra Venus I Partner, Partnerships, Marriage (business and personal)
Eighth House Scorpio Pluto I Circulate, Comingled Money, Business, Regeneration
Ninth House Sagittarius Jupiter I Explore, Higher education, Philosophy, Travel
Tenth House Capricorn Saturn I Achieve, Career, Status
Eleventh House Aquarius Uranus I Aspire, Friends, Groups we belong to
Twelfth House Pisces Neptune I Inspire, Dreams, Subconscious, Things Hidden

The Houses Explained

The twelve houses can be split into two easy categories. The first six houses rule all things relating to you, personally, while the last six rule all things concerning how you relate to the world around you.

First House: This house represents the self – your appearance, health, and vitality. Also, this house represents how you see the world, how you project yourself, and how others see you.

Second House: The house of money, possessions, and values. This is the house of earned income through salary and investments and what you are able to attract as far as wealth and abundance.

Third House: This house rules communication–thinking, speaking, listening, and even touch. Also included are getting an education or becoming informed. This house represents siblings, close friends, and even neighbors – people in your environment—as well.

Fourth House: This house represents the place you call home – even if it’s just a feeling of home in the sense of who you’re with or where you’re located. Also, family is covered under this house in relation to parents, land, or family goods, unconscious childhood patterns, foundations, emotional security, as well as the life cycle.

Fifth House: This house represents creativity, self-expression, children and parenting, love, romance, dating, and courtship. It’s sometimes called the “fun house” as it also relates to pubs and bars, fun, gambling, taking risks, and sports.

Sixth House: This house is the house of health, service, daily life, daily habits, and rituals. Your everyday working conditions, employees, and co-workers, as well as small animals and pets. As it relates to our daily living, this house also covers distressing events.

Seventh House: This is the house of partnership, which could include personal or business partners. Marriage and one-on-one relationships all fall under the seventh house, as well as contracts, agreements, and legal issues.

Eighth House: This is the house of transformation. It covers death, sex, taxes, inheritance, other people’s money (such as co-mingled money or borrowed money like mortgages), debt, and alimony. It also covers that which is not easily seen from the outside, especially when it comes to what you share with partners, your private encounters, and personal relationships.

Ninth House: This is the house that represents long-distance travel, higher education, and learning about other cultures by being involved in them. Religion, philosophy, and all things foreign, including views and beliefs fall under the Ninth house. How you relate to your in-laws also falls under this house’s purview.

Tenth House: This is the career house – your profession, ambition, and long-term goals, as well as your reputation and contributions to your community and the world at large. This house also represents the dominant and most influential parent in your life, authority figures, as well as your own public recognition.

Eleventh House: This house represents groups you belong to, your friends, peers, your thoughts about the world, humanity, and the environment. Also included are unexpected circumstances and sudden changes, your hopes, dreams, and wishes.

Twelfth House: This is the house of secrets, skeletons in your closet, and issues hidden in the subconscious. It is also the house of solitude, karma, and hidden enemies. This house covers large animals as well.

Birth Charts

Your birth chart, or natal chart, is created from the time, date, and location of your birth, and reveals the locations of the planets in the sky on the day you were born. What house each planet was on that day can have a profound effect on your personality, hopes, ambitions, and emotions. You can receive your own complimentary birth chart by joining California Psychics’ Karma Rewards program. And if you’d like to learn more about interpreting it, give one of our expert Astrology Psychics a call; they’d love to help you learn what the stars have to say about your future.

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