Can Karma Affect Your Financial Situation?

The word karma originates from the Sanskrit word meaning action or deed. In Indian and Nepalese religions karma is the embodiment of the Law of Cause and Effect which says whatever message we send out into the universe is heard, and that is what the universe sends us back. If you’re experiencing bad money karma, a change in thoughts and attitude towards money can definitely change your financial situation. If you are having money troubles and would like more personalized advice, contact one of our psychics today.

Thoughts on the Airwaves

The universe listens to us. As beings born of a divine source, we are directly connected and definitely heard. Just like prayers are heard, so are our thoughts, intentions, feelings and words. They have real power. If you’re having bad money karma, it’s probably because you are always focused on your lack of resources. It’s time to change your attitude towards money and to heal your money karma.

Instead of staring at your online checking account day after day lamenting over never having enough, take a serious look at your spending. What are you bringing in (a good time to also be grateful for that job you say you can’t stand) and what is going out? Does it leave you enough to feed your family and pay the rent? Are your basic necessities being met? Thank the universe for that. Think about what you can do to make the situation even better. Focus on the positive, not the negative.

“If you are having chaos in your life ask the source for guidance. Just like the famous quote ‘Ask and you shall receive'” – Psychic Mimi ext. 5522

Think of your life as a room. Negativity can easily fill a room; gratefulness takes up almost no space. If your room has space to fill, the universe will send more into your life to fill the empty spaces. If your room is filled with negativity, the universe sees you have no room for anything more in your life and won’t give you more until it sees you have room for it.

Gratitude and Abundance

Gratitude is a huge part of karma. Even if you lose that job because you didn’t appreciate it, be thankful that you have a brain and two hands to get another job. If you did appreciate your job, but still lost it, it’s only because the universe sees that you’re ready to do something else, something better. Be open to all possibilities and it will set you on the right path. Take a positive attitude and remain proactive.

“With every positive thought and intention we invite an angel into our lives who will help us in achieving the goals we set.” – Psychic Seha ext. 9668

Now that you’ve identified your real money situation, and you appreciate all it has given you, and you have shifted your thoughts from negative to positive, you can start to think about ways to improve your money karma. The skies open up and send possibilities your way. You identify ways to improve and attain the abundance you now believe is possible, and the abundance the universe sees you deserve.

Belief in the powers of positive thinking, good thoughts and gratitude can make all things possible. By applying these principles, changing your money karma is definitely possible. Start today.

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13 thoughts on “Can Karma Affect Your Financial Situation?

  1. VJ

    Thank you for writing this article.

    I, too, have had money issues throughout my lifetime. But what’s really amazing is that I’ve always managed to live, and work in prosperous neighborhoods, and work environments. The people around me are thriving, and although I have been a legal secretary for 27 years, I constantly have ups and downs regarding getting and keeping a job. Now, with the economy in a lull, even working as a temp has slowed for me.

    Over the past 20 years, I have become involved in various spiritual disciplines (including meditation, and keeping a gratitude journal because there is abundance around me) in an attempt to resolve, and determine whether or not I’m on the right path. Well, I discovered recently that my Life Path is #11 (teacher, motivator, leader, etc.)

    It’s interesting that I have made a complete circle, only to discover that I should have become a teacher (middle grade children).

    Lastly, I have Uranus in Leo in my 2nd house of Money, and Chiron in Aquarius in the 8th.


  2. carey brintle

    I need enough money to settle debts and bring me and my household back to date with Bills ,Jobs, income,and food/household/daily exspenses,/Xtra spending money, savings/ materal things we bought,and/or Paid for/Fun and shopping money/oh angel comeinto my house and bless me with lots of money tonight , show me signs and bless me positive thoughts,thruout the day and night I believe that luck has finnally found me. I am letting the angle heal the Karma out of me money, money,money,come to me like a song that keeps me singing to you sing a song ,happy,loud,strong, peace out see ya soon with more money in my pocket and happydays to get me thru!!!!!!Lol karey


    This is by far the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. What you desribed that has happened to you has also happened to me to a T! The financial and physical problems, the people around you, everything you said is word for word my life right now. Do you have any idea of how that is humany possible?
    Hope to hear from you
    Mary Anne

  4. Richard

    With respect to Tantrika’s comments, LJ is correct but the term “Karma” is a bit misrepresented. Karma is more of an inner balance that has an influence on the universe. The fact that the universe is connected with “Energy” is a scientifically proven fact. As a student of Gregg Bradon, he explains scientifically how the universe is connected. Tantrika’s error is that fact that she mixes Feelings with Emotions. Feelings and emotions are separate entities. You have two feelings, those are Love and Fear. Those come from the Heart or soul. Your feelings dictate your emotions such as stress, worry, happiness, sadness, etc. If your feeling are positive or love related, is spurs positive emotions. If your feelings are fear, it triggers negative emotions. It is your feelings from our heart or soul that connects to the universe, not emotions. I studied and practiced Gregg Bradon’s principles and they work. You create your aura that connects to the energy of the universe that empowers change. I am living proof of that. I changed my career and financial situation around completely in six months time by following these principles. As far as Karma goes, your Karma improves when you understand how you manage Love and Fear that comes from your heart, or soul.

  5. ljinnes

    To Tantrika – I do not misunderstand karma – i have studied it for years and have written about it many times – As a writer, I have just so many words in which to get a point across – and how to word things so that many people from many walks of life will easily understand the intention – not just people who already understand what the subject is about – and that every action begins with a thought. that was my point – a point which you agreed with. I would never willfully try to hurt anyone or make them feel paranoid and I put a lot of thought into the words I say. You have a right to your opinion though. Love and light!

  6. BARB

    hello, I keep trying to find some meanings and why my life run astray and I cannot fix it. Why my best relationships were great, then now that I am older, avoid me as the person that is still that person in terms of spirit and thoughts. But I have a sister here and she constantly lie to me and manipulate and when I help her, she does not need your connection until something goes wrong. This hurts so much. I just lost it this past wk. end. We have decided to go separte ways after she would not consider a truce. I need money and health on my vision and disabilities right now. I gave her monies and helped when I know I did not have it. I helped my x and he has the worst attitude now against me cause I am not young looking as I was. He is materialistic, I did not know this for sure. Now I am at his home still due to holdd backs and no where to go. All is filled with other folk. So I feel for them too. I try to think of ways to get back on track and make my own jobs, but then transportation is falling apart, and I do need it. No other way around it. Now I am just alone and hurt and need money to pull away from this. I suffer verbal abuse from this officer constant or actions of silence and avoidance as a human. I do much here physically and I am not able to keep doing this. I have tried to think as you suggest for years. But if you do not have the money, you have nothing …I have been robbed by other psychics before and told me what I already knew. I did what was asked only to be left dry and no where and angry. I have a counselor. Do not need this from here.. I am on limited income…How do a person clean Karma and have the right Ora? thanks

  7. Tantrika

    Respectfully, your article has nothing to do with karma and is a complete and total misunderstanding of the nature of karma.

    As you wrote, the meaning of the Sanskrit word “karma” is “action.” What you think and feel, what your attitudes are, has nothing to do with karma.

    You are correct that karma is the law of cause and effect. If you drop a stone (cause) into a quiet pond the result will be waves (effect). The waves come independent of your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes.

    The outcome of your misunderstanding of karma is that people are going to feel paranoid that their feelings are in some way wrong and that they should become their own “thought police.” This is just wrong.

    Karma is only about actions–not thoughts or feelings. The idea that thoughts and feelings and attitudes have something to do with karma is a Western misinterpretation in an attempt to avoid the lessons of karma.

    That being said, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and attitudes are the drivers that cause actions. By turning our thoughts and attitudes toward financial success instead of poverty and ruin, it will drive us to the actions that can lead to financial success.

    So I’m not disagreeing with the goal of your article. Focusing on success does lead to successful actions. I am disagreeing with your error of bringing your lack of understanding of karma into this.

  8. george

    i need to shift my attitude towards receiving abundance — y– their are sick persons i need to help financially and my family and i can’t at the same they tthink i am able to.

  9. eddie brooks jr

    hi my name is eddie jr and i happen to be a member of the califonia psychics my first reading was great these psychics ar grea at what they do sign eddie jr.

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